Sedentary is unhealthy. Doctors suggest: It’s better to stand for so much time after working for 8 hours.

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Sedentary unhealthy doctor's suggestion: It is best to stand for so many hours after working for 8 hours. No matter what the posture of the United Dai

Sedentary unhealthy doctor’s suggestion: It’s better to stand for so much time after working for 8 hours

Sedentary is unhealthy. Doctors suggest: It’s better to stand for so much time after working for 8 hours.

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No matter what the posture, adopting one method for a long time may affect our health, especially when sitting for a long time!

The most common cause of sedentary is the damage to our spine, such asDiseases like cervical spondylosis that were patents for middle-aged and elderly people in the past are beginning to be younger. Many young people and even teenagers have cervical spine problems of varying degrees. A survey of cervical spondylosis found that sedentary occupations such as IT, design, teaching, writing work, and finance had the highest prevalence. There are also lumbar disc herniation, sedentary is also one of the predisposing factors. Sedentary people often feel neck swelling, back pain, and body fatigue. The main reason is that maintaining a posture for a long time leads to overworked neck, shoulder and back. The intervertebral discs and paravertebral muscles were in a state of tension for a long time, which caused pain and discomfort.

Some studies have found that the waist load in different sitting positions is greater than that in standing positions (1.8-8.9 times). The waist load of the four sitting positions of upright sitting position, relaxed sitting position, upright desk sitting position, and relaxed desk sitting position increases sequentially. The greater the anterior angle of the spine, the greater the load on the muscles and soft tissues around the lumbar spine, and the easier it isCause fatigue and even chronic damage to the soft tissues of the waist, especially the back. Therefore, it is best to choose a sitting posture with a smaller forward angle of the spine to prevent low back muscle fatigue and various chronic injuries.

For men, prolonged sitting may also cause prostatitis. This is because when we sit down, the prostate is in a relatively low position. We will receive a certain amount of pressure, oppressing the perineum and congesting the prostate. Long-term frequent congestion may lead to the occurrence of prostate inflammation.

In addition, sitting for a long time may also affect fertility. This is because when we sit for a long time, the testicles will be closer to our relatively "high temperature" body, and the local environment of the scrotum is relatively closed, and the heat cannot be dissipated in time, which causes the local temperature to rise and affect the spermatogenesis function of the testes. This

Many studies have shown that long-term sedentary behavior, that is, any waking behavior while sitting or lying down consumes 1.5 metabolic equivalent orLess energy is related to all-cause mortality, fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and certain cancers. There is evidence that at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity a day can reduce the risk of death associated with sedentary sitting.

An expert consensus guide suggests that for office workers who work in an office, it is best to stand for 2-4 hours during the 8-hour workday. To do this, the chair-based work should be regularly divided into standing-based work, using a sit-stand desk, or short active standing rest.

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