Top ten villains from weak to strong in Spider-Man

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10SHOCKER For many years, whether in comic books or animated series, Shockers have been nothing more than B-class Spider-Man super villains. To be hon


SHOCKER (Spiderman: Homecoming)

For many years, whether in comic books or animated series, the shockers are nothing butB-class Spider-Man super villain. When he serves on a team like Sinister Six, he is usually just a threat. It is the same in "Spider-Man: Homecoming".

Shocker is only important as a tool of The Vulture. Even with this mission, he was so powerless that the original "The Shocker" died at the hands of the "Vulture".


GREEN GOBIN (Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Top ten villains from weak to strong in Spider-Man

Sam Raimi (Sam Raimi) trilogy has a perfect green goblin story. It all starts with Norman Osborn (Norman Osborn) is the first film of goblin, and make Spider-Man’s life became a hell. Then, Harry Osborn believed that Spider-Man killed his father and wanted revenge. Finally, at the end of Spider-Man 3, Harry died. /p>

The worst part of the "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie is the treatment of Harry Osborne. This is notIt is Harry in the comics, but the original creation of the movie. Norman was never the goblin here, and Harry looked as stupid as the Green Goblin. Of course, he killed Gwen Stacy, but he was terrible.


Bald UL (Spiderman: Homecoming)

Top ten villains from weak to strong in Spider-Man

The Vulture has achieved the best performance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie-making the villain more complicated and making fans feel unhappy .Of course, this is not a place where a child of the Black Panther is left alone by others’ carelessness. However, it still shows that a family is facing difficulties due to heroic behavior.

Vulture is a diligent ordinary People, almost everything is lost, because Tony Stark (Tony Stark) has enough funds to use the destruction of superheroes left behind. Then, Condor used the alien technology in the first Avengers movie to create Some magical weapons have become a real threat to Spider-Man.


MYSTERIO (Spider-Man: Distance from Home)

Top ten villains from weak to strong in Spider-Man

Mysterio itself is not that powerful. However, he is very minded and scheming to become the most Spider-Man everOne of the dangerous super villains. Mysterio's brain can create some phantom effects that make everyone lose their judgment. In addition, he also has Stark technology, which can help him achieve his goals.

When Mysterio had a special effect on full broadcast, he prevented Spider-Man from knowing what is real and what is an illusion. He has a weapon designed by Stark technology that can kill anyone and controls the drone. In addition, even after his death, he can reveal the secret identity of Spider-Man to the world.


Electronics (Spiderman 2)

Top ten villains from weak to strong in Spider-Man

In "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", Electric was never a person who wanted to be a bad guy. He was just an ordinary person with the lowest social skills. He was smart, but not in A person who would become an evil super villain under normal circumstances. However, when he inadvertently gained control of electricity, the situation changed.

The police and ordinary people were afraid of him and attacked him. He proceeded Fighting back in self-defense is enough to make him a criminal.The male Spider-Man doesn't even remember that when he met him, Harry Osborn was able to convince Electro to become the real villain, and he was strong enough to hurt Spider-Man.


SANDMAN (Spider-Man 3)

Top ten villains from weak to strong in Spider-Man

Sandman is easily one of the most powerful villains Spider-Man has ever encountered in a movie, but one thing puts him on the list The upper ranking is low-he never wanted to hurt anyone. To be honest, Peter Parker, an avant-garde, tried to kill him due to Uncle Ben’s death when he was fighting Sandman.

However, Sandman never intended to achieve this goal, nor did he wish to be part of the criminal life he lives in. He has a beloved daughter, and an ex-wife wants him to be far away . In the end, he got along with Spider-Man and drifted away.


Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man 2)


Top ten villains from weak to strong in Spider-Man

Doctor Octopus has helped him a lot. For one or two things, even including MCU movies, he appeared in the best Spider-Man movie of all time, Spider-Man 2. He is a smart man, which makes him very dangerous. When he participated in grafting the arm to the body and realized that he could control the armDuring the accident, his body also became strong.

These tentacles may destroy anything, may lift him up to a building, or may destroy a fast-moving train. Octopus is also a tragic character. Although he performed well, he became evil because of a broken heart. He is Spider-Man's worst enemy-arguably still.


Green Devil (Spiderman)

Top ten villains from weak to strong in Spider-Man

The first spider In the movie, Norman's venom gave him power, which also made him crazy. This is completely different from the comics. Norman is a decent and demanding man. He lost control and became one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous villains. The Green Devils


Venom (Spider-Man 3)

Top ten villains from weak to strong in Spider-Man

In his solo movies, Venom easily tops the list. In the comics and the new Sony Venomverse, he is one of the most powerful characters in existence. He is just a rare equal opportunity However, in "Spider-Man 3", it is obvious that Sam Raimi doesn't care about the villain. He was driven out in a dangerous but suffocated way.

"Spider-Man 3" shows Peter Parker ( Peter Parker was influenced by the symbiote and even made him dance on the street. Eddie Brock (Eddie Brock is also similar to the comics, he was unemployed due to his dishonesty, but blamed on Peter Parker. The villain is very powerful, but even if he does kill Harry Osborn, he seems to be difficult to defeat.


Lizard (Spiderman)

Top ten villains from weak to strong in Spider-Man

The most powerful villain in the Spider-Man movie is the lizard. Honestly, in the comics, animation series Even in "The Amazing Spider-Man", the lizard is the most miserable Spider-Man villain ever. Curt Conner is a strong family man without arms. He is also a scientific genius.

He used lizard DNA to develop a serum that he thought could heal the arm and was a medical breakthrough that could save thousands of lives. As a result, the serum turned him into a violent lizard. He is very powerful-even better than a spider Man must be stronger. Because Spider-Man doesn’t want to hurt Kurt, but knows he must stop being rampant, but it’s even more difficult.

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