What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

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Many people will see a perhaps a little unfamiliar training tool in the personal training area of ​​the gym-a kettlebell. This article systematically

Many people will see a training tool—a kettlebell—that may be a little unfamiliar in the personal training area of ​​the gym. In fact, Kettlebell is an efficient training tool with a long history. This article systematically introduces this tool to everyone, and through experimental data, we can see what benefits kettlebell training can bring to our body.

What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

Long history

Metal The kettlebell made of material is composed of a sphere and a handle. Its invention dates back to the 16th century. It was invented by the Russians. The inventor of the kettlebell used this special device for muscle strength, balance, flexibility and muscle endurance. Conduct comprehensive training.

What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

We can see that kettlebells are a training tool that can withstand the test of time. The American Sports Commission (ACE) has conducted a special study on the training effects of kettlebells. Research shows that kettlebells can be very effective in enhancing aerobic Fitness, while improving core strength and dynamic balance ability.

Research background and content

To verify the training of kettlebellsAs a result, ACE funded a research team from the University of Wisconsin to conduct experimental research.

The academic leader of the research team is Dr. John Porcari. During the experiment, there were 30 healthy and relatively robust subjects. These subjects were men and women aged 19-25. These subjects have some experience in resistance training, and then the experimental team randomly assigned them to two groups.

What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

18 out of 30 people served as the experimental group and 12 as the control group, and the sex ratio in each group was 1:1.

At the beginning Before the experiment, the subjects participated in two kettlebell training courses to ensure that everyone can train with the correct skills. In order to ensure the validity of the experimental results, each subject performed Complete and adequate physical fitness test.

First, all subjects participated in a kettlebell snatch test to assess aerobic fitness. Then, they used squats, standing rowing, shoulder presses and other movements to perform grip strength, core strength, and comprehensive muscles Force test and evaluation. Finally, perform flexibility, static and dynamic balance force tests, and record the subject’s body composition through the skin wrinkle measurement method.

After completing the measurement data collection, 18 subjects in the experimental group underwent 8-week training. During the training process, Subjects will conduct one-hour kettlebell training twice a week under the guidance of a qualified coach.

This hour’s training is It consists of the following parts:

First, a 5-minute warm-up; second, 30-45 minutes of kettlebell training. The kettlebell training actions mainly include: one-handed and two-handed kettlebell swing, kettlebell Bell snatch, kettlebell press, kettlebell weight-bearing lunge and Turkish stand; third, 10-minute relaxation phase. At the beginning of the experiment, the research team asked the subjects to choose a kettle that suits them and is easy to controlBell weight, as the training progresses, gradually increase the weight.

What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

In 8 weeks trainingAfter the training is completed, the subjects will perform the same assessment items as before the training.

Experiment conclusion

What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

In addition to the obvious increase in muscle strength, kettlebell training can also bring significant aerobic fitness, dynamic balance, and core strength enhancement.

Through the experiment, Dr. John Porcari said: “It is difficult for most people to associate resistance training with aerobic fitness enhancement, but through this experiment, we found that 13.5% of the Fitness is enhanced. ”

Through kettlebell training, the most obvious muscle strength enhancement comes from the core strength area, with an average increase of even 70%. At the same time. , The dynamic balance ability is greatly enhanced.

What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

In general, compared with the control group, all aspects of the experimental group’s abilities, including: maximum oxygen uptake, squats, grip, dynamic balance and core muscle strength strong>Both have very obvious enhancements.

But in terms of body composition, there are no obvious changes, including body weight, body fat percentage, and total number of skin wrinkles. Similarly, there were no significant changes in maximum heart rate, hamstring flexibility, etc.

What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

Kettlebell training can increase muscle strength, but at the same time you will also gain other benefits. Usually resistance training alone cannot effectively improve aerobic fitness or core muscle strength, unless you specifically target the core Muscle strength training.

However, in kettlebell training, you can use this kind of training to increase muscle strength, aerobic fitness and core muscle strength at the same time. In terms of intensity, we can roughly define kettlebell training between resistance cycle training and steady-state running training.

What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

The significance of kettlebell training

For kettlebell training, there is a physical improvement that is very meaningful, that is, a 70% increase in core muscle strength.

After having a good core muscle strength, people can effectively develop a more comprehensive muscle strength level and reduce the risk of injuries such as lower back pain.

What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

Similarly, for dynamic balance ability The improvement is also a big advantage of kettlebell training.

People who regularly perform kettlebell or similar training can greatly reduce the risk of falling.The same is true for athletes. The better the dynamic balance ability, the more conducive to the excellent technical level in sports.

What is a kettlebell? What benefits can it bring to our body?

In summary, kettlebells are a very traditional and long-established training.The ultimate improvement of physical fitness, enhancement of general abilities, its inherent ability to mobilize explosive power and body movements, makes it a very comprehensive and effective training tool.

I recommend that everyone try to practice using this tool if possible. We are also preparing to launch a teaching column for the kettlebell series to help everyone better learn the use of kettlebells. Interested friends can pay attention to it.

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