Nuggets coach Michael Malone talks about Grant: He can defend anyone

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Today, the Nuggets officially announced the acquisition of Jeremy Grant. "Nuggets coach Michael Malone said," I am very optimistic about him. For me,

Nuggets coach Michael Malone talks about Grant: He can defend anyone

July 9 Daily News Today, the Nuggets officially announced that they have received Jeremy Grant. Nuggets coach Michael Malone could not restrain the excitement of getting Grant.

"I think the Nuggets will get better," said Nuggets coach Michael Malone. "I am very optimistic about him. For me, his most prominent feature is his size and wingspan. Height and improved shooting."

Malone talked about Grant's corner three-pointers and defensive awareness. Ma Long believes that Grant, who is 2.06 meters tall and has a 2.20 meters wingspan, can switch defenses with anyone.

"Watching his game, he defended Damian-Lillard, James Harden, Anthony Davis. He can guard against anyone. "Ma Long said, "I think this diversity is very exciting. "

The 25-year-old Grant last season averaged 13.6 points and 5.0 rebounds per game and made 39.2% of his 3-pointers. Grant’s progress beyond the three-point line impressed Malone.

"When you change from an ordinary shooter to a three-point shooter last season, it brings you four shots per game. "He said, "This shows his professional ethics, he wants to improve, he wants to get better. He is not satisfied, this is the player we want to introduce. "

Due to Paul Millsap’s starting power forward position, Grant may come to the bench to reinforce the already deep bench depth. Malone envisions this team’s frontcourt in Grant and Mason -Plumley’s cooperation will have physical fitness and greatnessOf cooperation. Malone also wants Grant and Nikola Jokic to cooperate, depending on certain matches.

"Jokic is our best player, so everyone should try to complement Jokic in some way," Malone explained. "I think Grant can play very well with Jokic. Obviously, Millsap is our starting power forward, but I think Grant’s diversity will help us in other ways."

Ma Long believes that Grant will have other young players joining the Nuggets. The season will go further.

"He is another young man who can help us overcome difficulties, constantly working hard to bring back a championship to the Nuggets." Ma Long said.

He added: "We played very well last season, but we were eliminated in the second round. Grant and the healthy young Michael Porter and Bol Bol can help us. In the introduction of talented playersBy the way, we have had a quiet and effective summer, and we are excited about it. "

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