Hundred-year archives were accidentally discovered! The famous historian Wu Han and Pan“an had such a relationship

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Recently, Pan’an discovered a large number of stubs of primary school graduation certificates from the Republic of China, including proof of school at

Recently, Pan’an found a large number of primary school graduation certificate stubs from the Republic of China period, including the proof of school attendance in our county by the famous historian Wu Han (then named Wu Chunhan) of Yiwu origin. The stub shows that in January of the tenth year of the Republic of China (1921), Wu Han (recorded as Wu Chunhan), who was 12 years old, graduated from Dongyang County No. 4 High School, the youngest among the same batch of graduates with records. Mr. Xi Zhi, an expert from the Beijing Wu Han Research Association, became very interested in the new historical materials after learning. At that time, he will further verify the authenticity and historical value of this historical material.

Hundred-year archives were accidentally discovered! The famous historian Wu Han and Pan“an had such a relationship

A hundred-year stub was found in a plastic bag

At 8 o'clock in the morning on August 4, in the archives of Pan'an County No. 3 Middle School (former Pan'an County Yushan Middle School), Yushan Centennial School Records Jin Yinqi, Li Yifan, Chen Yumin, and Hu Yaoxing in the compilation office accidentally found a large plastic bag in a cupboard, which contained many stacks of the stub of the primary school graduation certificate from the Republic of China period and other old books. "We noticed that the earliest in the stubs of the graduation certificate of Dongyang County's fourth higher elementary school was in the 4th year of the Republic of China." said Jin Yinqi, director of the school record compilation office, that these materials have been kept for at least a hundred years.

Hundred-year archives were accidentally discovered! The famous historian Wu Han and Pan“an had such a relationship

In the yellowed booklet, each page is a student’s graduation information, including name, age, font size, principal’s signature, etc., each page is covered with red near the mouth of the book Square official seal. In a neatly bound stub book, they found Wu Han's graduation information, signed in the tenth year of the Republic of China. On the same day, they immediately reported to the school and the Pan'an County Education Bureau and contacted the staff of Wu Han's former residence in Yiwu.

Wu Han’s graduation stub is basically the same as other people’s stubs. The difference is that the page has the words "Sheng Qizhong" added by a brush similar to the writing, and the handwriting is relatively shallow. According to existing public records, Wu Han was admitted to Zhejiang Province Seventh Middle School in 1921.

The youngest among the same batch of graduates

There is already a saying about Wu Han studying in Yushan, but the relevant evidence has not been found. So, why did Wu Han who lives in Yiwu go to Yushan to go to school?

The editor-in-chief Li Yifan of the editor-in-chief of the school log introduced according to the records of "The Genealogy of Wu Family" that Wu Han's father, Wu Yujue (Ziwenzhai), graduated from the Zhejiang Higher Police Police Academy, and has served in Xiangshan, Dinghai, Jiangshan, Dongyang, etc. since 1913 The county police officer was transferred from Jiangshan to Yushan in Dongyang in the eighth year of the Republic of China (1919). Based on the analysis of this data, Wu Han was most likely to follow his father to Yushan.

Hundred-year archives were accidentally discovered! The famous historian Wu Han and Pan“an had such a relationship

The 88-year-old former Yushan Middle School retired teacher Chen Henghe is a native of Jiacun, Yushan Town. According to him, Wu Han’s scientific name was Wu Chunhan at the time, and he was indeed the father who was with the Yushan Police Station. Wu Wenzhai went to Yushan to study. At that time, Dongyang County Fourth High School was located in Xiajue'an in Jiacun, Yushan Town. It was temporarily borrowed due to the burning of the original school house. One year later, the school moved back to its original location, Lingxi's An in Jiacun.

"Jiacun student Hu Huirong was at the same table with him. There were 16 students in the whole class. At that time, there was a specific list in the teaching and administrative files of Yushan Middle School. I managed this file and I was quite impressed." Chen Henghe said, "Hu Huirong Before liberation, he was a cultural man in Jiacun. I want to call him grandpa. I once heard from Grandpa Hu that Wu Han studied hard, got good grades, treated people nicely, and got along well with Yushan local classmates. Later, I heard that Wu Han had a promising future. He was also proud of being a classmate after I went to the university.”

Li Yifan introduced that his grandfather Li Shouyu is also a classmate of Wu Han, and there are records in the stubs found this time. "Grandpa once mentioned to me that Wu Han was active and active when he was in school, and his memory was amazing, and he was almost unforgettable." Li Yifan said that grandpa was 17 years old when he graduated, and the oldest of the students who graduated in the same year was 18, and the youngest was Wu Han.

is the same age as the century-old school.

Wu Han studied at Dongyang County Fourth High School, located in Yushan District, Dongyang County (now Yushan Town, Pan'an County) at that time. Coincidentally, Wu Han was also born in 1909.

In the same year, the Xiangxian in the Yushan platform area opened the Dongli Primary School in Dongli Village, Jianshan Town, which is different from the old private school. The following year (1910), it moved to Lingxi Nunnery beside the Dongyang-Tiantai Ancient Road. The First Year of the Republic of China (1912) Civil Aviation AdministrationDirector Zhang Hao initiated the organization of the school board and founded the first higher school in Yushan.

Yushan Middle School has gone through the vicissitudes of life, from a primary school to a county high school to Yushan Middle School, and later merged with Xingzhi Vocational School and moved to establish the Pan’an County No. 3 Middle School. It has passed the 110th anniversary of the history and cultivated More than 18,000 students.

Hundred-year archives were accidentally discovered! The famous historian Wu Han and Pan“an had such a relationship

Original Yushan Middle School Site

In order to inherit the spirit of Yushan school and record the historical imprints, in April last year, Yushan Township established the Yushan Centennial School Chronicle Compilation Office with Jin Yinqi, Li Yifan, Chen Yumin, Hu Yaoxing, etc. The person is responsible for collecting and sorting out the school history and data of Yushan Middle School, Xingzhi, and Sanzhong over the past 100 years.

Since its establishment, Jin Yinqi and others have invested a lot of time and energy to sort out many valuable materials. In addition to the stubs of historian Wu Han's primary school graduation, they have also discovered the stubs of a group of modern historical figures such as Hu Guozhen (scientific name Hu Tingchen), which need to be compared with local genealogy and further investigation and verification.