Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

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That series is the perfect embodiment of the "flying man" scoring ability: from the second to the fifth game, he scored 40+ in four consecutive games,

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The highest scoring average per game in the history of the NBA Finals was Michael Jordan’s 41 points in 1993. That series was a "flying man" The perfect embodiment of scoring ability: He scored 40+ in four consecutive games from Game 2 to Game 5, and scored 55 points in Game 4. To this day, the 1993 Finals has always been a classic among fans, but the details and background of many games are not known to most people because of the long time. Today, I will popularize the story of this series for everyone. .

The 1992-93 season was the last year of the Bulls' first three consecutive championships, and it was also the last season before Jordan retired for the first time. That year, the two-time champion Bulls slackened a bit. They only scored 57 wins in the regular season, second in the Eastern Conference. And Barkley soared into the sky after the transfer to the sun, not only played beautifullyThe data also helped the team lead the league with 62 wins. In the final MVP vote, Sir Barbara defeated the big dream and the trapeze to win the golden man. In terms of gold content, Barkley’s MVP is unquestionable, but to say that he was the first person in the NBA that year, he had to ask his old friend Michael whether he agreed, and the final answer would need to be found in the finals. The Bulls vs. Suns, Jordan vs. Barkley, this was the best matchup in the NBA Finals that year. Both sides did not disappoint the fans. In terms of the degree of excitement, this was the best example in the 90s.

Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

Jordan likes shooting the Bulls most because they have no home court advantage, but they are optimistic

Although the Bulls do not have a home court advantage, they are still the favored side before the game. According to the odds of the year, the Bulls are -240 and the Suns are +190, even better than the Warriors before the 2016 Finals (-220 The gap between the Cavaliers (+180) and the Cavaliers (+180) is even bigger.

The Suns have home-court advantage but are not favored. This is not surprising, because in the 1993 playoffs, the promotion process of the two sides was very different. The Bulls are in the East Lost only 2 games and swept the first two rounds. The Suns nearly capsized in the first round, beating the eighth Lakers 3-2, eliminated the Spurs 4-2 in the second round, and thrilled the Sonics 4-3 in the Western Conference finals. After 7 games, the state of both sides wasHowever, the bull is better. In addition, the Bulls are more balanced offensive and defensive. The 16 teams in the playoffs have the third highest scoring per game and the fourth lowest scoring per game. The Suns are the number one in points per game and the most points per game.

The two sides tied 1 to 1 in the regular season, but the poor defense of the Suns is obviously the type that Jordan likes. He scored 40 and 44 points in the two games respectively, which buried the super scoring performance in the finals. Foreshadowed.

Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

Another disadvantage for the Suns is that the small forward Ceballos, who scored 27 points in the regular season, defeated the Bulls, was injured in the playoffs, which left the wings at a disadvantage. The Suns face the Bulls Jordan Pippen combination even more stretched.

The new Ding Suns was beaten in the first match of the finals

The actual situation of the game confirmed the pre-match predictions, and he was also intoxicated in scoring. The happy Sun in the finals suffered a heavy blow from the Bulls at home in the first game. Compared with the rich experience of the two champions, only the substitute Danny Angie had experience in the finals. Once in the finals, he attacked. The lightly defending Sun discovered that the Bulls were powerful. The fast attack he was good at was completely suppressed, but the defensive end could not hold the fierce offensive of Jordan and Pippen, and he fell behind by as much as 20 points in the first half.

Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

Study the opponent’s bulls in detail before the game, send Pippen, Jordan and other perimeter defensive masters to tightly control Kevin Johnson, giving this nickname "Lightning "The super point guard made frequent mistakes, and Barkley was also attacked by Grant, Williams, Cartwright and others in turn, and his shooting percentage was not high. But as the Suns who have passed the test of life and death from the Western Conference playoffs, they will never lose their fighting spirit. Head coach Westphal has successively sent Chambers, Angie, Miller, etc.Substitute players attacked the Bulls' defense, coupled with the outstanding performance of the third rookie Richard Dumars with excellent physical fitness, the Suns gradually approached the score in the second half. Jordan, who scored only 10 points in the first half, began to enter the state. The Suns once chased the score to 85 to 88 in the middle of the fourth quarter. After the game, Barkley said: "We were a little nervous in the first game, and we were fine in the second." >From the second game, the climax of the finals has arrived, and it continued to the end. Barkley, who made 9 of 25 shots in the first game, changed his inaccurate shot and opened the scoring with a bukkake Grantela. Next came all kinds of dunks, singles to the basket and jump shots. He scored more than 20 points in the half and surpassed Jordan. But the sun still sets on the scoreLater, because the Bulls troika was fully fired in this game, Jordan, Pippen and Grant all played a high level. Kevin Johnson still couldn't find the feeling for the Suns, and there was almost no opportunity to shoot offensively. Fortunately, the long shots of Marley and Angie began to enter the state, allowing the Suns to bite the score. In the second half of the game, it evolved into a direct dialogue between Jordan and Barkley. The two of them scored a goal and I got a goal. The scene was truly wonderful. Barkley scored 35 points at the end of the first three quarters, while Jordan almost scored a triple-double. Soon after the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Suns exceeded the score by 91 to 89, which was the first time that they took the lead in the first two games.

Soon the Bulls relied on strong defense to reappear the shock wave at the end of the first game, and Barkley, who played almost the entire field at the critical moment, was unable to maintain a strong performance. Facing the crisis of 98 to 106, he played Angie, who has been in the finals many times-now the president of the Celtics-came forwardScored 5 points in a row to bring the Suns back to the game. When Angie raised the ball again from beyond the three-point line, Pippen quickly rushed to block the ball, and then the Bulls relied on a stable free throw to make a new move.

Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

Jordan 42 points, 12 rebounds, and 9 assists; Pippen 15 Points, 12 rebounds, 12 assists; Grant 24 points, 8 rebounds. Let Barkley's 42 points, 13The rebounds fell to nothing. Kevin Johnson, who scored only 15 points in the first two games, was booed by the audience at home. Barkley sadly shouted to the fans: "If you guys want to hush Kevin, please don't come to watch the game!"

The Suns perform the finals for the second time in three overtime

At home 0 to 2 behind, this is what the Sun never expected. The next three consecutive games in Chicago (if there is a fifth game), the difficulty can be imagined.

Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

Westphal made a bold change in the defensive configuration of the short Suns: let Barkley defend Cartwright and West defend Grant , Marley defends Pippen, Kevin Johnson defends Jordan, Dumas defends Armstrong. This move worked. The Suns maintained their lead in the first half, using their enthusiasm and vitality to suppress the Bulls. The Bulls were a little less prepared and the team was not aggressive enough. In the fourth quarter, the Suns once led by 11 points 99 to 88. Immediately the Bulls began to wake up, and by the end of the regular time of the game, the score was tenaciously tied to 103. Barkley attempted to repeat the Spurs series of lore but failed. Affected by an elbow injury in the last game, Barkley's field goal percentage dropped in this game, especially his shooting movements were a bit deformed.

In the first overtime, the two sides are still tied.Ji's buzzer three-pointer bounced out of the basket, making this long game prolonged. In the last ten seconds of the second overtime, the Bulls led by 2 points. Jordan got a free throw opportunity. It seems that the overall situation is set. But the Flyers only made 1 free throw, and then Kevin Johnson ran a long distance to score the ball to Marley, who evened the score with a jumper. Pippen was tired with thigh cramps, but the game continued.

In the third overtime game, the sun, who had no way out, made a lethal 7-0 attack wave and finally secured the victory. 30 seconds before the end of the game, Kevin Johnson, who played the first 62 minutes and a half, was replaced. He set a record for playing time in the Finals this time to defend his dignity with 25 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists. Jordan scored more than 40 points for the second consecutive game, but failed to win this time.

Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

This is the second three-overtime finals since 1976. Coincidentally, the Suns participated last time, but they lost that time. Westphal is The only person who experienced two three overtimes, "This time the good guy won. "He commented briefly after the game.

Jordan defeated Barkley’s major triple-double by 55 points

The good show of the 1993 Finals continued. The fourth game was Infuriated Jordan scored 22 points on 9 of 11 shots in the second quarter and scored 33 points in the half, almost hittingHe broke his own record for scoring in the final half in 1992. Relying on Marley's four points, the Suns trailed by only 3 points at halftime. In the second half, the Suns were still unable to exceed the score. The game process was surprisingly similar to the second game. In the second half of the fourth quarter, the Bulls gained a 106 to 98 advantage, but the Suns tenaciously played 6-0, closing the score to a goal gap. . The Bulls were passive and lost the ball consecutively. It seemed that the Suns were likely to overtake the score in one fell swoop, but at a critical moment, Kevin Johnson made a low-level error of catching and dropping the ball and gave up the opportunity to the Bulls. Jordan immediately staged a classic shot of breaking through the air to pull the ball and hit three points, getting his 55th point and giving the team a 3-1 lead. Barkley's 32 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists are equally dazzling, but unfortunately, he faced Jordan.

Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

Paxson's cold-blooded three-pointer to kill the Suns lost a good game

Chicago is ready to celebrate the championship after the fifth game. But Barkley did not lose his confidence. He wanted to return the game to Phoenix. "They (Chicago fans) are very arrogant. Someone asked me to play golf on the day of the sixth game. I told them there was no way. "Barkley recalled.

The fifth game of the sunken sun reached the highest level of the series, and the Bulls from start to finishAll are in a backward situation, with the exception of Jordan's 41 points and Pippen's 22 points, no one scored in double figures. The most important figures for the Suns are not Barkley and Johnson, but Richard Dumars, who made 12 of 14 shots. In the end, the Suns succeeded in dragging the game into the sixth game with an advantage of 10 points.

Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

When the Suns returned to Phoenix, they received a warm welcome from the fans , They believe inYour team can win two consecutive home games and reverse the championship. But in the sixth game, the Bulls had a three-point rain in the first quarter, making it difficult for the sun to resist. The Suns, who were restricted in sports, had to make free throws to deal with their opponents. At the end of the third quarter, they were already behind by 8 points. But the game is far from over. In the fourth quarter, the Bulls entered a scoring drought, and everyone except Jordan suddenly failed to score. The Suns have become more and more courageous. By the last 4 minutes of the game, they had led by 4 points, 96 to 92, and still led 98 to 94 in the last 2 minutes. But the last 2 minutes, to be precise, the last 40 seconds changed everything. The hand has touched the sun of victory, perhaps too excited, missed several consecutive opportunities that were enough to end the game, and Marley even cast an embarrassing three. And Jordan narrowed the point difference with an elegant layup. In the last 14 seconds, Jordan, Pippen, Grant and Paxon played a perfect teamwork, and finally Paxson-the Bulls todayVice President-the three-pointer will lead the score. This is a heartbreaking scene for the Suns fans. Only so little can they get the chance to win the seventh game, but they can only accept this ending.

In the fourth quarter, the Bulls scored only 12 points, and Jordan scored 9 points alone.

Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

Comparison of the 1993 Finals Jordan and Barkley statistics


After six finals, Jordan scored a total of 246 points, averaging 41 points, breaking the 1967 Finals record of 40.8 points per game held by Rick Barry. This time the finals allowed Jordan to further consolidate his status as the "God of Basketball".

Overcoming Barkley, how did Jordan average 41 points per game in the 1993 Finals

scored rebounds, assists, steals, blocked shots, and field goals

Jordan 41

Barkley 27.3

Barkley played very well in the Finals. He is the best individual player among the Bulls’ six Finals opponents, but there is still a big gap between Jordan, which also confirms what Barkley said. In a word: "I am the best basketball player on earth, Jordan? He is an alien."

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