Putin responded generously to the abuse: he will not be held accountable for the abuser, he is unworthy

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Russian President Vladimir Putintas reported on the 9th that Russian President Vladimir Putin carried out on the 9th the incident in which Gabnia, the

Putin responded generously to the abuse: he will not be held accountable for the abuser, he is unworthy

TASS reported on the 9th that it targeted Georgia’s opposition television station "Rustawi -2" Anchor Gabnia insulted Putin and his late parents in the program on the evening of July 7. Russian President Putin made a public response on the 9th. Putin said that out of respect for the Georgian people, he decided not to impose sanctions on Georgia.

Putin said: "For these Georgians, in order to restore comprehensive relations between Russia and Georgia, I will not do anything that will complicate the relations between the two countries." After the incident, the Russian parliamentarians We have called for economic sanctions to be imposed on Georgia, letting Georgia know that provoking Russia is a price.

For insultThe scolder Gabnia, Putin said that no one knew him before, but now they are talking about him. He has achieved his goal. He was suspended for two months, may go on vacation, and then return to work. But the Georgian people will not stop there and will continue to protest.

After the insulting incident occurred, it triggered strong condemnation from all parties in Georgia, especially the Georgian pro-Russian people even surrounded the TV station in protest and demanded an apology. A large number of Georgian netizens also condemned the anchor of the TV station online. Although the relationship between Georgia and Russia was tense after the 2008 Georgian-Russian War, many Georgians did not agree with such behavior in publicly insulting Putin and his late parents on TV programs.

Putin responded generously to the abuse: he will not be held accountable for the abuser, he is unworthy

In addition, in response to the proposal of a Russian congressman to file a lawsuit against Gabnia, a reporter from the "Rustavi-2" TV station, Putin said that people like Gabnia do not deserve to enjoy The "honor" of being sued. And the advance litigation against him will only make him more famous. Regarding Putin not sanctioning Georgia, Georgian Foreign Minister Zakariani welcomed Putin's decision on the 9th and believed that Putin's decision was correct. Zakariani pointed out that the Georgian authorities have been paying attention to the incident, believing that these anti-Russian activities are conspiracy aimed at worsening relations between Georgia and Russia.

Previously, Georgian President Surabishvi Li, Prime Minister Bakhtadze, Speaker of the Parliament Tarakvadze, former Speaker of the Parliament Kobashidze, Tbilisi Mayor Karadze, and former Foreign Minister Janilize all came forward and strongly condemned the abuse of Putin and his late parents. Remarks. The Georgian government believes that these remarksGoing against all Georgian traditions will exacerbate national division and tension. And Georgia also fears that angering Putin will lead to serious consequences.

But the Georgian opposition does not think so. The opposition is trying to intensify the situation in Georgia and undermine the currently difficult relationship between Georgia and Russia in order to seek greater benefits and even replace the current Surabishvili government , Let the opposition come to power.

On June 20th, the opposition also planned an anti-Russian event. On the grounds of opposing the participation of Russian representatives in the Orthodox Assembly in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, the opposition was launched in the capital. Violent activities incited thousands of radicals to attack the place where the Russian delegation was located. At the time, Russian lawmakers accused the Georgian opposition of wanting to wage war against Russia.

Putin responded generously to the abuse: he will not be held accountable for the abuser, he is unworthy

Whether it is the anti-Russian incident in June or the insulting Putin incident, there are figures of the Georgian opposition. The Georgian opposition is trying to use the domestic accumulation of more than 10 The fear of Russia and anti-Russian sentiments in the year spurred the long-silent situation in Georgia, forcing the Georgian authorities to take tougher measures against Russia.

In 2008, Georgia failed in the war with Russia. Ten years after the war. During the year, Georgian society was divided. Some Georgians hope not to stimulate and provoke Russia any more and undermine the hard-won peace. Moreover, some Georgians in Russian-speaking regions do not want to see further deterioration of relations between Georgia and Russia. However, there are also some Georgians. I still cannot forget the defeat by Russia, let alone the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia with the help of Russia.

The Georgian opposition stirs up popular sentiments, further deteriorates Georgia's relations with Russia, and even provokes conflicts between Georgia and Russia, which may cause further division of Georgian society. In the end, whether it is the deterioration of Georgia's internal situation or the intensification of external conflicts with Russia, it is the Georgian authorities and the Georgian people who bear these consequences and Russia's anger.

At that time, the opposition may be able to rise from the chaos and take advantage of rising nationalist sentiment to replace the current ruling authorities. The Georgian opposition believes that under the checks and balances of the West, Russia will not and dare not make any more moves against Georgia. Moreover, the West does not necessarily want to see a more anti-Russian Georgian regime come to power, fully implementing the West’s strategy of containing and confronting Russia.