Chef, an indispensable partner for Chinese working in Africa

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In the western part of the Indian Ocean, there is an island facing the African continent across the sea. It is like a rare gem inlaid on the outer edg

In the western part of the Indian Ocean, there is an island facing the African continent across the sea. It is like a rare gem inlaid on the outer edge of the African continent, resembling a fairyland. His name is Madagascar. Since Gansu Province responded to the call of the motherland in 1975, the first medical team to support horses set foot on this vast and enthusiastic African island. For many years, every member of the medical team sent by the medical team has worked hard with them, not afraid of dangers. The spirit wrote Huihong's poems on the Falkland Islands, and gradually established the glorious image of Chinese doctors, who have made great contributions to enhancing the friendship between China and Africa. In addition to their own unremitting efforts, the medical team members can successfully complete the glorious mission entrusted by the people of the motherland, but also inseparable from the hard work of the medical team's logistics support personnel. Lin Guixiang, the chef of the 22nd batch of medical aid teams living in the Sambawa medical point, is one of the many logistics staff.

From the name alone, Master Lin Guixiang can easily be imagined as a gentle Female, but in fact, Master Lin is a 57-year-old uncle Hao Shuo. The white skin is more delicate than that of the southerners. Although the height of 1.6 meters is slightly less than the stalwart of the northern man, the symmetrical and agile figure reveals a vigilance and agility, and the kind face is more cordial and easy-going. Opposite his gaze, although it is not so deep and mysterious, his eyes that reveal gentle gazes will narrow the distance between each other in a moment.

Chef, an indispensable partner for Chinese working in Africa


Master Lin is not only the oldest member of the medical team, but also the oldest member of the medical team. He has participated in the 8th and 11th batches , The 20th batch of medical aid team to Malaysia. And the 22nd batch of this time is that he participated in the medical aid team 4 times. During this period, he still had ten years of working experience in a Malaysian restaurant. A young man who has come to his sixtieth year, it can be said that Master Lin’s half-length experience has witnessed the history of the medical aid team in Malaysia.The development of Falkland Islands. What's more admirable is that he did not regret the hard work of those years. On the contrary, those experiences made him talk about it with great pride. Perhaps, this is the horse that is hard to change in his heart. Island love. It is his extraordinary experience and optimistic attitude towards life that deeply attracted me. From him, I saw the extraordinary brilliance of a veteran team member who helped Malaysia in an ordinary post.

The secret of joy-the laughter of life comes from an open-minded life View.

When I first came into contact with Master Lin, his appearance did not impress me, but every time I met, I was infected by the bright smile on his face. In his spare time, when you chat with him, he always He will listen to your talk very attentively, and will rarely interrupt you during the period. After you finish speaking, he will use his distinctive Hokkien accent and will generally answer some of your questions slowly, his concentration And patience makes people feel very cordial. In the chat, I learned that he has a perfect family and his wife is now retired at home. When he was young, he was forced to work early because of the vitality, and he regretted not reading many books. So, he later tried his best to train his son until he graduated from college and entered the telecommunications industry as a programmer. This made him worry about it. He is very satisfied with the current state of life, although he is a young migrant worker with no foundation. The ups and downs experienced by today’s senior chefs are self-evident, butHe never complained. On the contrary, it seems that the hardships in life are due to his more open-minded and open-minded personality. His optimism affects everyone around him subtly, and you can always feel the bright spots in life by his side. Especially when we first arrived at the medical site and faced with the rudimentary living conditions, it was inevitable that when we were depressed, his open-minded laughter and positive and optimistic life attitude stabilized the fluctuating emotions of our new team members like Dinghai Shenzhen.

Positive life attitude-knowing how to live a grateful life, knowing how to give back to society Make life more fulfilling.

Master Lin is a person who pays great attention to feelings. His many years of working experience in Malaysia when he was young made him deeply miss Malaysia from the bottom of his heart. At the beginning, he joined the medical aid team to enable his young students to experience more experience. Now that he is entering his twilight years and living in a comfortable life, he can still choose to join the medical aid team. Perhaps more is a responsibility. A caring feeling. In his heart, when he is about to retire, he can once again expedition to Africa with his teammates. With his meager strength, he is finally realizing his own life value. It is a very special way to draw a satisfactory end to his retirement in such a special way. Meaningful thing. His choice also made us gradually understand how grateful it is to do what we can to accomplish a significant job in life! And the process of accomplishing this is not exactly a happy experience! Even if you are in a poor place when doing this, you need to face all kinds of unforeseen difficulties and obstacles. You will ignore the hardship and suffering during the period. On the contrary, you will experience your own life value in a poor life, and enjoy Enjoy the happiness from the heart in the process of realizing self-worth.

Chef, an indispensable partner for Chinese working in Africa

Master Lin and the local chef

Agreeable-treat others kindly and delight yourself while delivering happiness .

The Falkland Islands’s economy is lagging behind, and the local residents live in relative poverty, but their personality Cheerful, always smiling even when life is hard, never seem to understand the taste of sadness. In the process of contacting the local residents of Falklands, Master Lin always does his best to help others. Master Lin and I used to go to the vegetable market to purchase our daily ingredients. Master Lin rarely bargained with local vegetable farmers, and always paid according to the asking price of local vegetable farmers.Pay the corresponding food. According to him, life is not easy for local residents. We pay a little bit more. We can't lose much, but it is very helpful to them. Usually when he meets the Falklands residents in the morning market, he always greets them with a smile on his face. His contagious smile will always bring each other closer. On weekdays, Master Lin is always happy to help others. He has the habit of going to the morning market after breakfast. When he meets a teammate who asks him to buy fresh fruits or some other needed supplies, he never refuses, even if he encounters When things are not easy to buy, he will always look around forever until he finds and buys them. Master Lin is also a very self-disciplined person. Sometimes when he buys himself a small fish or other ingredients to accompany wine, he also pays out of his own pocket even if it doesn’t cost much, and never uses the opportunity to buy ingredients for everyone. Shut down, including the oil for frying fish for yourself, you also buy it separately. He is even more cautious in his daily workBusiness, the island has limited conditions, and many ingredients and spices are hard to buy, but he always feels that everyone’s daily life is hard. Even if the conditions are limited, he always tries his best to improve everyone’s recipes. In his own words: "Everyone eat well. Only when I don’t want to be home, I can work better!". He used his superb cooking skills to bring us unexpected surprises, satisfy our appetite, and let us taste the taste of hometown.

Chef, an indispensable partner for Chinese working in Africa

Master Lin is an extremely ordinary person in life, but his behavior reminds me of that sentence: "Give someone a rose, leave a fragrance between your fingers." He infects us with his positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and also affects us, so that we all cherish this good time together. Respecting each other as guests also enhances the cohesion of our team, making us like living in a happy big family. In the daily work of medical aid to Africa, clinical medical work is certainly important, but it is precisely because of the unremitting efforts of grassroots logistics staff like Master Lin that medical work can be carried out smoothly. In a sense, their logistical support is a necessary prerequisite for the success of medical work. As members of the medical team, we should promote Lei Feng’sThe spirit of "willing to be the screw of revolution", in addition to completing one's own essential work, we should also treat life and work with a positive life attitude and a simple work style like Master Lin, so that our team can be more cohesive. Make our aid to Africa a complete success.

(The 22nd batch of aid to Madagascar International Medical Team Sambava Medical Point Orthopedic Deputy Chief Physician Liang Weidong)

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