The gains and losses of cow noodle style

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From spring to summer, clothes are added, flowers are blooming, people and things are changed, and the heart of practicing yoga is unchanged. I once c

The gains and losses of cow noodle style

Every day, I always take time out to go yoga to embellish my ordinary life. From spring to summer, clothes are added, flowers bloom and become peopleWhat is unchanged is the mind of practicing yoga.

Everyone says that hard work will pay off.

For yoga, I am sincere, and find happiness in yoga and find a place to rest my mind. I repay my life with yoga, but whenever I have time, I will lay out the mat I like and let my soul dance in every inch.

So, I appear in yoga every day. This may be the reason why many friends say that I am making rapid progress.

Although some asanas have made rapid progress, some asanas have been stagnant, indicating that my weakness lies here. Regarding the Niu Nian Pose, for me, this is a pose that is both loving and jealous, and it is always difficult for me to break through.

The gains and losses of cow noodle style

Since I started practicing yoga, it’s almost For two years, the cow-face pose has always been my sad pose, because when practicing in the library, there are often students in the entire classroom, and I alone can’t catch it. At this time, I have to do the variant pose. This is me. The helplessness of my yoga pose is the lightness that I cannot bear.

The so-called cow face pose , The upper body action looks like a heroic pose, with hands clasping up and down behind the back. Through this pose, you can stretch your arms, relax your shoulder joints, stretch your latissimus dorsi and expand your chest.of. As for me, my hands can't touch each other, and I can't even touch them, which is the most shocking. It can be seen that my shoulders and arms are tight.

During this period of practice, I have also asked the teacher for help many times, but Every time, with the help of the teacher, I can barely touch my hands. If I pull in a little bit, my arms will be very painful. So, in this way, this is equivalent to a failure in the pose.

Afterwards, under the advice of my teacher, I did more shoulder-opening movements in order to Gradually open the stiff shoulders. Since I really triedAfter I can’t do this asana with my hands clasping behind my back, I don’t force myself anymore. Everything takes time. This asana is impossible for me at the moment, so I can practice more, open my body, and wait until the fire is over. Can be opened. Thinking about it this way, I learned to let go of obsession.

After that, every time I go to a large class to do cow noodle style, I am also very Do the variant moves calmly and don't embarrass yourself.

The gains and losses of cow noodle style

Time has passed for a long time, that is, recently, in Teacher Lin’s big class During the course, Mr. Chu Chu happened to practice with me next to me. With this opportunity, I finally experienced the wonderful stretched feeling after the cow-faced arms interlocked. This time the feeling is very profound. At the beginning of the course Later, Teacher Lin led us to open our bodies,With the help, my hands have finally been clasped on the back in history, and my hands have realized the gathering of the back across time and space.

First, Teacher Lin helped me stretch and twist, gradually open my body and move joint. Then, Mr. Chu Chu slowly put my arm in the right position with skill. When the fingers touched and aroused each other, my heart was very happy. Mr. Chu Chu did not let go, but my arms Under the action of external force, I stretched to my heart's content and felt the sourness that I had never experienced before. For my stiff body, it was as refreshing as the earth of long-time nectar.

In fact, every yogi always encounters the same experience as me when practicing asanas. After feeling this time, I believe that in the near future, I will buckle it up naturally.

I once communicated with a friend who has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for a long time. He did A tandem movement from handstand to back bend, then back bend directly to handstand, made me sigh, his movements are as natural and smooth as flowing water. He said that this exercise can only be done after several years of practice, and it needs to be well-breathed, not every time.

Indeed, the practice of yoga does not happen overnight. This requires long-term practice, long-term persistence, a strong, self-disciplined heart, and sincere love to do yoga well.

The gains and losses of cow noodle style

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