Gossip Zhou Xingchi (28) / “Shaolin Football“: the prologue of a new era

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Film name: "Shaolin Football" If "The Gambler" has created a new era of Zhou Xingchi's nonsensical comedy, then "Shaolin Football" has created a new e

"I am up and down hundreds of thousands in a second."

Gossip Zhou Xingchi (28) / “Shaolin Football“: the prologue of a new era

Film name: "Shaolin Football"

Production time: 2001

Director: Zhou Xingchi

Writers: Stephen Chow, Zeng Jinchang, Feng Mianheng

Starring: Stephen Chow, Wu Mengda, Zhao Wei, Xie Xian

"Shaolin Football" is the prologue of a new era in Stephen Chow's movies.

If "Sacred Gambling" opened a new era of Zhou Xingchi's nonsensical comedy, then "Shaolin Football" opened a new era of Stephen Chow's movies.

This new era is difficult to completely accurately define. Since then, the types, creativity, and overall style of Stephen Chow’s movies have become more diversified. It is necessary to give a name to the new era of Stephen Chow’s movies, which can be roughly called "The Age of Fantasy Comedy".

In the era of nonsensical comedy, Stephen Chow's films are more successful through performances, lines, and plots. With a breakthrough absurd and illogical deconstruction mentality, they have changed the mode of Chinese comedy movies.

And in this "fantasy comedy"In this era, Stephen Chow's films are more known through creative and dazzling special effects.

Zhou Xingchi's changes are actually the result of the impact of internal and external factors.

In terms of internal factors, the nonsensical performance system has entered a dead end. Every time it repeats itself, in fact, until 1996, "The God of Cookery" is already the last nonsense comedy that can be regarded as a classic work. Since then, both Stephen Chow and Wang Jing's nonsense comedies will inevitably decline in an all-round way. With the emergence of a large number of nonsense spoof and vulgar comedies in the 1990s, Hong Kong The audience is tired of watching this set of performance patterns. In fact, if mainland audiences are allowed to watch such boring, vulgar and nonsensical comedies in large numbers, they will also get bored.

In terms of external factors, itsIn fact, the Hong Kong film market has begun to shrink severely since 1995. After 1997, capital fled and piracy was rampant, leading to a sharp collapse. Only in the local market of Hong Kong, there is not much commercial potential. The localization tendency of nonsensical comedy (especially the original Cantonese version) is very serious. Without this cultural soil, nonsensical comedy is difficult to achieve. Of course, I personally think Stephen Chow's original Cantonese film is more original and feels even more funny than the Mandarin version. However, for audiences who do not understand Cantonese, that is completely different. Stephen Chow’s popularity in the Greater China region is due in part to the grouper’s second creation and interpretation of Stephen Chow’s lines. If Chow’s original Cantonese nonsensical comedy was directly introduced into the mainland or Taiwan’s discourse market, I The effect will be greatly reduced.

For Zhou Xingchi, it can be said to be domestic and foreign at this time. To survive, you mustMust go out.

So Zhou Xingchi abandoned nonsensical comedy and started to go out.

In fact, starting with "The King of Comedy" in 1999, Stephen Chow has abandoned nonsensical comedies. "The King of Comedy" is not only Zhou Xingchi's own situation, but also announcing the end of the old era. He wants to bid farewell to the past. Many fans say that starting from "Shaolin Football", Stephen Chow is not as funny as before. In fact, starting with "The King of Comedy", Stephen Chow is no longer funny.

The result of the transformation is to enter the era of "fantasy comedy" from the new millennium to today.

So we can see that from "Shaolin Football" in 2001 to today, except for the "New King of Comedy", the core stories of all Stephen Chow movies are almost full of fantasy, such as "Mermaid", "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons", " Journey to the West: The Demon Chapter is directly a fantasy mythology, the alien dog of "Yangtze River Seven", "Kungfu" all kinds of martial arts are the absolute center of the film. "Shaolin Football" combines Shaolin Kungfu and football, which is also full of fantasy.

Zhou Xing at this timeChi film, fantasy creativity and special effects production have become the absolute core of the movie, and the plot has begun to go in the direction of fantasy, and the function of funny laughter has been completely weakened and most of the laughter are no longer nonsensical.

Although the story tone of comedy is still retained, the function and utility of comedy and comedy performance has been weakened, and there is no room for nonsensical comedy. Like "Kungfu" and "Yangtze River No. 7", it’s already Not a funny movie anymore. The creativity and special effects of the movie are the main, and the comedy is the secondary auxiliary.

NowIt is very strange that many movie fans still regard Stephen Chow's movies as comedies. Of course, they will get a disappointing movie-watching experience. Because Stephen Chow has abandoned the label of nonsensical comedy, you still regard Stephen Chow's movie as a nonsensical comedy, and the psychological expectation is to be funny, so you must be disappointed.

After 2000, Stephen Chow was more of a commercial film director. That's it. Comedy is just the tone of the name Stephen Chow, and is no longer the central element of Stephen Chow's movies.

"Shaolin Football" is the direct product of Zhou Xingchi's transformation.

Abandoning nonsensical performances, laughing lines are simpler and more popular, with more movements and body language, and story creativity and special effects production occupy the absolute center.

Stephen Chow chose the two more popular film languages ​​of creativity and special effects, which also reflects that he wants to go out of Hong Kong and into the worldOf ambition.

After "Shaolin Football", Zhou Xingchi's movies have more new features.

In the performance, Zhou Xingchi gave up the halo of the starring role, and paid more attention to the overall balance. The performance of the supporting actors was even more impressive. Huang Yifei relied on the role of Tie Tau Gong to win the most Hong Kong movie Excellent supporting actor, "Ghost Catchman" Chen Guokun, "Light Skills Floating on Water" Lin Zicong, "Golden Bell Cover Iron Shirt" Tian Qiwen, "Sauce Boom" He Wenhui, "Car Repairman" Feng Mianheng and other supporting roles are very brilliant and even because of this. Popular, Wu Mengda’s coach, Xie Xian’s strong hero, Zhao Wei’s Tai Chi ugly girl Amei, and even Karen Mok, Cecilia Cheung, Gu Dezhao who appeared in a cameo , All impressive.

Stephen Chow’s movies have a kind of magic, Many of his supporting roles are very brilliant, and even become famous from obscurity. This is a unique phenomenon of "supporting star clusters" in Chinese-language movies. This is already obvious in the nonsensical comedy era before Stephen Chow. The imprints of Stephen Chow movies since the beginning of "The King of Comedy" are more prominent on this point.

This is also what Zhou Xingchi deliberately did. He began to weaken his absolute central position in the performance, and gradually disappeared from the actor column.

"Shaolin Football" has achieved unprecedented success.

The creativity of football + Shaolin Kungfu, perhaps influenced by the creativity of food + Shaolin Kungfu in "The God of Cookery", is the universal movie language. "Shaolin Football" also really let Zhou Xingchi start to the world.

If in the past, Stephen Chow was just a superstar in the Chinese-speaking region, and had almost no influence in foreign-speaking countries.The market lacks influence, not to mention Hollywood and Europe, even in Japan and South Korea, Stephen Chow has always been regarded as a second- and third-rate star, far inferior to Jackie Chan Span>, Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, Andy Lau, Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung and other artists. So after "Shaolin Football", Zhou Xingchi gradually opened up the world market and gained a certain international reputation.

In addition to selling in Hong Kong, the film has also been popular in Japan and South Korea. It has also achieved a good box office in Europe. The global box office has exceeded 46 million US dollars. Let this film become popular in the global film market that year.

The great success of "Shaolin Football" gave Zhou Xingchi a taste of the sweetness, fame and fortune, not only opened up a larger market,Has a certain degree of popularity on the Internet, but also earns a lot of money.

"Shaolin Football" Hong Kong collected 60.73 million Hong Kong dollars. It was the first Hong Kong film to exceed 60 million Hong Kong dollars. It once again broke Hong Kong movie box office records and swept the Hong Kong Film Awards including best film, Seven awards including best director and best actor.

Zhou Xingchi waited for 10 years, and finally waited for his only Golden Award winner. This is his belated acting award affirmation and he deserves it. Objectively speaking, the performance in "Shaolin Football" is by no means Zhou Xingchi's best performance. The actor is more of a late compensation for this great actor. As Wang Jing said, this is what the Golden Image Award owes him.

Ms. Cheung Man-yee, the guest of awards, said, "I am very happy to present this award to you, because you can laugh when many Hong Kong people are unhappy."

"Shaolin"Football" is a milestone work of Zhou Xingchi's movie. This film announces that Zhou's film bid farewell to nonsensical comedies and is approaching the era of fantasy comedy. Creativity and special effects have begun to become the center of Zhou's movies, abandoning nonsensical comedies. From then on, Stephen Chow became not funny.

It’s just that many fans are still wishful thinking and immersed in the era of nonsensical comedy and they are unwilling to come out.

It is a pity that the film was not released in the mainland at that time. Otherwise, with the size of the mainland market at that time, the box office would increase by at least another 10 to 20 million US dollars. You need to know that it was the peak of the popularity of "Western Journey". According to rumors in the arena, "Shaolin Football" failed to pass the review because it was suspected of demonizing Shaolin Temple. Anyway, I watched for a long time, and I didn't see where it was ugly. It is estimated that no one will ever understand the standards of film bureau censorship.

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