NBA billion yuan contracts are flying all over the sky, who is the premium one?

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Nowadays, large contracts of 100 million yuan have already been flying all over the sky. After the opening of free agent trading in 2019, the league h

As ​​the league’s salary cap has been adjusted upwards, players’ salaries have also risen. Previously 10 million contracts have been everywhere, and nowadays billions of yuan contracts have already been flying in the sky. , After the opening of the free agent trading door in 2019, the league has already had multiple billion-yuan contracts. However, it is also an investment method for the team owner to issue large contracts to players, so some contracts may become premium contracts. Here, we have selected six billion-yuan contracts that appeared in the summer of 2019 to analyze and see who has billions. The meta contract will become a premium contract.

  • Horford: The ball blind tester is really like this valuable?

On June 18, Horford jumped out The contract, abandoning the $30.12 million contract for the 19-20 season, caused a lot of repercussions. A considerable number of fans said that Horford was cheated by Angie and he would never get such a big contract again. Unexpectedly, Horford jumped out of the contract. This is a bottom line. The 76ers gave Horford a four-year 109 million yuan contract. If it were four years ago, this contract was absolutely worth it, but for Horford of 33, this billion-dollar contract that extended to his 37 years seems to have a premium.

NBA billion yuan contracts are flying all over the sky, who is the premium one?

Horford has always been known as a ball blind appraiser. His role in the game requires full attention rather than just looking at the technical statistics after the game. The 76ers dared to give Horford such a big contract is actuallyWant Horford to share Embiid's pressure, Horford can switch between the 4th and 5th positions and his defense is very good, which will make Embiid more comfortable. But the hidden danger of this contract is not small. If Horford suffers a faulty decline or serious injury, the 109 million contract will basically become a premium contract.

  • Harris: Should there be a whole The star journey proves yourself?

Let’s say that the 76ers areThis summer's shot was really generous. After giving Horford a billion-dollar contract, Harris, who had a somewhat sluggish performance in the playoffs, also got a 5-year 180 million super contract. The 27-year-old Harris entered the league for eight seasons. Five teams have been changed, and now the 76ers have a super contract.

There should be three factors for the 76ers to give Harris a big contract: First, the 76ers don’t want to fight. Before the player trading deadline last season, the 76ers traded for Harris with Shammett and draft picks. If Harris is released at this time, the 76ers will be a chicken fly. Second, the 76ers need a striker. Seeing that Butler is definitely looking for a team to be the boss, if Harris can't be retained, then the 76ers' striker can be more tight; third, Harris' character is relatively low-key. Changed five teams in eight seasons, haThe reason why Rees is so wandering is that his leadership is not good enough, staying to assist Embiid and Simmons is a good choice.

NBA billion yuan contracts are flying all over the sky, who is the premium one?

In the playoffs, Harris’s performance was really bad, but at the time he and Butler’s positions were relatively overlapped. Without the ball, he was more uncomfortable to a certain extent, so Harris hopes to rebound strongly in the new season. In addition to doing his job well, Harris must at least strive for an All-Star trip and a more stable playoff performance to prove himself.

  • Simmons: A guard who can’t shoot is really worth a hundred million dollars?

In fact, the key factor for the 76ers' frequent large contracts is because of the bonus period of Embiid’s contract. Until the 22-23 season, Embiid’s salary was only 33.33 million U.S. dollars, which is more than 3,000 today. Wan's contract is too low compared to the price. Following Horford and Harris respectively received a billion yuan contract, the 76ers and Simmons completed an early renewal, the five-year 170 million contract will be implemented from the 20-21 season.

NBA billion yuan contracts are flying all over the sky, who is the premium one?

It can be said that the 76ers are very sincere to the talented champion, but Simmons has not made a three-pointer in the past two seasons. There is a high probability that a guard who has no three-pointer will be eliminated in the small ball era. If Simmons still doesn't strive for improvement like the previous two seasons, the 76ers may still have to find a home for Simmons, but at that time, Simmons will be difficult to be sent away.

  • Russell: forced premium contract

After being abandoned by the Lakers, Russell completed the counterattack. He not only made the All-Star but also brought the Nets to the playoffs. But when the Nets and the Warriors finished signing first After the exchange trade, Russell's salary has also come to the peak of his life. He got a four-year maximum salary contract of 117 million. But in fact, it is the Nets who need this maximum salary contract from Russell. To put it bluntly Now, Russell’s contract is a bit premium. The Nets took advantage of his premium contract, and the Warriors made Durant join the Nets.

NBA billion yuan contracts are flying all over the sky, who is the premium one?

Free signing can only be done under the salary cap, so if the Nets sign Durant and Irving at the same time, then they will not have the space to sign Jordan and Temple, so the NetsWith the Warriors, they had to complete the deal between Russell and Durant after signing the deal. In this way, the Nets took advantage of the expanded salary space that Russell Bird could renew. Therefore, Russell's contract premium is what the Nets most want to see. Although the Warriors took over a relatively premium contract, they did not get nothing. After all, Russell still has room for improvement.

  • Middleton: That man, you want More awesome!

jumpAfter the contract was signed, the man also got a 100 million yuan contract. The Bucks offered Middleton a five-year 178 million contract. For a second-round pick, Middleton has completed all aspects. Counterattack. But just getting a big contract won't work. As Middleton said, he still has something to do in Milwaukee.

NBA billion yuan contracts are flying all over the sky, who is the premium one?

In fact, the Bucks are Middle’s top There is a certain frustration in the salary contract. Today is the world of small forwards. If the team's small forwards are not at the basic level, the team will most likely be deflated. And Antetokounmpo has to continue to improve in personal projection, and this process is when Middleton comes into play. To be honest, Middleton’s contract is a bit premium, but the Bucks are also a last resort. If the team cannot guarantee its competitiveness, what will it use to keep Antetokounmpo?

  • LilaGermany: The first annual salary of 50 million in history!

When other teams are busy When completing reinforcements from the free market or trading, the Blazers implemented the strategy of "getting outside and getting inside first". Because Lillard was selected as the best team, he triggered the designated veteran clause, so the Blazers He was offered a 4-year super contract of 194 million dollars. In the 23-24 season, Lillard will get a contract of 50.75 million dollars, which will be the first 50 million dollars super contract in NBA history.

NBA billion yuan contracts are flying all over the sky, who is the premium one?

Many fans question whether Lillard is worth the money in a few years. It is very likely that this contract will become a premium contract, but Lillard won this contract under league rules. And he has become a symbol of Portland, the playoff buzzer loreThe Thunder has become the most classic scene in the history of the Trail Blazers. It can be said that this super contract has a reward for Lillard. Perhaps Lillard will decline in a few years, but he has now become the pioneer's totem, and this totem is priceless.

In fact, these six billion-yuan contracts have a reason Yes, the existence of Horford and Harris’s billion-dollar contract was actually inspired by the 76ers’ idea of ​​hitting the championship in recent years; Simmons’s billion-dollar contract is based on his talent and age, but the 76ers may have added some clauses, such as Simmons needs to improve his three-point shooting percentage; Russell is lucky. The Nets need his premium contract to expand his cap space, but Russell still has room for improvement; Middleton is in the eyes of many peopleIt's not worth money, but Middleton may be the key to the Bucks keeping the fighting strength behind Antetokounmpo; and Lillard has become Portland's totem, which means that money is actually hard to buy.

On the whole, these six contracts are relatively likely to have a premium. Horford and Lillard are more likely to have a premium because the former is older The salary of the latter is too high, and others are quite satisfactory. After all, the league’s salary cap will be raised and some contracts will gradually look mediocre.

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