“I“m so busy, I don“t have time to exercise“

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Essentially, you don’t want to exercise yourself, and you don’t want to take the initiative to control your health. Especially young people, who feel

Many people say that I get up early every day, I rush to work in the morning, I don’t have time to exercise, and I’m tired when I go home at night, I just want to lie down, and I don’t have time to exercise. Don’t give yourself a reason In essence, you don’t want to exercise, and you don’t want to take the initiative to control your health. Especially young people, who feel that they are young and healthy, are not willing to spend time and energy on maintaining health.

“I“m so busy, I don“t have time to exercise“

This article does not try to persuade a person who does not want to exercise to exercise, but only helps friends who want to exercise find their own time to exercise.


There are many kinds of sports, you can choose one that is less costly for you, but easier to stick to, and then you will naturally check the movement Get up.

  • Team sports such as ball games that require partners on the venue. Of course, this kind of appointment is relatively rare. If you can continue to make appointments, it will be even more awesome. Like Myself, I have a group of friends who especially play badminton. They have been playing together for more than 6 years and are still playing. If you have a similar team, please cherish it.
  • Similar to running, you can do it alone or with a few people, but you need a treadmill or go outdoors. But compared to the above group sports, the cost of moving is much less. Personally, I also insist on running all year round. The cost is very low. Basically, I can have 1 hour of free time, so I can change my shoes and go for a few kilometers.
  • There is another kind, there are many on the keep app. Courses, all teach you to lay a yoga mat at home, and then follow the app to move it. This kind of weather will not affect you, the door does not need to be out, even if you only wear underwear to practice, no one cares Ah. Just remember to wipe the sweat that you dripped on the yoga mat after you exercise, otherwise the smell is enough for you.

Talk about myself and the people around me Stick to the exercise experience

1. Myself, I usually take a two-hour break after dinner to go for a run, or drink more oatmeal at 4pm, and run at 5:30, and then eat a little bit after running. Say, don’t you work overtime at night? I will add it, I will continue to do it after running, I can go back to the company to take a shower after running. Or I came early in the morning, more than 2 hours earlier than other colleagues.

2. It’s me. I’m too busy at night. I plan to run that day, but I’m too busy to run. What should I do if I’m too busy at work and find that it’s too late in the evening. I will leave a change of clothes at the company. In this case, change your running clothes and run home. The next day you will change a set of clothes. Run back to the company, take a shower at the company, and change the clothes you reserved before. In this way, you don’t need to run with a backpack on the loop

3. Elite investment banks, and some of my colleaguesThere are several gyms in the park where the company is located. Colleagues will go to work out at noon, then wash up in the gym, eat, and return to work in the afternoon. 4. According to hearsay, I myself occasionally Get up early in the morning, do exercises, take a shower, and eat breakfast. You find that these things are done, it seems that it is only 8 o'clock, and you can go to work calmly, maybe even earlier than your colleagues.

5. Weekends and holidays. Not all rest days are used to sleep, play games, eat and drink, exercise moderately, and get close to nature. It is also a good way to rest. Don't let those who have just finished their rest days You need to rest more than yourself after work.


Don’t force yourself to exercise when you are tired and want to rest, or when you are sick. Good healthPoint. We exercise for health, not for exercise. No matter when, do not forget our original intention...

Finally, I hope that every friend who wants to exercise will find time to exercise and be able to Persevere, you will reap a more energetic self.

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