Pan Hannian: Kill Wang Bin with one stone and two birds to turn the tide and deter the enemy

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Longmen Road in the afternoon was a lively and prosperous time, and a sudden gunshot sounded. Wang Bin, then the inspector of the Songhu Garrison Comm

Longmen Road in the afternoon was a busy and prosperous time, and a sudden gunshot sounded. Then Wang Bin, the inspector-general of the Songhu Garrison Command, was shot dead in the downtown area and on a rickshaw. What is the hidden purpose behind this assassination? Who was planning and promoting this blatant assassination silently? …Everything must start with Pan Hannian, the mysterious revolutionary defender of our party.

Pan Hannian: Kill Wang Bin with one stone and two birds to turn the tide and deter the enemy

(Pan Hannian)

One day in May 1931, Zhou Enlai suddenly summoned Pan Hannian to talk and asked him to disengage from the Left League, the underground party and progressives. To accept a job that he had never thought of and was extremely unfamiliar- reorganization of central specialke , concurrently as the chief of intelligence. At that time, Pan Hannian was doing a lot of work on the semi-public literary and art front, and he was suddenly asked to transfer to a position where he was unfamiliar. It seemed a bit unreasonable, but in fact, this was when the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was facing a sudden and serious incident. Zhou Enlai made an important adjustment to the hidden front work.

The severe incident mentioned here refers to the arrest of Gu Shunzhang, an alternate member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and the head of the Central Special Section, in Wuhan in mid-April. Since Gu Shunzhang is in charge of security work within the party, he is in control of many core secrets and secret working methods in the party, including all the security work of the top head of the CPC Central Committee in Shanghai, their office and residence, and all the secret work against the enemy. Arrange and other information. Gu Shunzhang's rebellion was tantamount to a catastrophe for the head of the CCP, and the blood of arrest and massacre quietly fainted. Even if Qian Zhuangfei's timely intelligence interception and Zhou Enlai's decisive transfer of the original personnel of the Shanghai underground organization of the Communist Party of China minimized the losses caused by Gu Shunzhang's rebellion, all the Central Special Technology Intelligence systems controlled by Gu Shunzhang have almost since been paralyzed.

The Central Special Branch needs to be rebuilt, and the relevant personnel need to be transferred. But who will take over the post of Chen Geng, the then chief of the Second Section of Central Special Branch who is about to leave Shanghai? Zhou Enlai, Chen Yun and other central leading comrades all thought of Pan Hannian at the same time, so the scene mentioned in the opening appeared. However, this is not a mess of mandarin ducks. On the one hand, it sums up the lessons of Gu Shunzhang, and on the other hand, it is also because of Pan Hannian's outstanding talents.

Pan Hannian: Kill Wang Bin with one stone and two birds to turn the tide and deter the enemy

(Gu Shunzhang)

Gu Shunzhang was born a hooligan, and received limited education. After serving as a special technical leader, he soon exposed the deep roots of his consciousness-pride, Lack of political acumen, and Pan Hannian has experienced many years on the semi-open literary and art front. He not only has a firm political stand, but also has extraordinary communication and social activities. Comparing the two, Pan Hannian obviously has the potential to become an excellent intelligence worker.

But even so, for 25-year-old Pan Hannian, it is not an easy task to repair the intelligence network and create new channels in a precarious situation. You must know that because of Gu's rebellion, the previous Central Teco's intelligence network had long been shattered, and the arrogance of the enemy's special camps became more and more arrogant. At this time, the work situation really complied with the saying, everything is difficult at the beginning. So where did he start Teco work and open a new phase for the reconstruction of the Central Teco?

Faced with unfamiliar secret work, Pan Hannian didn’t have too much fear of difficulties. He quickly proposed to Chen Yun a "One Stone Two Birds" suppression idea, namely to organize an influential assault to destroy the enemy Awe-inspiring and revolutionary. After obtaining Chen Yun's approval, an important task before Pan Hannian was to select and investigate the most suitable target for suppression in the shortest time. In order to better complete this task, Pan Hannian thought of a person-刘鼎, his main assistant after arriving at Teco.

Liu Ding, formerly known as Kan Zunmin, was born in Nanxi, Sichuan in 1903. Influenced by the "May Fourth Movement" in his early years, he participated in the New Culture Movement with Li Shuoxun, Yang Hansheng and other classmates when he was studying in middle school, and learned the principles of revolution under the guidance of his fellow revolutionary Sun Bingwen. He studied at Zhejiang Higher Industrial School and Shanghai University successively, and joined the Chinese Socialist Youth League. After being introduced by Sun Bingwen and Zhu De, he became a member of the Communist Party of China. In 1926, appointed by the organization to go to the Soviet Union, Liu Ding transferred to the Soviet Oriental University and the Soviet Air Force Mechanical School to studyStudy and work. At the end of 1929, he secretly returned to Shanghai and reported to Zhou Enlai, the head of the Military Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. He was immediately assigned to the Second Section of the Central Special Branch as the deputy chief, and began a special battle on the hidden front.

As Chen Geng’s assistant, Liu Ding assisted Chen Geng in establishing an intelligence network system for Du Yuesheng, a tycoon of the Qinggang tycoon, and ordinary staff from the Kuomintang army, police, constitution, and special officials. For example, he has a special relationship with Chen Lifu and Zhang Daofan. Yang Dengying was directly contacted by Liu Ding. It can be said that before Pan Hannian turned to the hidden front of the CCP, Liu Ding had already made numerous contributions.

With such an excellent assistant at his side, Pan Hannian's process of adapting to work on the hidden front has also been much smoother. After knowing that Pan Hannian wanted to take surprise actions to complete the suppression plan with one stone and two birds, Liu Ding, who was familiar with the situation in Shanghai, immediately proposed to select a diehard member from the KMT Shanghai Party Headquarters or Songhu Security Command and other agencies who specialize in sabotaging the underground activities of the Communist Party. The operation will definitely be more shocking. But Pan and Liu are hesitant about who to choose. However, by coincidence, the photos in the window of a photo studio on Nanjing Road in Shanghai unexpectedly touched Liu Ding's sensitive nerves.

That is a group photo of the officials of the Songhu Garrison Command. Liu Ding's sharp gaze stayed on the face of an official in the back row of the group photo. He looked carefully and couldn't help but secretly delighted: "The truth is that there is nowhere to look for it. It didn't take much effort to get it, it's him!" This person is not someone else, but the current inspector of the Songhu Garrison Command, named Wang Bin.

Pan Hannian: Kill Wang Bin with one stone and two birds to turn the tide and deter the enemy

(former Kuomintang’s Songhu Security Command Building)

Liu Ding introduced to Pan Hannian: “In the concession area, the Kuomintang authorities cannot arrest people at will, so the CCP’s organs and leaders The residences of the people are arranged in the concession area. If the Kuomintang is investigating the CCP’s activities in the concession area or the CCP organization located in the concession area, it must first negotiate with the 上海租界 authority, and the concession authority will investigate and handle Or arrest, and then the Kuomintang authorities file for extradition to the concession authorities. Wang Bin, the current inspector of the Garrison Command, is the supervisor who specializes in negotiating with the concession authorities and extradition."

Pan Hannian listened in silence, Liu Ding He also said: "I propose that the organization consider Wang Bin as the target of punishment. In the past, many cases of the Kuomintang authorities arresting Communists or sabotaging revolutionary organizations in the concessions were negotiated and extradited by Wang Bin. He is a vicious counter-revolutionary leader. "

Pan Hannian thinks Liu Ding's analysis is reasonable, is the best to punish Wang Bin to kill the chicken and the monkey . As a result, Pan Hannian immediately reported the plan to Chen Yun and Kang Sheng. The three quickly reached a consensus and immediately reported it to the central government, which was approved. The assault was carried out by President Kang Sheng.

However, Wang Bin has always been very vigilant, and his whereabouts are secretive, and he is always guarded. If he wants to assassinate him successfully, he must have a clear grasp of his residence, daily life and movement trajectory, etc., even to ensure that he is not assassinated. In the event of a situation, it is necessary to obtain a photo of Wang Bin that can be clearly identified by the executive. Kang Sheng handed this task to the second department in charge of Pan Hannian. Obviously, the second division's intelligence foreshadowing is the key to this crackdown.

At this time, Pan Han first experienced the importance of intelligence advancement for the first time, and felt that the responsibilities on his shoulders were heavy, and when he started to operate, he felt more troublesome. Pan Hannian discovered that the experience and relationships accumulated in the past were useless in investigating Wang Bin; and due to Gu Shunzhang’s mutiny, the intelligence personnel who were originally related to the Songhu Garrison Command had been ordered to be transferred to him. None of the people in Shanghai can identify Wang Bin's face, and finding out Wang Bin's address and whereabouts is no less than finding a needle in a haystack.

Pan Hannian: Kill Wang Bin with one stone and two birds to turn the tide and deter the enemy


At the beginning, Pan Hannian thought of using Shanghai GM’s phone book to find Wang Bin’s name. But when he opened the phone book, he found out that many people in Shanghai All of his private phone numbers only indicate House X, and there are more than 100 accounts such as "Wang Mansion" and "Wang Mansion"! Obviously, this road will not work. But it was not Pan Hannian’s character to retreat in the face of difficulties. He immediately turned to investigating people and things related to Wang Bin. At this time, a piece of news about banned books brought hopeThe dawn. Thinking of the Guanghua Bookstore managers Zhang Jinglu and Shen Songquan, whom I met when I was the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Huanzhou" a few years ago, they had hosted a dinner for the relevant personnel of the Security Command and the KMT Shanghai Party Headquarters in order to clear some of the banned publications. Pan Hannian thought, Wang Bin is the chief inspector, maybe Mr. Zhang and Shen had dealt with him, what do they know? Thinking of this, Pan Hannian immediately took a gift and rushed to the Guanghua Bookstore to find Zhang and Shen to retell the past. During the chat, besides quietly putting out Wang Bin’s address and phone number, he also unexpectedly learned, People leave early and return late at no time. Every day after work, they often go to a brothel in the French Concession at night, and take this opportunity to contact his party disciples and spies to take bribes.” From this, Pan Hannian assigned relevant personnel to observe further Wang Bin's route to and from the chartered car, also managed to take a recent photo of Wang Bin.

Pan Hannian: Kill Wang Bin with one stone and two birds to turn the tide and deter the enemy

(Old Shanghai Longmen Road)

According to the information provided by Pan Hannian, the operations department of the Central Teco conducted field investigations and investigations, and finally selected the Longmen Road adjacent to the British and French Concessions Implementation Plan. Why? Longmen Road, Nantong French Concession, Changbang Road, Beitong Public Concession, Tibet Road, and close to the race hall, there are many pedestrians, vehicles, traffic, and very busy and crowded, which is conducive to the retreat of the executives. Adjacent to Erma Road (now Jiujiang Road), Sanma Road (now Hankou Road), Sima Road (now Fuzhou Road) and other streets, surrounded by dense alleys, extending in all directions, it is difficult for police detectives to round up even if they arrive. An excellent location for ambushes. The plan was settled seamlessly, and the sharp blade was raised high.

One noon shortly afterwards, Longmen Road was as lively and crowded as ever, with the sound of motor vehicle sirens, rickshaw drivers yelling, and small merchants screaming. In the bustling crowd, the muzzle of a short gun aimed at a passing rickshaw, a "bang" shot, and the bustle of the market fell silent for an instant, followed by a panic of chaos. Within a few dozen seconds, the person sitting on the rickshaw was killed on the spot. This person was Wang Bin.

The CCP agent killed Wang Bin, the chief inspector of the Songhu Garrison Headquarters in the downtown area, and suddenly became a hot news in the press. Chinese and foreign newspapers were buzzing, and the street talks in Shanghai used this as a source of talk for a while. Pan Hannian's original goal was achieved. The death of Wang Bin shattered the delusion that the enemy agents were born out of Gu Shunzhang’s rebellion and wiped out the CCP’s secret personnel, making them feel like sitting on a gunpowder barrel. The most intuitive manifestation of the deterrence effect is that the senior Chinese police detectives of the Political Department of the Shanghai Concession Patrol House, some of the Songhu Garrison Command specializing in dealing with the important members of the Chinese Communist Party, and the traitors and spies sent from Nanjing to Shanghai to persecute revolutionary organizations. And so on, had to curb a little bit of the publicity and arrogance of the past.

Pan Hannian’s strategy of "two birds with one stone" has deterred the enemy and is more exciting. It has created a favorable atmosphere for the reconstruction of the Central Special Branch. He breathed a sigh of relief and allocated his energy to further deploy the anti-rape work. In this regard, this is undoubtedly a beautiful opening battle played by Pan Hannian on the hidden front!

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