Introduction to Taichiquan

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Modern people are generally faced with heavy work and study pressure, the body is in a sub-health state for a long time, the body is tense and stiff f

Practicing Tai Chi, even the basic exercise before getting started, can greatly help our work and life.

First, work and study. Modern people are generally faced with heavy work and study pressure, the body is in a sub-health state for a long time, the body is tense and stiff for a long time, breathing disorder, and mental fluctuations are large. For middle-aged people, this situation is even more serious. The pressure is multiplied on the body and mind. There are old and young people who need to take care of themselves. They cannot afford to be sick or even die. Practicing Tai Chi can undoubtedly greatly relieve the physical and mental pressure of hedging. The body will stay in a relaxed state for a longer time, and the mood can be properly adjusted to avoid excessive emotions.

The second is to enhance physical fitness. The slow and soothing movement of Taijiquan can deeply stimulate all parts of the body, and it can more thoroughly improve the various organs of the body in terms of physical exercise. Improve physical fitness better than other sports.

Finally, calm down. Taijiquan’s unique way of transporting power and the idea of ​​dealing with offenses facilitates people to find a more sleek way to deal with interpersonal relationships in an increasingly tense social environment.

How can we integrate Taijiquan into life? Well, how can we cope with the three highs, body stiffness, cardiovascular disease, occupational disease, frozen shoulder, and lumbar disc herniation.

First of all, improve the sitting posture. We can try to integrate Tai Chi's body relaxation method into the early sitting posture for a long time of work and study. When sitting, we consciously exercise the head up and relax the parts of the head in turn. The spine is upright and perpendicular to the ground, so that sitting posture is good-looking, and it can relax the waist muscles, shoulder muscles, elbows and wrists during exercise. By resting the waist, we can relax the hips and relax the legs and feet. Various joints and muscles. In the later stage, you can even incorporate the force of hip twisting into it. In this way, the muscles are exercised and the joints tend to be more flexible. When sitting, you must be positive.

Next is walking. When walking fast and strong, the thighs and calves are fatigued for a long time, and the rest can take a long time to recover. After blending in, we can try to walk on catwalks, with our heels touching the ground, and our body pressing over. Continuous adjustments to the left and the right to relax the body, so that you exercise Tai Chi, and because the ground recoil is small, it is not very tiring, which is conducive to long-term walking.

Sleep again. No matter how we sleep, lying on our backs, lying on our backs, or sleeping on our backs, we can consciously relax the back of the head and below the spine and thighs. This will not only sleep comfortably, but also fall asleep faster, and have a higher degree of body rest. For intense work and study, speed is especially important.

Finally, we consciously exercise at home, insist on standing and practicing Tai Chi, You can get rid of the three highs and cardiovascular disease, and avoid frozen shoulder and lumbar disc herniation. The author has been practicing Tai Chi continuously for more than 40 years. The three heights are normal, and there is no scapulohumeral and lumbar disc protrusion. Even familial diabetes has not yet appeared. The role of Tai Chi is indispensable.

Taijiquan has made me realize the extraordinary benefits of Taijiquan during decades of exercise. First, Taijiquan can dredge blood vessels and promote blood circulation. The blood circulatory system transports nutrients to the human body every moment and removes waste materials. The whole body of Taijiquan is one body, which effectively connects the hands, feet, and heart, so that the blood can flow through the body faster with the force of the fist. I remember that when I was in high school, I had frostbite on my hands, and I started to practice perfect round piles. For about a month, my palms kept getting hot when facing each other, and my hands and feet no longer itch in the winter of that year. Later, after finishing Taijiquan practice, you can obviously feel the hands and feet swell and heat in the order of force. The second is to improve breathing habits. Previously sportsAt that time, due to too fast and too heavy, I often have a hot voice and I can’t breathe. After practicing Tai Chi, I faced altitude sickness some time ago and constantly took slender and soothing abdominal breathing. I actually quickly adapted to 4300 meters. In the high-altitude environment, with the continuous Tai Chi mountaineering, the athletic ability on the plain is basically restored within 2 hours. Finally, improve the bones. Taijiquan requires every joint of the body to have requirements. It is required to stretch the tendons and pull the joints to penetrate, and the blood qi flows between the bones and the muscles of the fascia to stimulate the stretching of the muscles and bones. These have miraculous effects on preventing osteoporosis and preventing deformed kyphosis. At the same time, they can maintain a tall and straight body and light and steady body movements, so that people always maintain a more uplifting spirit.

So practicing Tai Chi is a reliable and effective way to health. As long as you stick to it every day, you can maintain your physical and mental health.

Introduction to Taichiquan

Let us relax Relax body and mind

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