The fat burned by weight loss is exhaled through the lungs? Can you lose weight by panting? Refute rumors

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The key lies in people's lack of understanding of the nature of weight loss. On the one hand, they don't know how "fat" comes from? On the other hand,

The fat burned by weight loss is exhaled through the lungs? Can you lose weight by panting? Refute rumors

Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic, and weight loss has become a global trend.

However, people who have tried to lose weight often make "the same voice in the same world":

Why is it so difficult to lose weight!

Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

The key lies in people’s lack of understanding of the nature of weight loss."How did it come? On the other hand, I don't know how "fat" goes?

What is obesity?

We know that the human body needs to maintain body temperature, it also needs to maintain various physiological activities, and it also needs to perform physical activities, all of which require energy.

Where does the energy come from?

The fat burned by weight loss is exhaled through the lungs? Can you lose weight by panting? Refute rumors

We eat into the body when we eat, and the energy is hidden in the carbon bonds of the three so-called "three major energy substances" in meals: carbohydrates, fats and proteins , The so-called "bioenergy".

These three compounds are oxidized by the oxygen in the body by breathing and breaking the carbon bonds in them, releasing energy for the body’s needs.

Therefore, our body is actually very similar to all kinds of machinery including automobiles.

The difference is that machinery consumes energy in the form of gasoline and electricity, while our body consumes biological energy. .

So, how do we know how much food should be eaten to supply enough energy?

The body has an energy regulation mechanism to maintain this energy balance. The problem is mainly regulated by appetite, hunger/fullness.

In most people, this mechanism works well and can ensure that the energy consumed can satisfy the body's consumption without excessive consumption.

Therefore, this good energy balance of most adults is manifested in the body weight being maintained in a fairly stable state inadvertently.

If this regulation mechanism does not work well, there will be insufficient energy to eat, and it will be necessary to consume the "three major energy substances" originally existing in the body to supplement, and weight will be reduced.

For example, patients with anorexia will experience extreme weight loss because they do not eat or eat very little food for a long time.

The fat burned by weight loss is exhaled through the lungs? Can you lose weight by panting? Refute rumors

On the other hand, if you can eat Too much, more than the body consumes (no matter how much it is consumed), the excess energy will be converted into fat and stored under the skin and around the internal organs, the purpose is to store energy when you can’t eat.

If it is long Over time, more energy is consumed than consumed, and more and more fat is stored. This is obesity.

Therefore, obesity is actually energy balance regulation An overview of disorder, eating more than consuming, this is largely written in everyone’s genes, which means that some people are "lean physique" and some people are "fat physique".

Will you not be obese if you don’t eat meat (fat)?

From the above, whether it’s carbohydrates, fats, or protein, as long as If you eat more than energy, people will get fat, not just eating meat (animal fat)Will get fat.

Because, in addition to the initial steps in the metabolism of the three major energy substances, the core steps are shared, and the three can be transformed into each other.

How is the lost fat excreted?

How is the fat lost from weight loss excreted from the body?

This involves the decomposition of fat.

When does the human body begin to break down fat?

This matter is not as complicated as many people say.

As long as a person lives, energy consumption will not stop.

Therefore, as long as the food eaten is digested and absorbed, it enters the so-called fasting state, and there is no exogenous sexual energy to continue to supplement, and then it starts to consume fat.

Many people say, How long does it take to exercise, and how long does it take to consume fat after an empty stomach, are all guesses that do not understand physiology.

How to break down fat?

It's actually very simple.

The fat burned by weight loss is exhaled through the lungs? Can you lose weight by panting? Refute rumors

We know that fat is also called triglyceride. It consists of a glycerol molecule (the glycerol we use to wipe our hands) and three fatty acids .

When fat is consumed, it first needs to be broken down into sweetOils and fatty acids.

Glycerol can synthesize glucose through gluconeogenesis to supplement the deficiency of fasting blood sugar; it can be directly oxidized into carbon dioxide, water, and release energy.

As most tissues of the body cannot directly use fatty acids, it needs to be broken down into ketone bodies in the liver before being transported out of the liver to be used.

Specifically, the liver is now oxidized and decomposed into acetyl-CoA; then, 2 molecules of acetyl-CoA are condensed into 1 molecule of acetoacetate. The latter can be decarboxylated to generate acetone or reduced to β-hydroxybutyric acid.

Acetoacetic acid, acetone and β-hydroxybutyric acid are collectively called ketone bodies.

Ketone bodies are transported outside the liver to be used, and then oxidized into acetyl-CoA, which enters the final common pathway of energy metabolism.

Because living beings are extremely "stingy" in energy consumption, they hardly excrete any accumulation from the body.Compounds containing more than two carbon atoms with energy waste any energy in vain.

Therefore, the final product of this common pathway of carbon energy material, also called the end product of metabolism, is only one type, and that is carbon dioxide.

The reason why organisms on the earth are called carbon-based organisms is because the main structural material of the organism is a carbon-based compound composed of carbon bonds, and the energy required for life activities is also supplied by carbon-based compounds.

It is not difficult to understand why the body is so stingy with "carbon".

If you are more specific, simple, rude and "academic", fat, that is, the reaction of triglycerides into carbon dioxide, can be expressed as:

C55H104O6+78O2→55CO2+52H2O+ Energy

According to scientists’ calculations, if you successfully lose 10 kg of fat, you need to consume 29One kilogram of oxygen will eventually produce 28 kilograms of carbon dioxide and 11 kilograms of water.

The fat burned by weight loss is exhaled through the lungs? Can you lose weight by panting? Refute rumors

Carbon dioxide is exhaled by the lungs, while water is mainly discharged by the kidneys.

Therefore, the fat lost by weight loss is neither converted into energy or calories as some people imagine, nor is it transformed into hard sweat, nor is it transformed into muscles, nor is it excreted in the stool. But calledOut of the body.

Can you lose weight by breathing hard?

The fat burned by weight loss is exhaled through the lungs? Can you lose weight by panting? Refute rumors

In this way, some people may suddenly realize:

It turns out that losing weight is also It's not that complicated, just panting.

Not really.

Gasping for breath is useless for weight loss. The result can only be to excrete too much carbon dioxide, leading to low carbon dioxide concentration in the blood, resulting in hypocapnia.

Because carbon dioxide is acidic when dissolved in water, too much carbon dioxide in the blood is excreted, and the blood becomes alkaline in a short time, which is called Respiratory alkalosis, manifested as dizziness, skin numbness, especially around the mouth and facial skin, and even fainting and falling to the ground in severe cases.

If you are interested, you can try it now:

Open your mouth and breathe quickly and continuously. As long as ten seconds, you will experience respiratory alkalosis. The "pleasure" of dizziness and tingling around the mouth.

Why won’t you lose weight when you breathe?

Because, gaspingIt does not consume more fat and produce more carbon dioxide.

As mentioned above, the body is extremely stingy with energy substances. Only the body's basic physiological activities (energy consumed is called basal metabolism) and physical activity can consume energy substances and produce carbon dioxide.

The energy consumption of basal metabolism is almost fixed. If you want to consume more energy materials to achieve weight loss, the only way to increase energy consumption is to increase physical activity.

The fat burned by weight loss is exhaled through the lungs? Can you lose weight by panting? Refute rumors

Moreover, the body’s energy utilization efficiency is extremely high, which means that the energy consumed by physical activity is relatively limited.

For example, a 70 kg For a lean adult male, a 24-hour basal metabolism can consume 2000 kilocalories, which is equivalent to 222 grams, which is less than half a catty of fat. A few hours of extremely high-intensity physical activity (such as coolies) consumes only 1500 kilocalories, which is equivalent to 167 grams, only 3 taels of fat.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, panting hard is completely useless, and the efficiency of relying on physical activity is quite low.

The most direct and effective The way is to eat less.

Therefore, some people say that "just keep your mouth open and open your legs" fools a lot of people who lose weight.

If you have to talk about fooling, then you shouldn’t Step forward" (increase physical activity),Putting it in the same position as "controlling your mouth", you should say:

"The point is to control your mouth;"

"At the same time, you also need to open your legs."

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