Carefully prepare for a half marathon, how to run LSD long distance

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The training intensity of LSD is relatively low, but it can improve the oxygen use capacity of muscles, promote the increase of the proportion of slow

The training intensity of LSD is relatively low, but it can improve the oxygen use capacity of the muscles, promote the increase of the ratio of slow muscle fibers, and promote the mitochondria and capillaries in the muscle tissue Increase and promote the increase in the number of aerobic oxidases in muscle cells, which have a very good effect on the improvement of the overall aerobic endurance.

The human body has three sources of energy during exercise: glycogen, fat, and protein, these three are consumed simultaneously However, the ratio is different; higher intensity and shorter running time (less than 30 minutes) mainly consumes glycogen. As the exercise time exceeds 30 minutes, the body’s use of fat will begin to increase, and the fat in nutrientsWith high calories, the fat in our body can also provide an endless source of energy. As long as the body learns to use fat as an energy source, it will not be easy to "hit the wall" due to exhaustion of glycogen in the latter part of the game.

Carefully prepare for a half marathon, how to run LSD long distance

recommended practice frequency

Long distance training once a week, step by step. Runners who challenge the half marathon can start from 12 kilometers and gradually increase the distance depending on their physical fitness conditions, for example, You can use the four-week long-distance running schedule of 12k in the first week, 14k in the second week, 15k in the third week, and 12k in the fourth week. If you successfully complete the exercises and there are no abnormalities, you can continue to use 14k, 16k, 16k, 12k arrangement.

After every three weeks of increments, a decrement is immediately discharged to restore, allowing the body time to rest, and the second cycle 16k appeared twice in, the reason is that we may be due to the large amount of training that week, or the increased distance beyond our physical fitness rangeAlthough I finished the exercises, I felt quite tired in the next few days. At this time, I had to adjust the class schedule to let my body adapt to this new stimulus one more time, and then continue to increase after the body got used to it.

Many runners who challenge the half marathon for the first time will worry that they have not run 21k before the race and do not know whether the race will be completed. It’s good if you practice and practice step by step to 21k, but if you don’t practice 21k, don’t worry. With muscle strength, paced endurance, and intermittent speed exercises, your body will Equipped with a variety of weapons to help you finish the long-distance race on the day of the race and have not completed the mileage.

Sometimes, long-distance running is too long, too much, it will only make you too tired and affectFor next week's training, in terms of half marathon, you will have the basic endurance to finish the race at around 18k, and you don't have to practice 21k.

Carefully prepare for a half marathon, how to run LSD long distance

LSD’s long-distance running pace recommendations

Go at a slower speed that allows easy conversation. You may have the urge to speed up, but please be conservative. Instead of running too fast at the beginning and speeding to the finish line, please be conservative. ; The whole journey should try to maintain an average speed, not fast or slow. If you have a GPS watch, you can confirm the pace every 1-2 kilometers. If you use a general chronograph, you can choose a playground or a riverside park with mileage. Bicycle lanes, etc., to facilitate the confirmation of the pace.

If you have a proper pace, you will feel slower than usual when you first start running. The middle section is relaxed and the back section You may be slightly tired, but you can speed up before the end, practice a few more times, get familiar with the rhythm of long-distance running, and let the race follow this pattern. You will be able to reach the finish line with confidence.

LSD replenishment and recovery suggestions

You can eat some light meals before running , Bananas, oatmeal, cereal bars, are all good choices; remember to replenish water during running, drink water every 20-30 minutes; eat as soon as possible within 15-30 minutes after running High-sugar recovery drinks can be better if they can be matched with an appropriate amount of protein. The amount is not too much. The focus is on eating it in real time. Chocolate milk, sugary yogurt, soy milk, or even chocolate or sugar can be eaten directly.

On the day of long-distance running practice, you can eat more protein and fruits and vegetables to help your body repair,Speed ​​up recovery.

After running and closing exercises, if your legs are swollen and aching, you can apply ice to your legs or go to the swimming pool for an ice bath. You will have legs The comfort of rebirth.

Carefully prepare for a half marathon, how to run LSD long distance

The whole training week of LSD is recommendedPeriod

LSD training also requires a period of time (I personally think that the training period for preparing for a half marathon for the first time is at least 8-10 weeks) It is more reasonable to run a long distance every week in the basic phase of the training cycle. It can effectively strengthen general endurance.

If preparing for a half marathon training is divided into 4 stages. The first stage is to build aerobic capacity foundation (first 3 weeks); the second stage is to increase training mileage and training intensity, strengthen aerobic capacity (4-6 weeks); the third stage is to improve speed endurance (6-8 Week); the fourth stage is the pre-match adjustment (9th week-competition week). The LSD is generally concentrated in the first two stages of preparation, alsoIt was about a month ago.

The initial intention of long-distance running should be to complete the race as the goal, arrange exercises step by step, and learn from them your body, strengths, weaknesses, replenishment frequency, usual equipment, etc.; With each successful completion of the exercise, you will become more and more familiar with each piece of the puzzle to complete the event, and finally it will be a matter of course and you will run across the finish line with a smile.

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