A follow-up study of 230,000 people, running for at least 3 years! Pay attention to these points

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A follow-up study of 230,000 people, running for at least 3 years! Pay attention to these points


In summer, when the lanterns were on and the evening breeze was blowing, Mr. Time picked up his white shoes and went to a park in ShanghaiNight run.

The coolness of the night, the enthusiastic cicadas cried, many older brothers and sisters walked out of the air-conditioned room to enjoy the cool under the trees. Some did aerobics, some beat the body, some

span class="entity-word" data-gid="15599201">Brisk walking is trying to prolong the quality of life.

At this time, a big brother struggling to run, let Mr. Shiguang couldn't help but squeeze a sweat for him.

The uncle touched his 50s, shorts and white vest, and his hair was slightly mixed with white silk. His steps were heavy,It sucks thickly, every foot is like a front foot dragging the back foot, walking like a corpse, and feels about to fall at any time.

Healthy night running, he ran out of the last mile of the marathon and felt exhausted.

The Lord Shiguang couldn't help thinking of the sudden death of Gao Yixiang running.

In November last year, Gao Yixiang participated in the recording of the outdoor reality show "chasing me, and said during a run " I can't do it" and never got up again.

At the age of 35, he died young, which is regrettable.

Afterwards, it was found that the cause of death was a sudden sudden cardiac death in the running session.

A follow-up study of 230,000 people, running for at least 3 years! Pay attention to these points


According to medical experts , The rescue rate of sudden death from running is extremely low, only 3% [1], and if the rescue is the first time, it may miss the opportunity if it takes half a minute.

Sudden death from running, the moment of life and death, the death sickle is close at hand, even ifNo matter how superb cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique is, it is the last resort.

For sudden death from running, it is better to prevent it early and prevent it before it happens.

Although running can prolong your life, you still have to pay attention to the method, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Friends who have one of the following situations are not suitable for running.

1Friends who have had angina pectoris in the past three months

2Friends who feel chest pain after doing slight movements

3Friends with severe valvular heart disease


4 Friends with congenital heart disease

5 Friends with pathological Myocardial hypertrophy

6 Friends with high arrhythmia

7 Friends with severe hypertension

A follow-up study of 230,000 people, running for at least 3 years! Pay attention to these points


Except for friends who have illnesses, time Jun still strongly recommends friends to go running more, because the benefits are too many.

Shi Shi has read the literature on running abroad. According to a comparison of 230,000 by Victoria University in Australia, University of Sydney and University of Graz in Austria People runStep-by-step research, depending on the time of death, followed for 5 to 35 years, and most of these participants were over 40 years old. During this period, a total of more than 23,000 participants died.

Through research on health data, scholars have found that running can improve immunity and reduce the incidence of heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Running an average of 3 years of life extension, while reducing the incidence of 13 kinds of cancer by more than 10%.

In another study, the data of the study was even more surprising. According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, running reduced the mortality rate by 30% and the risk of heart disease by 30%, even for pancreatic cancer. Both lung cancer and stroke have a good preventive effect, prolonging life expectancy by more than 5 years on average.

The movie said that a spoiled woman is the best life. After this research is completed, it will be changed. The runner is the best life, regardless of gender.

A follow-up study of 230,000 people, running for at least 3 years! Pay attention to these points


", Zi Gong asked Mr. Kong: Who is a teacher or a business man? Mr. Kong said: It’s too late.

It means that overdoing things is the same as not doing enough, which is inappropriate.

The same goes for running.

Running too much, hurting the body, hurting the knees, and not running enough to achieve the best results.

In the final analysis, we must pay attention to scientific running.

How to run scientifically?

Look at the time. Generally speaking, you can run in the morning, in the evening, and have different advantages and disadvantages.

Running in the morning can refresh your mind and maintain your energy throughout the day. At the same time, the low temperature will increase the burden on your heart and brain.

Run in the evening, the flexibility of joints and muscles is relatively high, it is not easy to be injured, but it is delayedDinner time can easily cause gastrointestinal problems.

Night running, the body is in the most vigorous period, which is conducive to fat burning and speeding up weight loss, but the night black wind is high and there are many unsafe factors.

Here, Mr. Time recommends everyone that night running is the most suitable, but safety must be taken into consideration. When friends exercise, they can choose parks and greenways with less traffic, and do not exercise on the side of the road, as accidents are prone to occur.

A follow-up study of 230,000 people, running for at least 3 years! Pay attention to these points

Second Look at Intensity. Different people need different intensity. Generally speaking , 8~10km/h for men, 6~8km/h for women. Run for 20~60 minutes and 2000~5000 meters each time. Frequency is 2~5 times a week.

When running, Pay attention to monitoring your own heart rate. Professor Ren Qufeng of Kinesiology at Peking University gave a calculation method for heart rate

Standard heart rate=[220-age]*70%

According to calculations, 40-year-old friends Keep it at 126 per minute.

For 50-year-old friends, keep it at 119 per minute.

For 60-year-old friends, Shimojun does not recommend running, but walking fast is better for the body.

There is another simplerThe simple formula depends on the degree of fatigue. Generally, it is enough to sweat slightly and feel a little tired. At this time, I can speak normally, with a little gasping.

Three look at the venue equipment. Generally choose running shoes for running. Depending on the shape of the arch of the foot, you can choose either inverted or valgus shoes. Second, the venue chooses parks and runways.

Four look at the running process. Before running, you can do some dynamic stretching, such as wrapping your arms and stretching your legs and feet, to prevent injury due to insufficient muscle activity.

Pay attention to the running posture during running, the ups and downs of the hands and legs, the left and right swings should not be too large, then the shoulders are relaxed, and the elbows areSwing, generally showing a slight curve of 90 degrees.

After running, do not drink large amounts of drinking water, and do not drink ice water. Drink slowly.

A follow-up study of 230,000 people, running for at least 3 years! Pay attention to these points


Yesterday It's great heat. There is a saying that the heat is extremely hot.

What I said is that the heat is the hottest day of the year.

It can be a great heat, and it is also a time when it turns from fullness to coolness.

Yuan Zhen, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, said: The summer of the Great Summer and three autumns are approaching, and Lin Zhongjiu will move in summer.

After the heat-rich summer, the weather will transition to Liqiu.

Qiuliang is already waiting not far away, and the passionate summer is fleeting.

Friends of the creeping pinellia cherish the passionate summer time.

Running healthily and feeling the cicadas scream.

Exercise and prolong life.

The benefits of running are recorded on the scientific monument. Friends who love life are worth having.

Welcome to pay attention to [Shiguangpai] to learn more about longevity and longevity

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