Paul George trade rating: Los Angeles finally welcomes George, Oklahoma holds the future

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JabariIverson editor: Jabari estimated reading time: 5 minutes. At the end of the freeze period, the Los Angeles Clippers got a super small forward.

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estimated reading time : 5 minutes

Paul George trade rating: Los Angeles finally welcomes George, Oklahoma holds the future

Just as the freeze period was about to end, the Los Angeles Clippers got a super small forward. The forward grew up in California, and then he was dissatisfied with the team that selected him in the draft, and let his heart of homecoming be revealed. But the process of getting him was not easy, because he was sent to other places by the parent team, and he exceeded expectations.Performance. It seems that the Clippers have to bet everything perfect to get him.

These words are what I use to describe Thunder forward Paul George. According to ESPN's WOJ report, after his meeting with Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles, he asked the team to trade himself to the Clippers. As a free agent, the latter will sign a contract with the Clippers and will also create an emerging championship team in the West.

The Thunder got a lot of chips in the George trade, such as Shay Gilges-Alexander, Danilo Gallinari, and four unprotected first-round picks, comrades, Plus a protected first-round pick and the right to swap the two draft picks. So let me assess who is gaining and losing in this transaction.

Get George's Clippers: A+

Paul George trade rating: Los Angeles finally welcomes George, Oklahoma holds the future

In parallel time and space, this may not reach the A+ rating. Just like In order for the Lakers to get like Anthony Davis, the Clippers also spent a lot of money to throw out a lot of draft picks, overdrawing the foreseeable future assets. Among them, the team's most reluctant guard should be the guard who just turned 21 this week. S-Alexander. He is 6-foot-6 with a 6-foot-11 wingspan. Of course George is not Davis, but the difference between the two is that if you trade George, you can get Leonard! So what you know, the Oklahoma man on the opposite side also knows. Just because George said "let me go to the Clippers," Presti was able to get so many chips after a tug-of-war of negotiations. But. You also need to know that these chips are notOne superstar, two! Two superstars, comrades!

Of course, this deal and the subsequent signings also allowed the Brooklyn to give up the headline position that occupied it for several days. The latter made a sensation at the beginning of the offseason by winning Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The two teams are also facing the same risk while vying for the news headlines, that is, the superstars in the team have past injury histories that are worth considering. If these stars stay healthy, it is naturally a good thing. The Clippers have the opportunity to become a favorable contender for the championship when the dual cores in the team are at their peak. 28-year-old Leonard and 29-year-old George are among the best defensive champions in the league. Not only can they score from various positions on the court, they can also make each other better. This is the lineup the Clippers dream of. The team had even prepared for the free market to continue to recruit elite players in the coming year.

There shouldn’t and will not be a power struggle between the duo. In most games, Leonard can lead the team with scoring, and George is another candidate. This deal seems to surprise us now, but in fact, think about you as an FMVP. If you have the opportunity to partner with another star who has proven himself in the playoffs, he can also defend multiple positions when he is on the court. I can also open up space for myself, and! ! ! He can still lead the team to attack when he rests. If you are FMVP, do you think you want such a teammate? The Clippers did smash a bunch of picks to make this happen, but as long as the deal can be completed, how to make chips is worth it.

Just two years ago, the Clippers put Chris Paul Sent to the Rockets. In the first half of 2018, they sent Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons. Who would have thought that the Clippers now have more doubleA better dual-core driver?

Received a bunch of draft picks, Gilgeous Alexander and Danilo Gallinari’s Thunder: A

Note: Draft picks include Clippers 2022 and 2024 , The first-round pick in 2026, from the Heat's unprotected first-round 2021 and 2023 first-round lottery protection, and the right to swap the 2023 and 2025 first-round picks with the Clippers.

It is never a happy thing to exchange whole money for change, but I like these chips. Gallinari played like an All-Star last year, and his contract is still an expiring contract of 2,260w. If the Thunder want to rebuild completely, this is a great bargaining chip. As a rookie, Gilgeous-Alexander showed a sense of the game and defensive quotient in his rookie year. Usually you don't see this in rookies. If he can develop a three-pointerPower, then he has the potential to become a star. He has a place in Thunder's future plans.

Usually, the rising young players in such deals are the main content of the report. but! There are so many draft picks in this deal that even players like Alexander can be put on hold. As you read the above note, you will know that the Clippers will continue to repay the debt of this draft pick until 2026 (three unprotected plus two swap rights). I don't know how the Thunder's management will start from where it is today, but there is no doubt that these draft picks will help the team select talented young people.

At some level, trading George was a failure. If you think of that time Party, the party held by Westbrook at the beginning of last year’s offseason This frustration will become even more intense. George’s contract extension at the time was like giving back to the Thunder’s efforts to retain his delicious candy throughout the year. After playing the best season of his career but ended with a shoulder injury. , George still wants to go to Los Angeles. This deal is better than the team’s loss of George, but it does not prevent us from sending a sigh.

The Thunder led by George and Westbrook have been out of the first round in a row. People I also have questions about them. The Thunder’s payroll has been soaring, so it is difficult to continue to increase the offer.The talent to raise its playoff cap. According to the Shams report, other teams are aware of the dissatisfaction between George and Westbrook. Perhaps a year ago we never thought about assessing the value of Westbrook, but now, this is indeed the question before Presti and the next step he might take.

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