Do you have to be heavy to become a big shoulder?

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But in the process of shoulder training, some of us have a misunderstanding, that is, we must have a heavy weight to get a big shoulder or a spherical

People who dress nicely all have an inverted triangle figure. How can we hold up our clothes hangers? We need our broad shoulders to support them. But in the process of shoulder training, some of us There is a misunderstanding, that is, you must have heavy weight to train into big shoulders and spherical shoulders. Today we will talk about how to build our big shoulders quickly

We know that if you want a certain muscle to become bigger, you have to There is a sense of activation, so we have to use our light weight to properly activate our muscles, and then use heavy weight to stimulate our muscles. Everyone has muscles that don’t respond and don’t grow big. For the two heads, the key point is the feeling of exertion. To feel the feeling of muscle contraction, for the deltoid, the biggest secret is the speed of action. You can take a very light weight and follow our training method to do the action.

Our general order of shoulder training is toe, Middle beam, rear beam. For example, when we perform the exercise of the front shoulder beam, we can use the classic front clean and jerk. Whether it is thumbs up or thumbs parallel to each other, palms are down, the relationship between postures is not very large, and the most important thing is the speed of the action. , It’s not that you rely on your waist to borrow strength, but that if you do too fast, there will be inertia if you are fast, and if there is inertia, the key muscles will not be fully exercised. If you want to make this movement difficult, you have to work hard against your own gravity. . How do we do that? We can lower our body as much as possible. When you try to lower your body close to the ground, then use the front toe to lift the dumbbells. At this time, we pay attention to lifting slowly and feel every muscle fiber in the front toe. Continuous contraction activates the entire toe.

Do you have to be heavy to become a big shoulder?

Front beam, middle beam, back beam

For my own feeling, my body is working hard, and the dumbbell Working hard, when I reduce the speed of the movement, I will find that the toe is the main muscle group that exerts strength. When doing the movement, you have to feel the contraction and force of the toe. When we want to improve our athletic ability, We will not slow down, we will accelerate instead, so when we finish every minute of slow movements, we will do quick and explosive shoulder presses, do not weigh too much, and then do explosive shoulder presses, as much as possible Do a few, and then rest for 30 seconds; then we follow the same method to exercise our middle and back beams./p>

So we can use light weight to build our spherical shoulders and let our muscles grow better.

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