$158 million in 5 years! Is Cuban a gamble or a unique eye

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On July 1, Beijing time, the first day the NBA free agent market opened, the Lone Ranger and team center Kristaps Porzingis formally completed their c

On July 1, Beijing time, the first day the NBA free agent market opened, the Mavericks and team center Kristaps Porzingis officially completed their contract extension. It is reported that the specific amount of this renewal contract reached 158 million US dollars. As a 24-year-old potential center, the annual salary of 30 million is also considered worthwhile. However, Porzingis is a well-known "glass man" in the NBA. In the 18-19 season, Porzingis did not play a game because of an injury. So why did the Lone Ranger take such a risk and give Porzingis a maximum salary contract?

$158 million in 5 years! Is Cuban a gamble or a unique eye

Excellent talent, The draft template is Paul Gasol

Boshen is 2.21 meters tall and has a wingspan of 2.28 meters. Such an excellent physical and static talent made him stand out in the NBA Draft, in the first round. The fourth pick was selected by the New York Knicks and then started his career with the Knicks.

Of course, if Boshen is only tall and excellent, his career prospects are far more beautiful than now. It is reported that when Boshen participated in the NBA physical test, his maximum bounce reached 95.3 cm. Let’s take Yao Ming as an example. Yao Ming’s height is 2.26 meters and his maximum bounce is only about 70 cm. Not only that, Porzingis still has the agility of a guard. In the agility test, Porzingis completed a set of actions in only 2.37 seconds. Compared to Thomas, Poshen was only 0.04 seconds slower.

This is talent! Boshen's speed and agility do not lose to guards, and his explosive power is among the NBA centers and is also at the top of the pyramid. When participating in the NBA draft, Paul Gasol, who is also known for his agility in the NBA draft, was Paul Gasol's draft template.

$158 million in 5 years! Is Cuban a gamble or a unique eye

Spatial interior, Boshen’s play style perfectly fits the small ball era

In the NBA , Talent is important; but it is even more important to be able to convert talent into court strength.

Boshen's first season in the NBA, he demonstrated superb court strength. In the first show, Pauline got 16 points and 5 rebounds. In the fourth game, Pauline got 13 points, 14 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 blocks. In his rookie season, Boshen averaged 14.3 points, 7.3 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 1.9 blocks per game.

Boshen's height and wingspan make him competent for the position of center forward. At the same time, his excellent athletic ability allows him to be a power forward. Although Poshen's rebounding is low, it does not mean that his rebounding ability is not good. But, because of the weight,Boshen does not have an advantage in internal confrontation. In other words, once Boshen gains weight, his rebounding data will rise sharply. However, Boshen's advantage is not inside.

In his rookie season, Boshen averaged 12.3 shots per game, and only 2.7 shots came from the basket, accounting for 22%. This data, in the next two seasons, dropped to 20.8% and 15.6%. Boshen put more shot options on the middle distance and beyond the three-point line. This is the trend of the NBA.

$158 million in 5 years! Is Cuban a gamble or a unique eye

Offensively, Boshen’s personal offensive ability with the ball is very good. In the game, you can often see that Boss In the transition of the attack, God committed suicide with the ball alone to the penalty area and completed dunks. At the same time, because of his excellent height and wingspan, Boshen’s mid-range and three-point shots were difficult to be disturbed by his opponents. To put it jokingly, Boshen is definitely an excellent defender who is delayed by his height.

Boshen’s offensive area covers the entire half of the court, which makes opponents unable to defend. Those who are faster than him are not taller than those who are taller than him. This is just like Durant, Durant’s NBA killer is the undifferentiated singles. If Boshen re-trains his shooting, his offensive threat is not under Durant.

Defense At the end, Boshen’s blocking ability is very good. In the 17-18 season, Boshen can send 2 per game..4 Block caps. At the same time, Boshen's footsteps move quickly, so Boshen's defensive area can run through the entire stadium. In this regard, the image of Boss is extremely "Roaring Heavenly Lord" Rasheed Wallace. Rasheed Wallace is a very good helper, giving Rasheed Wallace a big bonus. The combination of the two insiders is a nightmare for all inside players in the NBA. If Boshen is equipped with a meat shield center, their defensive effect should be no worse than double.

On the offensive end, Boshen can shoot three points and break through with the ball; on the defensive end, Boshen can help defend and block shots. His style of play perfectly fits the small ball era.

After the serious injury, how many levels of skill Bo Shen can still play

$158 million in 5 years! Is Cuban a gamble or a unique eye

February 7, 2018, in the Knicks and Bucks game In the game, Porzingis had a physical collision with Antetokounmpo after a dunk and fell to the ground. After diagnosis, the anterior cruciate ligament of Boshen’s left knee was torn, and he announced the season’s reimbursement.

Among the current NBA players, Lowry has the best recovery after suffering a torn cruciate ligament. However, it is obvious that the injury has taken away Lowry's athletic ability. In the 13 NBA seasons, Lowry has only completed a total of 13 seasons. 2 dunks.

After suffering a torn cruciate ligament, recoverThe worst player is Rose. Before the serious injury, Rose played very violently. Before the 11-12 season, Rose had completed 87 dunks. After the injury, Rose has only completed 18 dunks so far. Injuries have taken away Rose's athletic talent, and now Rose has a much weaker breakthrough ability. Because of the torn cruciate ligament, Rose's knee was like glass, and suffered a series of injuries including torn meniscus.

As a center, Porzingis mostly uses shooting to end his offense. Therefore, after the cruciate ligament is torn, Boshen's athletic ability may decrease, but the injury will not take away his projection ability. At the same time, Boshen's physical and static talents still exist, and he is still one of the NBA's excellent spatial insiders.

Obviously, the Knicks could not wait for Boshen to recover, so they traded Boshen to the Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger has potential new star Doncic, and Cuban’s constructionThe team's idea is very clear, that is, with Boshen and Doncic as the core, supplemented by a bunch of role players. Moreover, Cuban was able to give Boshen such a large contract, obviously because he felt that Boshen's recovery results were very satisfactory. You know, Cousins, who is also a high-quality center, is even more difficult to find a middle-class contract after a serious injury.

$158 million in 5 years! Is Cuban a gamble or a unique eye

NBA is a business league, and no team is charitymechanism. The Knicks are not, nor is the Lone Ranger. Therefore, if Cuban was able to give Boshen a big contract, he would naturally make sense. As for whether it is a big bet or a unique eye, the next 19-20 season will reveal the answer for us.

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