In the face of the bad reviews from the British ambassador, can Trump “do it without cutting it“?

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In this regard, the US media reminded from the air: President Trump, stop doing it! The British ambassador to the United States, Kim Darok, disclosed

In the past two days, the "secret" behind the British ambassador to the United States who said bad things about Trump has been made public and has attracted great attention from the British and American media. Of course Trump also fought back. In this regard, the US media reminded from the air: President Trump, stop doing it!

On July 6, the British Daily Mail website published a long article, revealing that the British ambassador to the United States, King Darrok, had given the British domestic ambassador for more than two years from June 2017 to the present. Some confidential messages about Trump sent back by political leaders.

In the face of the bad reviews from the British ambassador, can Trump “do it without cutting it“?

British Ambassador to the United States Darrok (photo/

Trump has done a "variety" as president, and Darok's telegrams excerpted by the "Daily Mail" are also very rich. Among them, the following are the main ones that have attracted widespread media attention:

In the summer of 2017, Darok said in a message, “It’s hard to believe that this government will become normal, less dysfunctional, Less unpredictable, less infighting, and less ignorant and incompetent in diplomacy.” It is also because of this commentary that the media mostly think that Darok is saying Trump is “ignorant” and “incompetent.”

In the same period, Darok said in another messageSaid that Trump has always expressed "insecurity" and his government is beginning to spiral downward, which is likely to lead to a humiliating downfall.

The British "Guardian" reported that this may reflect Darok’s past views, because in an interview with the Financial Times last year, Darok also said, “I and Tron President Pu has seen him seven or eight times, and every time he feels that he is very attractive."

Daroque's evaluation of the two recent events has also attracted widespread media attention. First, Trump recently declared that he "stopped" the military strikes against Iran at the last minute.

​Darok said in a message that although Trump said that he considered that the attack might cause the death of about 150 civilians in Iran and therefore called it to stop, he should have known the consequences before. , So the real reason for the temporary suspension is that Trump does not want to violate his campaign promise not to fight and focus on the 2020 election.

The other thing is Trump's state visit to Britain and his visit to the Queen of England.

​Daroke believes that although Trump and the Mayor of London engaged in a Twitter war on the eve of his visit, overall, Trump was very satisfied with his visit to the UK. He believes that inviting Trump to visit is a gamble in the UK, but this time the gamble is right.

​However, Darok said that Trump is a changeable person, and he cannot be considered to strengthen the special relationship between Britain and the United States.

For the material in this leak, the British side did not deny its authenticity. The British official attitude is, "This is the personal opinion of Ambassador Darok, not the opinion of the British government." The Foreign Secretary Hunter also defended Darok, saying that the public expects ambassadors abroad to "provide an honest assessment of the political situation in the country in which they are stationed." "They can get this salary because they are outspoken."

Actually, the wholeFrom a physical point of view, although Darok's message contains "hot" materials, there are also many materials that are beneficial to Trump. For example, he believes that Trump knows how to run very well, and his inflammatory speeches and speeches full of false and true materials are likely to win him re-election.

The report of the US "Fox News" that supports Trump also claimed that this kind of "outspoken" type of messages is actually very common in the international diplomatic community, but the disclosure of secrets is somewhat "different" Ordinary". The responsibility lies with the leaker.

In the face of the bad reviews from the British ambassador, can Trump “do it without cutting it“?

Can Trump "do it without cutting it"? (Photo/

​An analysis article on CNN pointed out that Darroque’s “negative review” of Trump reflects the views of America’s closest ally The true opinion of the President of the United States. Given Trump’s must-have character, he will certainly not tolerate Darok’s "outspokenness". Trump has been complaining about the large amount of inside information leaked by the "inside ghost" of the White House, not to mention this time it is from the United Kingdom. People did it. Therefore, Trump may retaliate against Darok, and maybe it will affect the special relationship between Britain and the United States.

Therefore, this analysis recommends to Trump: Mr. President, Hugh. Come! The author believes that TronPu should realize that it is his own words and deeds that really have a negative impact on Anglo-American relations, not these classified messages.

What about Trump himself? He didn't seem to care much about the leak of Darok's message, and he didn't fight back very violently. When answering a reporter’s question, Trump said, "We are not a die-hard fan of that person (Darok)... Actually, I can also comment on him a few words (some bad things), but I don’t bother to do that."—— However, Trump often breaks out after patience for a while, so although he is now "lazy to do so", he still dare not conclude that he really decided to "do not cut it."