Italy: Birth rate hits a new low

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Struggle Compiled in Italy: On Wednesday, the Italian National Statistical Office ISTAT released data. In 2018, Italy set the lowest number of babies

Italy: Birth rate hits a new low

According to Italian media reports, Struggle is compiled in Italy: Wednesday (July 3), the Italian National Bureau of Statistics, ISTAT released data, in mid-2018, Italy has set the lowest record of births.

According to reports, ISTAT said that in 2018, the number of births decreased by 18,000, and the number of births throughout the year was 439,747. This is the lowest value since the unification of Italy in 1861, which is not even comparable to the two worlds. The annual population during the war.

Italy: Birth rate hits a new low

(data map)

In 2018, The death toll was 633,000, the total population of Italy decreased by 124,000, and the total population was 60.36 million, of which 55.104 million were Italian citizens. This means that since 2014, Italy has lost 400,000 residents. It is equivalent to the population of Bologna, the seventh largest city in Italy. If only the population of Italian nationality is considered, Italy has lost the population of Palermo, the fifth largest city. In 2018, only the birth population of the province of Bolzano was born in Italy. Higher than the number of deaths, and the region with the highest death rate is Liguria.

According to reports, Italian economists said that Italy’s population is shrinking and the labor force is old.Aging is the reason for the long-term stagnation of the economy, and the situation continues to deteriorate.

Italy: Birth rate hits a new low

(Comparison between the number of dead [red line] and the number of newborns [blue line] in Italy)

At the same time, in mid-2018, the number of Italians emigrating overseas increased by 1.9% year-on-year, while the number of foreigners emigrating to Italy decreased by 3.2% year-on-year. As of the end of 2018, the permanent resident population of foreigners was 8.7%. Among foreigners, the top five in the number of foreigners are Romanians with 1.027 million, followed by Albanians (441,000), Moroccans (423,000), Chinese (300,000), and Ukrainians (239,000) ).

Data shows that in the past four years, 638,000 people have become Italian citizens, otherwise the Italian population will decline even more. (Struggle is exclusively compiled in Italy, plagiarism is strictly prohibited)