Comprehension | 9 bad habits of goldfish men, how many do you have?

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You can play, you can indulge, you can be willful, you can be rebellious... But "playing" goldfish is different, "playing" placed in goldfish, it is c

Play, you can indulge, you can be willful, you can be rebellious... But "playing" with goldfish is different. "Playing" with goldfish is culture, but many people don’t know it. Today, let’s take stock of the goldfish Several bad habits:

Comprehension | 9 bad habits of goldfish men, how many do you have?

1, compare and show off wealth Heart of Heart

Many people raise goldfish.It is really pursued by aquarists. If you want to play, you can play well, but we are better than anyone who raises it, and the play is wonderful, not who is more expensive. Goldfish are inferior and popular. In fact, the connotation of goldfish is also here. If you blindly pursue comparisons for the purpose of showing off your wealth, then fish farming will lose its meaning.

2. The heart to follow the trend

It is indeed due to the hype of some people, causing many people to follow the trend. If you don’t believe you go to various WeChat Look at the group, there are all kinds of fried fish.

Actually, this goldfish is a matter of personal preference and has nothing to do with other things. A lot of goldfish species have been in existence all the time. The most popular ones are not necessarily suitable for you. Let me give you an example. Many novice aquarists come to ask Uno goldfish how to play. You don’t have 3-5 years of breeding experience for this kind of slow fish. , Can you figure out good or bad?

Comprehension | 9 bad habits of goldfish men, how many do you have?

3. Leakage mentality

Many aquarists are visiting online stores, When visiting the market, I always have a mentality of picking up leaks. In fact, it’s better to calm down. The word picking up originally comes from antiques. Since everyone has a different age of the same object and rarely mass-produced, there will be leaks. Probability.

ButGoldfish are different, mostly in batches, and sellers are generally more knowledgeable than buyers. Knowing is two things, one is to know the truth and the other is to understand the industry price, so the probability of picking up the goldfish is relatively small, so calm the mind to learn more and buy Yes, buy it well, and take medicine as the core.

4. Random buying mentality

Just go to the fish shop when you have nothing to do. The first few Thai lions have not been raised yet, and I started with a few national birthdays and struggled for a long time, and then the tank got messy. So, don't bring too much money when you go out to the fish shop, and avoid buying it and there is nowhere to keep it. You can buy fish online too. Look more and take less shots, otherwise you will burst your tank soon.

5. Anxious for success

I understand very well friends who just started playing goldfish, wishing to be out on the first day, but goldfish This thing, you have to understand, what you play is the process, and you raise and change by yourselfThe process is the greatest joy.

Some aquarists often turn on the lights and change the water when they go home in the middle of the night in order to make the fish grow fast. For another example, there is a process for opening a tank. From the moment you plan to raise fish, set a schedule for yourself, about 1-2 months, after which you can put the fish in the tank.

Comprehension | 9 bad habits of goldfish men, how many do you have?

6. Fish tank cleanliness

Many aquarists have a cleanliness habit, so just change the water and brush the tank if nothing happens. In fact, everyone knows that the water in the fish tank does not need to be too clean. Because the complete fish tank ecosystem needs fish manure. Fish farming is inseparable from nitrifying bacteria, and the survival of nitrifying bacteria is inseparable from feces.

If the filter system of the ecological tank is often cleaned in order to eliminate the so-called fishy smell, the filter material will be washed as new, which will not only wash away the nitrification Bacterial food also washes away the nitrifying bacteria itself. A fish tank without nitrifying bacteria will kill the fish.

7. Insufficient greed

Many aquarists want to buy good fish when they see good fish in order to satisfy their greed. Tiger skin wants to re-ink, but with re-ink, he still needs ink. Keep putting fish in the fish tank, causing the fish tank to be too dense and to be eliminated.

Actually, too high-density rearing is not conducive to the growth of fish. Fish will determine their own growth conditions according to the size of the surrounding space. If there is no rich space, it will Will stop growing. Therefore, we have to choose not to overrun, consider the feelings of the fish, and create a suitable activity space for the fish. Only when the fish is happy can you better watch it.

Comprehension | 9 bad habits of goldfish men, how many do you have?

8. It’s okay to sprinkle medicine.

The fish is good. I'm always afraid of this. I like to sprinkle medicine in the fish tank. Including big salt, many fish medicines are abused, and many more medicines are misused. Abuse is overdose, and misuse is wrong. Even some people use human medicine to treat fish, which is absurd!

If the fish is sick, it is not surprising to take medicine, and even if the fish is not sick, they also put medicine on it, which is called prevention. Prevention is correct, but the dose is wrong. Is it that difficult to find someone who really understands fish?

9. I feel that the fish have been hungry.

Every time the fish is thrown into the fish tank, the fish will scramble for food. It seems hungry for a century. Do you think they are hungry? You are wrong. This is an instinct, the result of millions of years of evolution of fish. This is born in order to surviveNo matter what the environment, grabbing food is the first priority for survival, even if it is not hungry. The owner will be deceived by this behavior, feeding countless times a day, hoping to fill the belly of the fish. As a result, it will not only support the fish, but also corrupt the water quality, laying the foundation for the fish’s gastrointestinal diseases and the deterioration of water quality indicators. Hidden dangers.

How many of the above 9 bad habits do you have? Leave a comment.