Why control diet + exercise is not thin?

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Female question: I am 30 years old, height 160, weighing 116 kilograms, and I always feel obese. The fattest is the third year in high school, reachin

Why control diet + exercise is not thin?

For women:

I am 30 years old, height 160, weight 116 kg, and I always feel obese. The fattest is the third year in high school, reaching 120 kg. I was thinner in college, about 108 pounds.

20 days ago, I started trying to control my diet to lose weight.

Morning: boiled eggs + milk, noon: broccoli + chicken breast + sweet potatoes, after eating for about a week, I lost about three kilograms, and I couldn’t stop. Up.

Insist on getting up early every day for 1 hour, mainly walking briskly, and sticking to it for a week without losing the scale. Then I added a project. Every day I do abdominal crunches, squats, jumps, etc. on the yoga mat. It takes 30 minutes, but I always rest in between. Maybe the real exercise is only 20 minutes, and then go out and walk for 40 minutes for a week. Still not losing weight.

When I am angry, I don’t just eatI started to eat the weight-loss meal normally, but the amount was reduced by half. If I could not eat it at night, I still didn’t lose weight and collapsed.

This shows that you have obesity genes in your body, and your metabolism is not very good. This means that many fat girls don’t eat much and are self-disciplined, but Still can't reach the slim look.

If you want to determine whether there are obesity genes and metabolic problems, you can actually do a genetic test of obesity and metabolism, so that you can be targeted based on real data Implementation of weight loss programs and related exercises.

Why control diet + exercise is not thin?

There is a female colleague in our unit. The first time I ate with her, I asked her to eat some vegetables. Anyway, I was full, but I didn’t know that she was not full. The second time she invited me to dinner, yes When I went to a fast food restaurant, I ate a bowl of rice, three side dishes, and a bowl of soup. She ate three bowls of rice, seven or eight kinds of vegetables, and drank several bowls of soup. I was shocked. That means that the last time. There are a few sparse maocai, absolutely noneFill her belly.

But in fact, she is very thin, I am fat, she eats a lot, and I really eat very little compared to her. Later I discovered that there was an obesity gene in my body, which was inherited from my mother. My mother is obese, but in fact, she eats slowly every time and eats not a lot, but she is not thin.

For girls with obesity genes in their bodies, if you don’t have a reasonable dietary guidance program and exercise management program, you will need to spend more than many times the effort to reach The same result may not be as good. However, if you know which types of obesity genes you carry in your body, you can eat foods that can overcome these genes in your diet. If you know which foods you have poor metabolism, you can eat moreSome foods that are well metabolized are difficult to think about not being thin.

Weight loss is a big topic. It seems simple. In fact, there are many ways to achieve the ideal body shape and body weight.

Beijing Kanglin health management experts have also said that if you eat some healthy food accurately, do some exercises that suit your physical fitness, and lose weight. Down is not a dream, but a reality.

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