Stimulating the fat man: what did we fat man do wrong

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Life is too easy, it's time to use some tough tricks to make yourself sober. Collected 31 weight loss quotations from the Internet, and share them wit

Look at the chicken soup for weight loss at least once a day! ! Life is too easy, so it’s time to let yourself be awake. Collect 31 weight loss quotations from the Internet and share them with you who are losing weight. Let’s lose weight together in 2020!

Stimulating the fat man: what did we fat man do wrong

1. Without action, laziness will take root, And then bear fat fruit-it's you

2, life does not wait for the beauty, only the light that comes out


3. There are only two ways for a fat man. Either he will get better, or he will be optimistic

4. If you can’t even control your weight, how to control your life

5. Men like your fat look. The facts tell you that they are just talking.

6. Cold weather is not an excuse for you to eat more! Because in summer, you will not reduce the amount of food you should have.

7. You said you must love yourself, and you must remember that fat people have no future . No matter how good you are, no matter how good your heart is, you are just a fat man.

8. We deserve to be despised by our fat people when we are in good shape. Who makes people live with perseverance and self-discipline?

9, go look in the mirror when you are hungry, fat ladies!

10. At the same age, why other people are so good-looking and you dare not post photos because of low self-esteem and dare not confess to the people you like?

11. This is a cruel society. Don't think that you have much strength, appearance is more important!

12. You must pay a price if you want to be thin. If you are too squeamish, don’t start. There is no good way, but forbearance!

Stimulating the fat man: what did we fat man do wrong

13. You are not allowed to buy new clothes if you don’t lose weight, and you are not allowed to buy new clothes if you don’t lose weight. To make hair, you should always be a dead fat man who has worn out clothes and soiled scum!

14. People who can’t control their mouths should not make trouble to lose weight. Isn’t this pure disgusting person? Deserve it! Fatty! Deserve someone like you I can only cry at xs beautiful clothes! Don’t be ashamed of your elephant legs when summer is here! You deserve to be so ugly!

15. If you want to be thin you have to pay the price , If you can’t stand it, continue to mix in the ranks of fat people, anyway, there are so many fat people in the world, it is not bad for you!

16, As a human being an advanced animal, you can't even control your appetite. What is the difference from a livestock? !

Stimulating the fat man: what did we fat man do wrong

17. Are you willing to cry on the electronic scale or laugh in front of the full-length mirror

18,No way, people are thin and have a small appetite. If you don’t restrain yourself, you can envy others forever~

19. When your desire for a good figure is far greater than your desire for food, you can successfully lose weight. It cannot be reduced because your desire for beauty is not strong enough.

20. A young girl is "zombie" with the desire to become beautiful, then She is probably a "salted fish".

21. Do you like others to point you to your unsightly figure?

22. Either thin! Or die!

Stimulating the fat man: what did we fat man do wrong

23. Why do fat people get fat? You told him that spicy hot strips cause cancer, and he eats them. Hot strips eat dead people, and he eats them. But you talk to him about losing weight, I am afraid of side effects.

24. No one knows your lipstick brand, no one looks at it Check whether the lv on your waist is true or false, there is money in your wallet, but if your face is big or small, your legs are thick or thin, you can know it 3 meters away.

25. If you lose weight, you can wear loose, broken, tight, suspenders.... everything looks good in clothes, but the fat ones can only wear the ones that cover the flesh...

26. KFC will not close its doors, potato chips will not stop production, and there will still be milk tea shops, but how many people are 20 years old? Good figure and youth are only once, to live out the most beautiful side of yourself

27. This world The "discrimination on figure" is far more serious than you think. Fat and thin are not necessarily antonyms, but fat and ugly are often synonyms.

28. People are fat and the scales are watching.

Stimulating the fat man: what did we fat man do wrong

29. Your shoulder strap can always draw a "disgusting" fleshy flower~

30. If you don’t lose weight, even if God really opens the door to success for you, you may not be able to squeeze in!

31. If you want people to look thin in front of them, they must lose weight in the back

After all this, I want to make Mud Meng "harm each other"! It’s 2020. If you don’t lose weight, you will become a fairy~

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Stimulating the fat man: what did we fat man do wrong

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