There are frequent accidents of Chinese tourists traveling abroad. What should we reflect on?

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Russian Satellite Network on the 7th quoted the Russian Federation’s Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Bureau as saying that a

The WeChat official account of China Overseas Chinese Network reported that outbound travel is a delightful thing.

But the recent series of news about Chinese tourists can't help but make people planning overseas trips worry.

15 Chinese tourists encountered food poisoning in Russia

On July 8, the topic of "Chinese tourists collective food poisoning in St. Petersburg" was posted on Weibo Hot search.

On the 7th, the Russian Satellite Network quoted the Russian Federation’s Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Bureau as saying that a group of 15 Chinese tourists had a collective food poisoning after eating at the "Shanghai Hotel" in St. Petersburg.

According to reports, they felt unwell after eating at the hotel on the 6th and went to the St. Petersburg hospital collectively.

The Consumer Rights Supervision Bureau stated that the tourists were sent to Portkin Hospital to be picked up.They were treated, but they were immediately discharged from the hospital after they found no major problems.

That night, these 15 Chinese tourists have already gone to Moscow to continue their visit.

Although it did not have much impact on the itinerary, who wants to encounter this kind of thing in the trip of the United States?

According to the inspection by the relevant Russian authorities, there are indeed problems in the hotel:

There is no direct drinking water in the restaurant; the meat is not washed separately from the vegetables; the cleaning of the tableware does not meet the requirements ; The restaurant does not provide soap for hand washing and disinfection.

Imagine, traveling in a foreign country, suddenly changing the water and soil, it is very likely to face physical discomfort. If there are similar sanitation "assistances", wouldn't it give germs "a chance"?

Xiaoqiao reminds:

The above is not a case. Because of the "board and lodging" problem, tourists can't enjoy the tripThings happen from time to time.

Therefore, whether it is a self-guided tour or a group trip, "hotel, board and lodging" should be the focus of tourists.

1. Know the location and surroundings of the hotel in advance, and try to choose a hotel with convenient transportation, safety and comfort.

2. Understand the differences between domestic and foreign hotels and prepare accordingly in advance. For example, many foreign hotels do not provide personal items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, slippers, razors, etc. Tourists need to prepare by themselves; the voltage and plugs of most foreign hotels are different from those in China, so it is better to prepare conversion plugs in advance.

3. To comply with the special customs of the corresponding area, for example, some foreign hotels do not allow drinking.

There are frequent accidents of Chinese tourists traveling abroad. What should we reflect on?

Recently, Chinese citizens were killed and injured in a car accident in the United States. (Image source: "Consular Express" on WeChat, Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China)

Chinese citizens driving in the U.S. caused 1 death and 8 injuries

According to media reports, a self-driving car carrying 9 Chinese citizens was illegally robbed at an intersection in Arizona, USA. It was hit by a truck, resulting in 1 death, 4 serious injuries, and 4 minor injuries.

The incident was located on Highway 93 and Pierce Ferry Road near Dolan Springs, Arizona. Pierce Ferry Highway).

According to the introduction, this is before the touristsThe only way to the "Glass Trestle Bridge" scenic spot in the Grand Canyon National Park. During the summer vacation, many Chinese tourists go here for vacation.

But in this incident, the most sad thing is that this tragedy could have been avoided!

According to reports, from Las Vegas to the glass trestle bridge on the west edge of the Grand Canyon National Park, you need to turn left near Duolan Spring, cross the northbound lane of Highway 93, and take the Pierce Ferry Highway.

According to the traffic rules of road markings, northbound vehicles enjoy priority in any situation. Left-turning vehicles must stop here and wait, and give way to northbound straight vehicles.

However, at the time of the incident, it was precisely because of the northbound trucks that the self-driving cars carrying Chinese citizens did not abide by the traffic regulations and rushed, which caused irreversible consequences. Sigh!

But this is not the first time a similar accident has occurred. According to reports, there have been threeThe casualties of Chinese citizens occurred here.

Remind Xiaoqiao:

Because of its unfettered characteristics, overseas self-driving tours are favored by more and more Chinese tourists. However, the accompanying traffic accidents have also sounded the safety alarm for more tourists. If you choose to travel abroad by car, please be sure to note:

1. Before you travel, understand the relevant regulations of your driver’s license. Some countries recognize a Chinese driver’s license, so when you rent a car, you need to show a Chinese driver’s license and its English translation notarization; some countries and some states in the United States do not recognize a Chinese driver’s license, so self-driving may not work.

2. To rent a car, choose a reliable car rental company, conduct a detailed inspection of the car condition and purchase driving insurance.

3. Be sure to understand the local traffic laws and follow them carefully.

4. Download the offline map to avoid signal problems affecting the itinerary.

5. Save the emergency number, and call for help if there is a problem.

Two Chinese tourists suspected of illegal fish frying were killed in Malaysia

According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, a rare accident occurred at a diving resort in Sabah, Malaysia. A Chinese tourist and a Malaysian diving instructor were scuba diving on the 5th when they were killed by a fish cannon used in illegal fish-frying activities.

The so-called fried fish means that fishermen use chemical fertilizers to make explosives and throw them into the sea to detonate fishing.

According to reports, the incident occurred between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm on the 5th in the waters of Kalapuan Island, a half-hour boat ride from the coast of Semporna.

The police initially believe that the three deceased were killed by fish cannons because their diving masks were broken when they were found and the diving cylinders were not working.There are still many dead fish floating around.

However, the police later recorded confessions to a number of tourists and people in the nearby waters. They all said that they did not hear any explosions, so the cause of death of the three remains to be confirmed.

The report pointed out that Semporna is located in Tawau Province, Sabah. It is a world-renowned diving resort. There are more than 30 diving spots in this sea area. Diving hot spot developed. However, local divers regard it as a black zone, because many fishermen often fish there.

Although the police have been monitoring and cracking down on illegal fish-fishing activities in Sabah waters, the fishermen involved are very cunning and often prohibit them repeatedly.

Reminder from Xiaoqiao:

For summer travel abroad, wading projects are very popular, but they are also projects with a high incidence of accidents. Therefore, tourists must be vigilant and strengthen precautions.

1.It is necessary to understand the security situation of the destination clearly, and do not have any fluke. As in the above case, the diving site is regarded as a black zone by local divers and should be eliminated decisively.

2. Purchase regular tourism products and choose safe and reliable water transportation.

3. Pay close attention to local weather conditions, and do not take risks if you encounter severe weather such as storms and waves, or if you are unwell.

4. Be cautious in participating in water rafting, snorkeling, kayaking and other wading tourism projects. Be sure to wear a life jacket during the play and follow the guidance of professionals.

In the summer vacation, outbound travel increased.

In the past few days, the Chinese embassies in the United States and Hungary have also issued safety reminders, calling on Chinese tourists to pay attention to their own safety.

Travel safety is not a trivial matter, it is necessary to always pay attention.

Customs regulations of different countries, The specific requirements for carrying cash, the security status of the destination, the specific customs, and the precautions for specific play items, each link needs to be online at all times of the safety awareness of tourists.

Including the above cases, we are always reminded that during travel, especially overseas travel, whether it is a self-guided tour or a group trip, you need to do your safety homework in advance.

Of course, you must keep the phone number of the local embassy in mind when traveling abroad. If you encounter problems, be sure to seek help as soon as possible.

You can only start happily and go home safely if you tighten the travel safety valve!