Preliminary | Oscar masterpiece “1917“ launched nationwide on August 7

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A reporter from Hebei News Network learned that the popular masterpiece "1917", which shined at the 92nd Oscar Awards ceremony, will land on major the

Hebei News Network (Hebei Daily reporter Tian Tian) reporter was informed that the 92nd Academy Awards was held The splendid and popular masterpiece "1917" will land on all major theaters across the country on August 7, becoming the first cinema blockbuster after work resumes.

Preliminary | Oscar masterpiece “1917“ launched nationwide on August 7

The movie "1917" stills

The movie "1917" is directed by Sam Mendes, starring George McKay and Dean-Charles Chapman. It tells the story of two soldiers adhering to a belief, rushing to the front line of death, and telling the story of life and death. . The film has won multiple nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards, and finally won three awards for Best Photography, Best Visual Effects, and Best Sound Effects. In terms of photography, the film uses a one-shot shooting method to show the ruthlessness and cruelty of war. The "live broadcast" of the battlefield of World War I gave the audience an immersive feeling, unlocked a brand-new form of war-type film, and brought realism to the audience. An immersive movie-watching experience in a sense.

In the recently exposed trailer for the "race against time" version, the film once again played many new shots and images, bringing more expectations to the immersive experience of the movie. For example, the number of soldiers surviving is compared with the countdown, the moments of tranquility in no-man’s land and the unexpected surprisesThe police turn, and the plot is full of tension, allowing the audience and the protagonist to "breathe and share fate" and feel the tension and excitement of this life and death express. In addition, in the film’s finalized poster, the two soldiers braved the rain of guns and bullets, crawling on the muddy land of war, which is a true re-enactment of the brutal war a hundred years ago. This shows the overall audiovisual style of the film. Spotlight.

Preliminary | Oscar masterpiece “1917“ launched nationwide on August 7

Film "1917" stills

It is understood that "1917" was the first to land in the North American market in early January this year. Once it was released, it became a box office "boom".Not only does it have a super high score of 8.5 on Douban, it has also been swiped by the media and fans of the "Amway" on the Internet, with a high degree of discussion. As the movie schedule has settled, major domestic theaters have followed up, saying that the release of "1917" is bound to bring more vitality to the theater after the resumption of work. As a good film with both box office and word of mouth on a global scale, the market performance after the domestic release is really exciting.

It is reported that the movie "1917" was produced by DreamWorks Pictures, American Reliance Entertainment, imported by China Film Group, distributed and translated by China Film Co., Ltd., and promoted by Shanghai Alibaba Pictures Co., Ltd. . (All pictures are provided by Shanghai Alibaba Pictures Co., Ltd.)

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