Cao Hong rescued Cao Cao twice, why did his son kill Cao Hong?

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However, it was such a meritorious official Cao Hong who rescued Cao Cao twice. Cao Cao's son Cao Pi put him in prison and almost killed him. Why? In

During the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Hong was a blessed general of Cao Cao. Every time Cao Cao was in danger, he could always help out. It can be said that without Cao Hong, Cao Cao's life would end in the period of seeking Dong. Later, the most powerful situation.

However, it is such a meritorious official Cao Hong who rescued Cao Cao twice. Cao Cao's son Cao Pi put him in jail and almost killed him. Why? What did Cao Hong commit? Why did Cao Pi kill Cao Hong?

Cao Hong rescued Cao Cao twice, why did his son kill Cao Hong?


Cao Hong is the younger brother of Cao Cao and the first hero to join the Cao Cao group. At that time, Cao Cao was wanted by the court. When he raised his arms in his hometown, Cao Hong took the initiative to vote and brought him more than a thousand soldiers. What Cao Cao lacked most at the time was the army, and Cao Hong was really a help in the snow.

The princes will meet together to discuss Dong Zhuo. It was a good situation. Dong Zhuo has been defeated repeatedly, and he is afraid of the princes' military front, preparing to take the Han Emperor Xian and move the capital to Chang'an. However, in the face of such a good opportunity, the princes had different opinions, and they were slow to enter the army. Cao Cao saw that everyone had their own ghosts, so he could only enter the army alone. As a result, he was ambushed by Lu Bu and Xu Rong.

Original: Cao Hong's character Zilian, Taizu Congdi also. Taizu uprising soldiers challenged Dong Zhuo, to Xingyang, defeated by Zhuo general Xu Rong. When Taizu lost his horse, the thieves chased him in a hurry. Hong Xia, gave Taizu a horse, and Taizu resigned. Hong said: "There is no flood in the world, but no monarch." The water got the boat, and the great ancestors, but also rushed.

Cao Hong rescued Cao Cao twice, why did his son kill Cao Hong?

Cao Cao was ambushed by Xu Rong, and his horse was gone. Seeing that he was about to be captured, it was Cao Hong who stepped forward and gave up his mount. He also said that there is no Cao Hong in the world. , But Cao Cao's words can not be without Cao Cao's words, Cao Cao moved in a mess.

Then, Cao Cao fled with a horse, and Cao Hong ran to follow him until Bianshui. The water was too deep for Cao Cao to pass. It was Cao Hong who found the boat and took Cao Cao across the river. In the face of danger, Cao Hong did not run away alone. Instead, he followed Cao Cao closely and protected Cao Cao. Such loyalty moved Cao Cao greatly. Even if Cao Hong made a big mistake later, Cao Cao did not punish him much.

Cao Hong rescued Cao Cao twice, why did his son kill Cao Hong?


Ma Chao raised his troops to oppose Cao Cao, but Cao's army could not resist, and finally Cao Cao led a large army to stop him, and the two armies broke out in Tongguan. Ma Chao's combat power is extraordinary, losing streak to Ban and Zhang Xi, while Xiliang Army has always been brave and powerful, and the generals of Cao Jun can't resist it, and they are defeated. Ma Chao stared at Cao Cao and chased him all the way. In the chaos army, Cao Cao's guards were also afraid of Ma Chao, and they all ran out of sight. There was only Cao Cao alone and the Pegasus ran wildly. Ma Chao followed closely and could catch up with Cao Cao with a single shot.

Original: Ma Chao brought the spear from behind. Fuck walked around the tree, slamming it on the tree with a super shot; when he pulled it out, Fuck had already gone far. The super-longitudinal horse rushed forward, turned around on the side of the hillside, and shouted, "Don't hurt my lord! Cao Hong is here!" The round knife longitudinally stopped Ma Chao. Fucked away. Hong and Ma Chao fought until forty or fifty, and gradually the swordsmanship became disorganized, with no strength. Xia Houyuan led dozens of rides. Ma Chao was alone, fearing that he would be counted, so he drove the horse back, and Xia Houyuan did not come.

Cao Hong rescued Cao Cao twice, why did his son kill Cao Hong?

Seeing that Cao Cao was about to die at the hands of Ma Chao, Cao Hong appeared. Facing such fierce and fierce generals as Ma Chao, Cao Hong was worthwhile and swung his knife forward to rescue Cao Cao. It is precisely because of Cao Hong's timely appearance that Cao Cao recovered his life from Guimenguan. After Ma Chao was driven away, Cao Cao recalled what had happened just now, with lingering fears. He praised Cao Hong loudly in front of the generals and gave him many rewards.

From the fact that Cao Hong rescued Cao Cao twice, it is really loyal to Cao Cao. Without Cao Hong, Cao Cao would have been in Bliss long ago. Where would the Cao family be? It stands to reason that the Cao family should be very grateful to Cao Hong, so why did Cao Pi imprison Cao Hong after Cao Cao's death, wanting to kill this uncle?

Cao Hong rescued Cao Cao twice, why did his son kill Cao Hong?

jailed for stingy

It is recorded in the history book that Cao Hong was jailed for stingy, what does it mean?It means that he was imprisoned by Cao Pi because he was too stingy.

According to records, although Cao Hongli has made great contributions and is the country's important minister, he also has a very big shortcoming, that is, greed and stinginess. During the time of Cao Cao, Cao Hong was a very wealthy man, even richer than Cao Cao at one time. At that time, Cao Cao ordered his subordinates to investigate the family situation of the officials. The final result was that Cao Hong was the richest. Cao Cao sighed, "My family is as good as a son!" But because of Cao Hong's loyalty to him, his life was saved. , Cao Cao did not punish Cao Hong. But Cao Hong did one thing, which angered Cao Pi.

At that time, Cao Pi was short of money, and thought that his uncle Cao Hong was quite rich, so he borrowed money from him. As a result, no matter what Cao Pi said, Cao Hong just refused to borrow. . This can make Cao Pi angry. No one in the world knows that you Cao Hong is the richest. He is so stingy with his nephew and wants you to look good in the future. So there is the story of Cao Pi imprisoned after Cao Pi ascended the throne.

Cao Hong rescued Cao Cao twice, why did his son kill Cao Hong?


Cao Hong went to jail for stingy is the most probable reason. In fact, there is another reason besides this. At that time, there were many meritorious veterans in the court. They all followed in the era of Cao Cao to fight the world. In terms of merit and qualifications, they were far above Cao Pi. Although Cao Pi is nominally the emperor of Cao Wei, his power is not strong.

In the eyes of these elders, Cao Pi is a nephew, too tender. So Cao Pi needs to kill the chicken to show to the monkey, suppress the hero group, and consolidate his own imperial power. And Cao Hong became the biggest victim. But in the end, under the hindrance of the Queen Mother, Cao Hong was not executed, but was demoted to a civilian.


Cao Hong has saved Cao Cao’s life twice, plus his clan status, in the entire Cao Wei, he can be regarded as a first-class minister. However, when dealing with this uncle, Cao Pi wanted to put him to death, to remove his stinginess and anger Cao Pi. Another reason is that Cao Pi needs to kill chickens and monkeys to consolidate power, and Cao Hong's high position is just the "chicken".