Iceland is looking for uncomfortable again: take the initiative to find Duterte trouble, be careful to kick the iron plate

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Iceland submitted a draft resolution to the UN Human Rights Council on the 4th. The draft will promote investigations into the so-called "extrajudicia

Iceland is looking for uncomfortable again: take the initiative to find Duterte trouble, be careful to kick the iron plate

​Iceland is probably looking for uncomfortable, but I came to look for it again Duterte's trouble. According to a report by on July 6, Iceland submitted a draft resolution to the UN Human Rights Council on the 4th. The draft resolution will promote the investigation of the so-called "extrajudicial killings" in the Philippine President Duterte's anti-drug operation.

This draft resolution has won more than 20 European countriesThe United Nations Human Rights Council will vote on the draft resolution on July 12 at the latest. If the draft is approved, the UN Human Rights Council will ask Bachelet, a senior UN human rights official, to prepare a report on the human rights situation in the Philippines and submit it to the Security Council.

Since Lao Du took office, he has been vigorously fighting drug crimes in the country. Although the methods are bloody, they have laid the foundation for maintaining the social stability of the Philippines. However, such an anti-drug policy that benefits the country and the people has been strongly resisted by the West. Some human rights organizations in Europe and the United States believe that Lao Du’s anti-drug operations involve “extra-legal killings” and have repeatedly strongly urged the Philippines to do so. In the process of law enforcement, he "complied with human rights obligations", but he was always scolded by Lao Du decently. For Iceland, Duterte will not be merciful, and he must be scolded.

In fact, before Lao Du became the President of the Philippines,Due to the corruption and inaction of the former Aquino government, the Philippine drug is rampant in the country. At its worst, 1 out of every 15 people in the country takes drugs. The resulting crimes such as murder and robbery are numerous, and the social environment is poor and chaotic. Let the people at the bottom of the Philippines live in a hell on earth.

After Lao Du came to power, he immediately adopted resolute and iron-fist measures to implement bloody suppression of domestic drug crimes. According to public data from the Philippine police, in the three years since Lao Du came to power, more than 6,000 drug suspects have been killed and more than 240,000 people have been arrested on suspicion of drug cases in the "war on drugs."

However, even with such cruel methods of anti-drug use, according to a report from Observer Online on the 19th, there are still many administrative regions that have not been cleared of drugs, and 282 administrative regions are still severely affected by drugs.

Obviously, the PhilippinesThree years have passed since the use of iron fist means to control drugs. There are still many places where the serious impact of drug crimes has not been eliminated. The United Nations and some Western governments and human rights organizations bear the unshirkable responsibility for this.

These so-called "human rights institutions", in order to convince the international community that the anti-drug policy of the Lao Du government "seriously violates human rights", they issued statements by so-called "human rights experts" without valid evidence. , Claimed that the Philippines’ anti-drug operations had "a staggering number of extrajudicial killings" and "tragic killings of rights defenders", and called on the UN Human Rights Council to launch an independent investigation into the Philippines' anti-drug operations.

In addition, in order to make the outside world believe their nonsense more, a Western human rights organization called "Human Rights Watch" published a report last month stating that "since Duterte took office, there have been more than 12,000 people. Was killed in an anti-drug operation". These Western human rights institutions attacked and discredited the oldThe anti-drug actions of the Du government even greatly exaggerated the death toll to intensify the conflicts between the people and the government in the Philippines, in order to prevent the continued anti-drug operations of the old Du government.

However, these methods did not have much effect on the Filipino people. According to previous reports by, for the vast majority of Filipinos, they will not feel sympathy for those killed in the drug war.

When Lao Du was campaigning, he won the election because he shouted the slogan of "eliminate drug crimes" and gained popular support. He has been in power for more than three years, especially when his "war on drugs" was strongly resisted by international human rights institutions and domestic opposition forces, his public support rate has remained high, which is enough to prove the domestic people’s anti-drug policy. Recognition and support have given Lao Du the confidence to ignore the accusations of Western governments and human rights organizations.

He not only used "uselessness and hypocrisy"Waiting for the sarcasm to respond to the International Court of Justice, which tried to prevent him from continuing to fight drugs, and even threatened to withdraw from the institution because of the World Human Rights Council's accusations against him.

In fact, in addition to the broad domestic support for Lao Du’s anti-drug policy, it is only some Western countries that are making irresponsible remarks about the Philippines’ anti-drug policy. Most other countries are actually On Lao Du's side.

Under such circumstances, Iceland, like other Western countries, ignored the actual situation in the Philippines, interfered in its anti-drug policy, and wisely submitted a draft on the anti-drug issue in the Philippines to the UN Human Rights Council. It has won the signature support of many European countries, but it is likely to eventually kick the iron plate. They forgot that the United Nations is not a European country, and that most countries in the world will not look at the anti-drug problem in the Philippines with colored glasses like these European countries.

In any case, when Iceland throws out this draft "supported" by European countries, it is actually being used as a substitute for death by other European countries that have scared Lao Du to scold him. They pushed Iceland to the forefront and waited until Lao Du" When "Big Mouth" fired on Iceland, they might just hide behind! (Author: unknown)