After Qatar, another national military parade sounded “Look to the Right“

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Rwanda held a grand military parade at the National Peace Stadium in Kigali, its capital, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the country’s liberation

After Qatar, another national military parade sounded “Look to the Right“

On July 5, the World Wide Web reported that Rwanda was in its capital, Kigali. The Peace Stadium held a grand military parade to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the country’s liberation. The country’s President Paul Kagame reviewed the troops.

The military parade in Rwanda this year is different from before. I saw neatly arranged squares on the parade ground, and the camouflage uniforms of the training officers and soldiers were also very Chinese.The characteristics of military personnel, among the hand-held guns are the 97-B short assault rifle produced in China, which looks heroic and powerful. More importantly, during the military parade, the Rwandan military and police are taking a uniform Chinese-style positive step, accompanied by exciting slogans such as "Look to the right, one or two" that are most familiar to the Chinese people.

It turned out that Rwanda used Chinese military codes and slogans for this military parade, and specially invited the Chinese People’s Liberation Army guard of honor to help its training. From now on, Rwanda will continue to hold military parades in the future using Chinese military codes, which is the second country to do so after Qatar.

As for the country’s previous military parades, they all contained distinctive features of the United States and Europe. Since then, the use of Chinese-style codes of exercises undoubtedly shows that China has great weight in the hearts of the Rwandan government and military.

China does have a positive influence on Rwanda as far away as the African continent.

Rwanda was originallyIt is a country plagued by disasters. In 1994, there was a civil war massacre that shocked the world. More than a million people died. It was in mid-July that year that the armed regime of the Patriotic Front led by Kagame ended the war in Rwanda and reunified the country.

From then on, a brand new Rwanda was born. Since then, the country’s President Kagame has learned a lesson and borrowed from China’s ethnic policy to gradually eliminate the estrangement and hatred between ethnic groups in the country. In these matters, the Kagame government has received tremendous help from China, and the president himself has become a good friend of China in Africa.

Since 1995, Rwanda began to reorganize its army, transforming the original Patriotic Front Armed Forces into the Rwandan National Army. In order to reshape the image of the country and the army, and enhance combat effectiveness, the army ordered large quantities of weapons and equipment from China. In addition to the 97-B firearms used in the parade, it also includes the Red Arrow-9A millimeter-wave guided heavy anti-tank missile, CS/SH-1 122mm vehicle-mounted howitzer, SH-3122mm self-propelled artillery, and Tianlong-50 medium-range air defense system and other advanced weapons.

While changing to Chinese weapons and equipment, the Rwandan National Army is committed to arming the spirit with the ideas of great Eastern great men, so as to launch a standardized and regular army building process. From then on, the sloppy habits of the Rwandan army disappeared, replaced by a new look of strict military discipline, vigorous work style, and the emphasis on protecting the home and the country.

It is not difficult to find the reason why Rwanda is willing to "learn from" the Chinese army in its army building. After all, the Chinese People's Liberation Army is highly acclaimed for its military excellence, excellent work style, and strict military discipline.

In addition to protecting the home and the country, when the country suffers from various disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires, the Chinese peopleThe release of the army is at the forefront, with the courage to devote themselves to the lives and property of the people of all ethnic groups, and has written chapters of the army, the people, the fish and the water. Isn't an army like this exactly what Rwanda is looking forward to, with its ethnic renunciation and social chaos?

In addition to the military, which is worthy of reference for Rwanda, China is also committed to helping Rwanda to vigorously develop its economy and the infrastructure construction required for its national economy and people’s livelihood. For example, China has supported Rwanda to develop large-scale rice planting, build roads, and build hospitals for a long time.

According to a statistical data, since the establishment of a new country in Rwanda, the country has become one of the countries with the highest economic growth rate from the bottom of the world. It is reported that between 2001 and 2012, Rwanda's economic growth rate reached an amazing 8.2%. In recent years, its economy is still undergoing rapid development.

Rwanda has been reduced to the West for a long timeDependent countries and colonies have suffered economic plunder for a long time, causing the country to fall into the abyss of disasters time and time again. The new regime led by Kagame has received sincere help from China. Since then, a new picture of economic development, a strong army, and social harmony has emerged, and the country has flourished.

As a result, it is not difficult to understand that Rwanda’s military parade can deliver a neat and loud "look to the right, one or two". (Author: Gokseong)