Storage fears skyrocket! Affected by Japanese sanctions, Samsung Semiconductor has been in a hurry

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Last week, Japan announced that it would impose restrictions on the export of semiconductor raw materials to South Korea. Japan occupies an absolute m

Last week, Japan announced that it would impose export restrictions on South Korea’s semiconductor raw materials. These raw materials mainly include three major categories, namely Fluorine Polyimide used in TVs and mobile phone OLED panels, and the core of semiconductor manufacturing. Material photoresist and high purity hydrogen fluoride (Eatching Gas). Japan occupies an absolute market share in the three major types of raw materials, and almost monopolizes the global fluoropolyimide and hydrogen fluoride material markets, accounting for 90% and 70% of the global share respectively.

Storage fears skyrocket! Affected by Japanese sanctions, Samsung Semiconductor has been in a hurry

The ban has been removed It will be officially implemented on July 4. And on July 8thDue to the impact of Japanese sanctions, South Korea’s Samsung Group head Lee Jae-yong has personally traveled to Japan to negotiate with suppliers, hoping to find a way to alleviate the impact of Japan’s raw material export control on Samsung’s core semiconductor business.

Lee Jae-yong asked Samsung's supplier executives to take measures to ease export control issues, such as supplying Samsung with semiconductor materials affected by export controls from factories outside of Japan. According to Samsung’s official announcement, its high-purity hydrogen fluoride inventory can only be maintained for about a month. If the supply is insufficient by then, Samsung may be forced to reduce production. At the same time, the Blue House of the Presidential Office of South Korea said on Sunday that the Chief Policy Secretary of the Presidential Office of South Korea, Kim Sang-gou, and Minister of Economy and Finance Hong Nam-ki have also discussed how to deal with Japanese export control measures.

Editor’s comment

From the current situation, Japan’s sanctionsIt did bring a lot of trouble to the Korean semiconductor industry and Samsung and other companies. As an important manufacturer in the storage industry, the reduction of Samsung's semiconductor chip production means that the entire storage industry's product shipments are affected. Under this background, whether the storage market price can maintain a downward trend in the second half of the year has to be questioned.

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