Barrett lost 10 turnovers in two games and still adapting to the NBA? “Kobe“ plug and play does not lose the flower show

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​The number four show DeAndre Hunter's first show was postponed due to the delay in the Davis trade, and a series of transactions were finally complet

​The first show of No. 4 show DeAndre Hunter

A series of transactions that were delayed due to the delay of the Davis transaction finally completed In this way, Hunter, who was picked by the Hawks with the fourth pick from the Pelicans, can also play in the Summer United game. Because Morant did not play, and Zion also announced his withdrawal from the Summer United due to injury, then Hunter is the second-highest rookie in the Summer United this time. Hunter's debut was not a smooth one. He only scored 6 points and 3 rebounds on 2 of 8 shots and made 4 turnovers.

Barrett lost 10 turnovers in two games and still adapting to the NBA? “Kobe“ plug and play does not lose the flower show

From the data point of view, Hunter’s performance is not commendable. He didn’t play too much. If you don’t know Hunter’s No. 4 pick, then this player can only be said to be mediocre in this game. But Hunter has never been a sharp-edged player. Even if he scored 27 points and 9 rebounds in the NCAA finals stage with a key three-pointer that drags the game into overtime, you don't think his limelight has overwhelmed the opposite Culver.

The same is true for Hunter’s Xia Lian debut. His presence on the court is not high, but his presence is low to describe him as a more neutral state.It's to belittle, maybe it can also be said that he is not too aggressive.

Hunter’s technical play is actually relatively solid. It’s more rigid and less creative, but the advantage is that it is stable enough. This makes him very suitable for starting with the Hawks next season. Trey Young and He Erte is a dual guard who can use the ball, so matching a player with range, defense, height, and stability on the front line will make the chemistry more beautiful.

Hachimura Kou’s draft template was officially given to Leonard. In fact, Hunter can also apply this template; and if another potential striker Reddish on the striker opens up next season, then Hunter will also You can reach the fourth position and play a small ball lineup with Collins. His jackpot attribute is also very suitable for the Hawks.

The sluggish debut is not a problem for a fledgling rookie, but Hunter does have some areas to improve, such as his dribble,One of the impressions he left me in the NCAA finals was that his dribbling was not very good; if you want to play the third position, you still need to hone your dribbling skills.

Is Tanhua Barrett parallel imports?

Barrett is now the highest ranked rookie in the summer league. His so-called talent has also supported a lot of summer United’s highlights, but after these two games, Barrett’s performance is also It is easy for fans to sweat for his prospects for the new season-today's game against the Suns, Barrett played 32 minutes, 3 of 15 shots, 8 points, 10 rebounds and 8 turnovers; if you add the first game against the Pelicans In the Lican game, Barrett made 7 of 33 shots, 18 points, 15 rebounds and 10 turnovers.

In these two games, Barrett fully "showed" his weaknesses, and reversely showcased how a combo guard playedBall.

However, I don’t think this is worthy of a big book, nor does it prove that Barrett is a parallel importer. On the contrary, Barrett was able to practice all these mistakes in Summer Union. It is very helpful for him to enter the league and accept the formal test by committing it first in a stronger game. After all, Knicks fans certainly don’t want to see Barrett's regular season shooting 3 of 15 shots, 8 points and 8 turnovers.

Barrett lost 10 turnovers in two games and still adapting to the NBA? “Kobe“ plug and play does not lose the flower show

In fact, it is not difficult to understand Barrett’s inefficient data in these two games. As a Harden-like combo guard, he emphasizes these three Points: sufficient ball rights, me-based lineup configuration, one-to-one advantage... But now Barrett has not yet gained such a comfortable tactical environment, even in the summer United game, he is not the only one. The core player, he has a king like Trier next to him. Even if Trier did not play in the second game, he was matched by Knox who needs the ball, and point guard Kadim Allen also has Players who must be able to handle the ball, even the seemingly leafy Bruce Dekis has a lot of offenses with the ball in this game.

In addition, Barrett’s personal ball-handling skills are not as good as most fans think. His shooting is very dribbling rhythm, and dribbling is always criticized, so he and Mi cutRobinson’s pick-and-rolls are not so good either...

So, next season's Knicks fans need a shot, and players like Barrett need to be patiently polished. The current Barrett is still a semi-finished product, and the semi-finished combo guard is synonymous with inefficiency. It takes a lot of trial and error space for him to level up. Even Harden came here. He was in his rookie season. It was once considered parallel imports. However, Harden has a more relaxed public opinion space in Oklahoma City, while Barrett is in New York, where fans and the media are watching...

Barrett lost 10 turnovers in two games and still adapting to the NBA? “Kobe“ plug and play does not lose the flower show

Green leaves around the third and fourth show

Barrett and Hunter did not perform well, but the low-ranking teammates around them did well. The 47th overall Bruz Desky scored 30 points and it was Nick. Today’s scoring leader, Bruno Fernando, the 34th overall pick, gave out 4 shots. This is the Eagles’ leader in shots.

Bruzdeski is a Lithuanian, the last one was in the Knicks. The Lithuanian who plays is called Kuzminskas. But unlike the latter, Bruzdeski is a player who debuted from the NCAA. He played at the University of Michigan last season and was in Canada in high school., Can be regarded as a player from the American basketball system, which is reminiscent of the little Sabonis.

Bruzdaisky’s game does have traces of European and American alliances. On the one hand, he has the technical form and consciousness of European players, but he is also very American in some ball-handling decisions.

Barrett lost 10 turnovers in two games and still adapting to the NBA? “Kobe“ plug and play does not lose the flower show

Fernando of the Eagles made a big difference for me. When I looked at the video of his playing at the University of Maryland, my impression of him was still "a blue collar with a range," but this game As soon as he came up, Fernando played with the skills of the inside line of the face-dribble back and turned back and scored a jumper, playing like the former Eagles inside Millsap; on the other hand, he did not lose the ability to protect the frame, this Angolan inside has something wrong The vulgar vertical bounce and 4 caps are good evidence.

However, Fernando still has some doubts about his defensive agility, whether he can prevent pick-and-rolls well, and secondly, with the strength of the NBA, he still has some doubts. Do you play face frame skills? And he is not such a stable pitcher, coupled with the height of 2.08 meters is not easy to completely deter the offensive players.

Barrett lost 10 turnovers in two games and still adapting to the NBA? “Kobe“ plug and play does not lose the flower show

The sixth show, Coby White may be the best Rookie competitor

Coby White’s Summer Union still maintained a good performance, at least more satisfying than Hunter and Barrett-16 games He made 7 of his shots, 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists. Although there were 7 turnovers on 0 of 4 3-pointers, his flaws were not concealed.

Last written testBey White, I said he gave me the impression-very fast, no matter what the link is quite fast.

Barrett lost 10 turnovers in two games and still adapting to the NBA? “Kobe“ plug and play does not lose the flower show

This The same is true of the field. White's speed advantage is very obvious in the summer United game. Coupled with his cool hairstyle, it is reminiscent of Fox in his rookie season. Although it may not be as fast as Fox, White’s luckThe ball shot combined with texture is better than the rookie Fox.

In other words, White is like a fast-forward version of Sexton. Like Sexton, he has good basic shooting skills. There are similarities and similarities in dribbling and shooting. Although White's three-pointers in these two games are very low, he has 35.3% in North Carolina. The three-pointer hit rate, and there is no ball after the ball is received and shot.

Barrett lost 10 turnovers in two games and still adapting to the NBA? “Kobe“ plug and play does not lose the flower show

Also, White is quite confident in playing, daring to make moves and shooting shots on the court. Although he is not a point guard whose first priority is passing, he The ability to use his personal offense to drive the team’s overall offense is why he can become the core of North Carolina’s offense.

At the same time, he will not play blindly and divide the ball if he dares to shoot. The degree to singles is good.

If the Bulls choose to trade Dunn next season, then White, who is the starting point guard, has reason to play good data and game quality. He belongs The kind of point guard who can output with and without the ball, and the sharp style of play also coincides with the style of LaVine and Porter. If White can have a stable playing time and possession of the ball, then he can Compete for the rookie of the year.

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