The mayors of San Francisco and San Jose issued a statement on the joint AB 1054

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[Overseas News reporter Zhang Miao reported in the Bay Area on July 8] San Francisco Mayor LONDON BREED and San Jose Mayor SAM LICCARDO issued a statement today on AB 1054.

The statement said that it supports the current assistance and related efforts provided by California leaders to California wildfire victims, and supports the California government's measures to reduce the likelihood and severity of future wildfires. However, the two mayors pointed out in their statement that the expansion of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in AB 1054 over the decision-making power of local governments is unnecessary and does not make sense in reducing the risk of future catastrophic wildfires. In addition, this part of AB 1054 limits the autonomy of local governments, which is setting a dangerous precedent. The statement said: "We have asked the legislature to amend the bill and delete the bill at the expense ofThe reason for expanding CPUC authority at the expense of local control is that these parts are not conducive to achieving the ultimate wildfire safety goal. As we strive to implement solutions to address climate change and its impacts, our cities and local governments can and should play a leading role in ensuring that our electricity is safe, reliable, affordable and clean. ”

The mayors of San Francisco and San Jose issued a statement on the joint AB 1054

San Francisco Mayor Brid (left) and San Jose Mayor Ricardo (right)