The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“

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"Bitter" foods for weight loss have the following types of bitter gourd for weight loss, and Kudingcha for weight loss. They all have one thing in com

The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“

Be thinner and embrace a hot summer

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In order to lose weight, are you really willing to work hard?

If you have the courage to answer "Yes", then "bitter precepts".

It should not be difficult for you.

You should know that eating "bitter" can get rid of obesity.

Let a good figure take the initiative to come to you. Is there any reason not to act?

Eat more"Bitter" the more weight loss

1. Bitter foods are rich in glycosides, polyphenols and amino acids, because these substances can make these foods bitter, and they are also good at preventing obesity The efficacy of cancer and heart disease.

2. Bitter food has the effect of venting heat and detoxification, and has the effect of venting heat and calming the nerves caused by excessive internal heat. It can excrete toxins from the body with urine and urine, and enhance the body’s immunity. Maintain a normal balance of bacteria in the intestines.

3. In addition, some bitter foods also contain caffeine, which can refresh the brain and restore refreshing energy and physical strength after eating.

tips: Most bitter foods are vegetables and wild vegetables, such as lettuce leaves, lettuce leaves, celery, fennel, coriander, bitter gourd, radish leaves, mint leaves, etc. There are also schisandra and lotus seed cores for both food and medicine. It can be drunk after soaking in boiling water.

"Bitterness"There are the following types of foods for weight loss

Bitter melon weight loss, Kudingcha weight loss, etc. have one thing in common, that is, "bitter". See clearly, the following best "bitter" foods all have unique skills. It depends on which one you like.

Three-star "bitter" food for weight loss


Weight loss stunt: Eliminate seborrheic fire

Lettuce is rich in nutrients, slightly bitter, can stimulate the taste, help digestion, has the effects of clearing away heat, detoxification, fat-removing and anti-inflammatory. The high potassium content of lettuce is good for promoting urination, which is extremely effective for patients with high blood pressure, heart disease and high blood fat. Useful.

Slimming action: Put cold boiled water and salt in a bowl and stir well, then add the diced lettuce and tomato cubes, mix well, eat before lunch or directly replace dinner.

The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“


The stunt for weight loss: make people feel full

Contrary to the belief that a lot of beer will get a beer belly, a German university research shows that there is a kind of weight loss in beer The substance totalaksa can inhibit the activity of the brain's hunger center and make people feel full. Drinking beer in moderation can effectively reduce excess weight.

Weight loss action: Beer is rich in nutrients and can store the needs of the body. If you need to use beer to lose weight, you only need three glasses. Don't drink too much because of gluttony.

The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“

Four-star "bitter" food for weight loss


Lost weight loss stunt: intake of less calories

New York obesity and The Diabetes Research Center confirmed that the moisture content of celery is 95%. A celery contains about 4~5 calories, but people need 4~5 calories to chew it, and it takes about 5 calories to enter the stomach and intestines to digest celery. It needs more calories than celery itself provides to the human body, it is difficult not to lose weight.

Weight loss action: put fresh celeryAfter the vegetables are blanched in boiling water for 2 minutes, they are served directly in a cold salad or served as a salad with apple cubes and yogurt.

The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“

Black coffee

Weight loss stunt: Promote lipolysis

The caffeine in black coffee can promote lipolysis The role of fat can be released in the blood and converted into heat. Generally speaking, after drinking black coffee for 30-40 minutes, the active limbs and brain activities will further convert fat into heat and be consumed, which is effectivelose weight.

Weight loss action:

1. To achieve a good weight loss effect by drinking black coffee, only add a small amount of milk, and never add sugar, because sugar will hinder

Fat breakdown.

2. Black coffee + soy milk

Burning fat

Materials: 1 cup of sugar-free soy milk, 5g black coffee

How to: Rinse the black coffee with boiling water and set aside; use a microwave to heat the soy milk slightly, pour the heated soy milk into the black coffee and stir evenly, ready to drink, one cup each morning and evening.

The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“

Bitter Almond

The stunt for weight loss: clearing the fire and detoxification

Almonds are rich in cellulose, which can moisturize the lungs, clear fire, and detoxify. It is a good detoxification and weight loss food.

Weight loss action: drink almond milk made from bitter almonds or eat dried almonds directly.

Tips: Because uncooked bitter almonds contain toxic amino acids, bitter almonds should be boiled to remove the toxicity.

The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“

Guiling paste

Slimming stunt: improving metabolism

Guiling paste is made of tortoise board, soil tuckahoe, raw land , Dandelion, silver flower and other dozens of traditional Chinese medicines, can improve metabolism, burn fat, and the calorie, fat and cholesterol content are very low.

Weight loss action: When eating Guiling paste, it can be combined with honey to remove the bitter taste and to reconcile the five internal organs, which is very suitable for weight loss.

The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“


Slimming skill: rich in crude fiber, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis

Loquat is cool in nature, sweet and sour, slightly bitter, rich in crude fiber and Mineral elements are very effective weight loss fruit. In addition, the organic acids contained in loquat can stimulate the secretion of digestive glands and help digestion.

Slimming action: fresh loquat washed and eaten raw, can treat dry mouth, polydipsia, obesity and other uncomfortable symptoms.

The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“

Five-star weight loss "bitter" food

Bitter gourd

The stunt of weight loss: "fat killer" high-energy fat clearing element

Research found that bitter gourd contains a kind of "fat killer" The special ingredient of ——-high energy fat-clearing element, namely momordica charantia, can reduce the intake of fat and polysaccharide by about 40%~60%. The dietary fiber rich in bitter melon can also absorb excess water in the body and stimulate the intestinal wall to increase the stomach Peristalsis makes it easy to feel full, and the vitamin B1 contained can improve carbohydrate metabolism and promote calorie conversion.

Slimming action:

1. Eating bitter gourd raw

Fried bitter gourd will cause a large amount of high-energy fat-clearing elements to be lost in cooking, only eat raw and juice Or cold dressing can well retain this weight-loss substance in bitter gourd. Therefore, if you eat 2 to 3 bitter gourds raw every day, you can eat normally during the period without dieting.

2.Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter gourd is squeezed in a juicer. If you can’t stand the bitterness, you can add kiwi or tomato. But do not choose sweet fruits such as bananas, apples, grapes, pears, etc., lest the sugar content affects the stability of the weight loss factor in bitter gourd.

The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“

Kuding tea

Weight loss stunt: lower cholesterol

Kuding is bitter, sweet and non-toxic. It can remove garbage and toxins from the body, and significantly reduce the serum total cholesterol and sugar of patients with hyperlipidemia.Oil triesters and low-density protein have the definite effects of reducing inflammation and improving stool, weight loss and weight loss.

Weight loss action: Drinking a cup of Kuding tea before three meals can have a good weight loss effect.

The Big League of Fat-Reducing Foods Starts “Bitterness“

Reminder: Not everyone can suffer from "bitterness"

You must eat "bitterness" symptomatically according to your specific physical condition. Bitter foods should not be excessive. Otherwise, it is easy to cause uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, etc., especially women with spleen, stomach and kidney deficiency and cold are not suitable for "bitter" weight loss.

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