Where do I go, Durant? Westbrook prepares to part ways with Thunder

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James Harden + Durant + Westbrook's three youngsters are finally leaving the Thunder, and a blockbuster signing happened in the NBA yesterday. Leonard

The three young men of James Harden + Durant + Westbrook are finally leaving the Thunder. Just yesterday, a blockbuster signing took place in the NBA. Leonard airborne the Clippers, and then the Clippers 9 for 1 trade to Paul George. From the original team who had 6 battles with the Warriors, plus two giants.

The Clippers are now strong enough to compete in the West. If they are placed in the East, they can even book the finals. But in the West, the Clippers may not be able to break the siege.

With the departure of George, the Thunder finally decided to make drastic changes. The next target to be traded will be Westbrook.

Where do I go, Durant? Westbrook prepares to part ways with Thunder

During the three years since Durant’s departure, the Thunder Paying the highest luxury tax in the league, but the first round of trips for three consecutive years, which makes the management intolerable. Westbrook is the only player of the three young players who is still holding on to Oklahoma City, but the reputation of one person, one city is about to end. /p>

Not only is the Thunder trying to send Westbrook away, even Westbrook is frustrated with the current situation. Both sides are already discussing the future of the team, according to NBA ace reporter Adrian Wojnarowski.

Westbrook’s agent has started to actively discuss next steps with Thunder General Manager Presti, including hereThe possibility of trading Westbrook this summer. Although Westbrook has been with the Thunder for 11 years, everyone is tacitly aware that Westbrook will not be able to win the championship if he continues to stay in the Thunder.

Where do I go, Durant? Westbrook prepares to part ways with Thunder

so instead of just consuming it, it’s not good for both parties. For the next 5 years, Oklahoma City, let alone a championship, as Westbrook's explosiveness continues to decline, they can't even guarantee the playoffs. Not to mention that the Thunder still need to pay a luxury tax of $43 million, even though they tradeWith George, but still failed to reduce the spending on luxury tax, Westbrook has naturally become a key part of the team's cost savings.

Westbrook himself didn't want to just spend it like that. He needed a place where he could go further, and Thunder obviously wasn't. It’s just that Westbrook’s current contract is huge. It’s hard for the Thunder to find a place to take over Westbrook.

Where do I go, Durant? Westbrook prepares to part ways with Thunder

In 2In September 017, Westbrook renewed his contract with the Thunder in advance for five years, 205 million US dollars, and his contract will expire in 23 years. He currently has about 170 million U.S. dollars remaining for 4 years.

Of course, Westbrook’s contract is definitely a good deal. After all, compared to the 5-year maximum salary signed by Harris and Middleton this year, Westbrook can provide a team with The value is far more than these two people, after all, Westbrook has won the MVP.

His career so far in the regular season has averaged 34.5 minutes per game, 23 points, 7 rebounds and 8.4 assists. Westbrook is still among the superstars.

Where do I go, Durant? Westbrook prepares to part ways with Thunder

Who would be interested in introducing Westbrook? It is currently the team that is most hungry for Westbrook. According to the Heat’s correspondent Barry Jackson: The Heat’s management absolutely likes Westbrook (absolutely like Westbrook), and he will continue to pay attention to the development of things.

After Wade retired, the Heat just got Jimmy Butler with a 4-year maximum salary, and then they want to bring a superstar to the team. The Heat were very interested in the Wizards Bill before. , But Washington doesn’t want to trade Bill and treat him as a non-sale item, even if the Heat are willing to help the Wizards take over Wall’s junk contract.

Now the Heat have got a better candidate than Bill, without having to swallow Wall's contract. Westbrook is very suitable for the Heat, his combination with Butler can be called a brother combination.

Where do I go, Durant? Westbrook prepares to part ways with Thunder

After Durant travels east, Westbrook also goes east. It is also good to travel together in the east, and there is not much competition in the east. And the Thunder has a mysterious spell, that is, the ball that leaves the team.The staff usually explode. After Harden left the Thunder, he changed from the sixth man to the Rockets cornerstone and won the MVP. Durant won two championships after leaving the Thunder, and Ibaka also won the championship.

After Oladipo left the Thunder, he became an All-Star in the Pacers. When Westbrook leaves Thunder, he will become a true Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Miami is a good place for a holiday. Westbrook has been stubborn in Oklahoma City for so many years, so it's time to go outside. As for the triple-double ridicule, if you can make trouble in the east, the ghost wants a triple-double.

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