It’s really not difficult to easily maintain a riding speed above 25km/h

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How to not rely on brute force, rely on skills to easily continue riding at a speed of 25KM per hour. After hearing this, I don’t know if you are inte

How to rely on techniques without brute force to easily continue riding at a speed of 25KM (or above). After hearing this, I don’t know if you are interested in looking down, maybe N people will jump out and say, 25KM per hour, too simple.

I can ride a princess at this speed. The speed of 25KM is really not difficult, but what if you want to maintain it easily for a long time? If you keep it for 2 hours, what if you keep 100KM? It's probably not that easy.

First Step

It’s really not difficult to easily maintain a riding speed above 25km/h

Standard correct riding posture

The standard and correct riding posture is the prerequisite for correct pedaling. Without the correct riding posture, there is no skill.

To maintain a speed of 25KM per hour for a long time, naturally the body cannot be uncomfortable. What PP pain, neck pain, arm and wrist pain, legs not stretched, etc. will definitely affect the quality of riding, and the speed is naturally difficult to maintain.

You may be wondering why the old bird doesn’t feel uncomfortable and feels uncomfortable everywhere. In fact, our PP is also long and the equipment is only part of it. More importantly, we have a good riding posture.

Many cyclists unconsciously support their hands on the handlebars when riding, with their elbows bent inward and their wrists abound. It can be said that the brain completely relaxes and unconsciously grasps the handlebars. The forearm is too hard, and the elbow is stretched straight,No space for wrist movement.

It’s really not difficult to easily maintain a riding speed above 25km/h

It’s strange if you say that your arms, shoulders and wrists don’t hurt after riding for tens of kilometers. How to achieve the correct riding arm posture? It's actually very simple

Pay attention to the posture of your shoulders at all times and place your hands gently on the handlebars! The shoulders feel a little forward to keep the elbow joints moderately stretched, and then tighten the armpits to help stabilize the body.

Each person’s arm flexibility and joint flexibility are different. You can imitate the riding posture of a master, but you can’t copy it completely. Feel it yourself, adjust it, and pay attention to the problem. It’s easy to find the best arm posture for you.

It’s really not difficult to easily maintain a riding speed above 25km/h

Followed by the posture of the lower back

When it comes to the lower back, I must first Speaking of cushions. You may feel that the two things are not related, but the relationship between the two is very close. The height and angle of the cushion are not correct, and the correct waist and back posture is definitely not guaranteed.

I saw many riders sayGrade pain, all lead to compression of the perineum, prostate, etc. Mastering the correct riding posture and choosing a cushion that suits you can ensure the comfort of stepping.

It’s really not difficult to easily maintain a riding speed above 25km/h

First check the height of the seat cushion, when riding the legsThe part should have 80% stretch.

The knee is not completely straight. When riding, PP does not feel like sliding left and right on the cushion. The easiest way to test the height of the cushion is to sit in the car and step on the back heel. When the lowest point is reached, the legs are fully straight. Then, when stepping on the forefoot, the knee can basically bend properly.

Second step of stepping

The posture is corrected, followed by The technique of promotion, stepping.

The first thing to mention is the gear ratio. Wrong gearPosition makes pedal training impossible to start.

If we use a light gear ratio, what will be the result?

1. Less muscle burden , It’s not easy to accumulate fatigue

2. It’s easier to step on when you just start, and it will speed up quickly

3. You can give full play to your physical ability.

If the heavy gear ratio is used, the result is as follows

1. Muscle burden is very heavy and it will consume energy very soon

2. Start slowly, and it takes more time to increase speed 3


3. No skill, trample on.

It’s really not difficult to easily maintain a riding speed above 25km/h

How to use the correct gear ratio?

According to your physical fitness and road width, try to maintain a cadence of 90 rpm. This gear ratio is a good gear ratio.

Here is the stamping technique.

To maintain a 25-speed cruise, what you need is not pedaling power, but pedaling skills

Here are a few words from the Japanese coach Yukharu Mori:

"Will not concentrate the load on a small part of the muscle group" "Can continue this for a long time Skill concentration"

1. First step on diagonally forward

When stepping on, step forward and downward, instead of stepping the pedal straight down vertically.

2. Be careful not to completely relax when closing your feet afterwards.

If you use self-locking, keep your feet tight Time is notI lifted up desperately, but felt mud on the soles of my feet and wanted to rub it off with the pedals.

If you use a horizontal pedal, when you retract your foot, match the pedaling foot on the other side to make the movement between the two legs as smooth as possible.

It’s really not difficult to easily maintain a riding speed above 25km/h

1. Raise your head and look straight ahead. The back has a good curvature, which is not difficult. Achieve a little further away to maintain stability when pedaling.

2. The inner thigh muscles are slightly harder, and there is a feeling of pinching the cushion. This way the buttocks can help the arms control the vehicle and reduce the pressure on the hands. Let you ride straighter without twisting the front of the car.

3. Drink plenty of water. Use a bicycle sports bottle to replenish water at any time, so that it is not easy to get tired

4. When riding against the wind, lower your body and reduce wind resistance. Use the wind to increase your speed when you are downwind.

5. Relax and concentrate. You can look at the surrounding scenery and talk to riders.

6. Wearing cycling jerseys and cycling pants can reduce wind resistance, pads improve comfort, and quick-drying clothes will also keep you refreshed.

7. Pack lightly, do not bring all the items that are not necessary.

8. Ride more with people who are better than yourself, so that you can improve faster.

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