Pacers President Pritchard talks about new aid joining: We have been strengthened on the offensive end

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The Root Pacers sent some cash to get TJ-Warren and KZ-Okpala from the Suns. The Pacers performed well on the defensive end last season, but their off

Pacers President Pritchard talks about new aid joining: We have been strengthened on the offensive end

Tiger Fight, July 8 News The Indiana Pacers officially held a press conference today for the team's new aids TJ Warren and Jeremy Lamb. According to previous reports, the Pacers sent part of the cash to get TJ-Warren and KZ-Okpala from the Suns, and Lamb signed with the Pacers as a free agent with a three-year 31.5 million contract.

The Pacers performed well on the defensive end last season (least points per game in the league), but their offensive performance was not ideal, ranking only 22nd in the league in points per game.

"For me this summer takes a very important shapeThe style is here," Kevin Pritchard (President of Pacers Basketball Operations) said, "Some of what we want, when you notice the players we want to pursue, (you will find) we want Reinforce our offensive end. "

In addition to the two new players Warren and Lamb, the Pacers also acquired attacking guard Malcolm Brogdon from the Bucks through a trade.

"It's hard to find a player's offensive dessert, unless he is in his own dessert," Pritchard said. "We have added a lot of offensive firepower, but we always hope that the team is in a good timeline. on. I feel that our team is very young now, and has always been a very dynamic and promising team. "

"We like guys who love the game. You can always say that when these guys love the game. They are making progress every season. "Prichard added.

Lam averaged 15.3 points per game in the regular season last season. Before the team's core guard Victor Oladipo returns next season, Lamb will likely always appear in the starting lineup.

"No matter what role I was given, whether it was in the starting lineup or coming out of the bench, whether it was offensive or defensive, whatever it was, I was ready to play and perform The best self." Lamb said.

Pacers coach Nate McMillan said when talking about Lamb: "I like his finishing ability and his shooting. He can create opportunities to advance and hit those Shooting. This is what we really need in today’s games. You need such a guy who can tear the opponent’s defense."

When talking about his progress, Lamb said: "This is every One day’s accumulation, this is a difficultDifficult job, taking care of your body in a season with 82 games (both on and off the court). "

And another new aid Warren said when talking about his being traded by the sun: "When I heard the news, I was very excited. I don't think this is like a slap in the face to me, I think it is an improvement for me to be able to pursue something with a team. "

"I think every day here is important," Warren said. "Every day must be taken seriously. I am ready to dedicate myself to this." "

When talking about being able to trade Warren from the Sun, Pritchard said: "We didn’t hope for that, but when the deal came, it took us 5 minutes to make After making a decision, we know we did the right thing. "

Until last season, Warren was not an excellent three-point shooter. But last seasonAfter training with Trevor West (nephew of former NBA player David West), Warren's three-pointer percentage increased to 43%.

"A lot of repetitive practice," Warren said of the increase in personal three-point shooting, "I firmly believe that this will continue throughout my career. I am only 25 years old and I will become more Excellent, there are many good things that will come."

Warren started playing for David West’s AAU team when he was 11 years old, and has maintained close contact since then. . When the news that Warren was traded to the Pacers was exposed, West contacted Warren the first time and told him that the Pacers were a "world-class team."

When talking about West’s impact on his career, Warren said: “Just look at how he started his career. A serious guy who has always been competing andPassionate...I want to learn these characteristics and bring them here. "

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