Frankfurt Customs is daunting, and Chinese luggage is checked by the customs a second time

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European customs, especially Frankfurt customs, has made many people daunting. Many Chinese people were fined because they did not understand the rele

New European Overseas Chinese Daily News: European customs, especially Frankfurt customs, make many people daunting. Many Chinese people were fined because they did not understand the relevant regulations, even Chinese tourists were no exception. Consular Express issued an article to introduce typical cases for this, and I hope to remind everyone:

Frankfurt Customs is daunting, and Chinese luggage is checked by the customs a second time

A A business group entered Europe via Frankfurt for a visit. In order to facilitate management, the members of the group handed over all activity funds to Xiao Liu for safekeeping. When going through the customs, considering that the funds were evenly distributed to everyone and did not reach the minimum amount of 10,000 euros that should be declared, the customs was not declared. As a result, Xiao Liu was found by the customs officers that he was carrying cash far more than 10,000 Euros but failed to declare and faced a huge fine. Despite many explanations, the German customs still imposed a high fine on Xiao Liu.

B another business group also gave all cash to one person for unified custody. Knowing in advance that a group has been heavily punished, they distributed the cash to each member on the plane. After they successfully passed the customs at Frankfurt Airport, which was responsible for checking their hand luggage, they returned all the cash to one person for safekeeping. NoIt occurred to them that they had to go through customs inspection again after they picked up the checked luggage. At this time, the person who kept the cash was found to be carrying more than 10,000 euros in cash and was punished.

C Teacher Xu, who is good at drawing erhu, is a member of a Chinese art troupe. In preparation for the Spring Festival performance, he specially brought the Erhu, which has been treasured for many years, from China. But when entering the Frankfurt Airport, the customs found that the erhu’s piano tube was decorated with python skin, believing that it violated the EU regulations prohibiting the entry of wild animal products, so the erhu was confiscated and fined. Teacher Xu was shocked. He hurriedly argued that he had bad eyesight when he was old and didn't see the label clearly. He also called the consular insurance number to hope that the consulate general would negotiate, but he was eventually confiscated.

EU customs regulations, when the total value of cash (e.g. euro, dollar, renminbi, etc.) or equivalent negotiable securities (e.g. traveler’s checks, etc.) carried by each person is equal to or exceeds 10,000 euros, You need to fill in the declaration form to declare to the customs, otherwise you will be punished. When traveling in a group, it is best to distribute the cash to individuals before disembarking the plane. It should be noted that the customs can enforce the law anywhere, even if the customs has been successfully passed, it may face customs inspection again. In addition, the EU also prohibits the carrying of all kinds of meat products, live plants, wild animal products (ivory, rhino horn, snake skin, turtle shell products), etc. Residents such as Chinese and foreign students shall not carry more than 200 cigarettes for personal use, and medicines shall not exceed the amount necessary for personal use; the total value of other items shall not exceed 430 Euros (for those under 15 years old, no more than 175 Euros). Otherwise, you need to declare and pay customs duties, except for personal laptops used for learning. It is best to bring a shopping invoice when you bring in valuables such as mobile phones, computers, and jewelry, so as to avoid excessive losses when you need to make up taxes.

Frankfurt Customs is daunting, and Chinese luggage is checked by the customs a second time

During the summer vacation, Xiao Yang’s mother came to Germany to visit her daughter who was studying in the local graduate school, and bought a lot of German goods during the visit to relatives. On the day of returning home, Yang’s mother had an idea when she applied for the tax refund before leaving the country and bought her daughter during her stay. Invoices for personal items are also inLi Zhong pretended that he bought it by himself in his purchase invoice and temporarily put the relevant items in, so that he helped his daughter receive the tax refund. Just as Yang's mother was so complacent about her operation, she opened the box and returned the items to her daughter for her to take out of the airport. Customs officers saw all this through airport surveillance. Because of tax fraud, Yang's mother was severely punished.

Many Chinese have reported that the customs officers at airports in Germany and Italy were rude and bad. Some Chinese even missed flights due to inspection and had to buy new tickets. Nevertheless, it is necessary to cooperate in the face of inspection. But pay attention to keeping the evidence (for example, write down the number of the customs officer, and keep the fine receipt, etc.) so that you can make a complaint after encountering unfair treatment.