Bradley joins the Lakers! James friend is laid off, can he be the last piece of the Lakers puzzle

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Although they did not get superstars, the Lakers have now added 13 people to the roster through a series of operations. The people on the list are: Ro

Bradley joins the Lakers! James friend is laid off, can he be the last piece of the Lakers puzzle

Bradley (left)

As Leonard announces to join the Clippers , The Lakers have renewed Rondo with $5.2 million for two years (the player option for the second year); won Cousins ​​for $3.5 million in one year; Caruso, the "Bald Mamba" last season, also cost 5.5 million for two years USD renewal.

Although they did not get a superstar, the Lakers through a series of operationsNow the big list has been added to 13 people. The people on the list are: Rondo, Green, LeBron, Davis, McGee, Cook, Pope, Dudley, Kuzma, Cousins, Caruso, Daniels, Tucker (Rookie) .

After the Clippers formed the new combination of George and Leonard, the bookmaker's odds for the Clippers to win next season overtake the Lakers. The previous Clippers championship odds are +275, and the Lakers and Bucks are both +400. But after the Lakers went through a series of reinforcement operations, the winning odds were the same as the Clippers. And now the latest odds announced by bookmakers show that the Lakers and Clippers are both +375 to win.

On July 8th, US time, according to NBA reporter Wo Shen: Avery Bradley wants to sign a two-year contract with the Lakers worth $9.7 million. According to reports, the Lakers used Bradley, who was signed by the middle class, soAs a result, the Lakers now have only one basic salary contract left to supplement.

Bradley was once one of the best perimeter defensive 3D players in the league. He averaged 12 points and 3 rebounds per game in his career. The death-winding defense of perimeter players is even more important. Give the opponent a headache. It is worth mentioning that in the 2016-17 playoffs, Bradley had a 0.1 second lore against the Cavaliers in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

At the same time, after Bradley announced his layoff, another friend of James, the 38-year-old veteran Korver, was also waived by the Suns. In the Cavaliers, Korver was one of the most stable pitchers around James. Does he hope to be the last piece of the Lakers puzzle?

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