Popular science: “forced away“ Levin and Eagle“s hard salary cap

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Regarding the salary cap, the NBA has drawn four lines, they are: 1. Poor ghost line-the team salary must be higher than this number. The poor ghost l

Popular science: “forced away“ Levin and Eagle“s hard salary cap

Warriors used this morning The extended clause waived the meritorious veteran Sean Livingston and reduced the total salary of the team below the hard salary cap. So, what exactly is a hard salary cap? Why are the Warriors forced to use a hard salary cap? Let's find out.

First, let us understand what a hard salary cap is.

Regarding the salary cap, the NBA has drawn four lines. They are:

1. The poor ghost line-the team salary must be higher than this number (otherwise it will be fined), The poor ghost line is 90% of the salary cap of the season;

2, the salary cap-the standard of the other three lines,The 2019-20 season is US$109,140,000;

3, the luxury tax line-beyond this line, the luxury tax will be paid, and the 2019-20 season is US$132,627,000;

4. Line-In 2017, it was 6 million above the luxury tax line. After that, the salary cap was increased and decreased by half of the salary cap relative to last year. The 2019-20 season was $138,627,000.

Among them, the local tyrant line is the hard salary cap.

If a team’s salary exceeds the local tyrant line, then they will be subject to the following series of restrictions:

The team The biannual exception cannot be used (it can only be used once every two years to sign free agents, hence the name);

The team can only use the "TAXPAYER MID-LEVEL EXCEPTION". The starting salary for the 2019-20 season is $5.718 million, and the maximum number of years is three years. The normal middle class exception is 2019 The starting salary for the -20 season is 9.258 million US dollars, and the maximum number of years is four years;

The team cannot accept the signed player in a sign-and-change transaction.

The above are the sanctions for exceeding the hard salary cap.Conversely, if a team triggers the above situation, it will use the biennial exception, or sign the first change, Or they use a middle class exception that exceeds the "tax-paying middle class exception", then they enter the hard salary cap limit, and they must maintain their total salary below the hard salary cap during the rest of the season !

And the Warriors got the first sign and then change player in the "Durant & Russell" deal (namely Russell), and the Nets also got the first sign The player who was changed later (Durant), therefore, the total salary of the Warriors and Nets for the rest of the season cannot exceed $138,627,000!

Therefore, the warriors whose wages are far above the local tyrants began their "salary reduction journey." + The first round of protection + 2 million cash sent to the Grizzlies, in exchange for the equivalent of air, an annual salary of 70,000 US dollars (you read it right, 70,000) Julian Vasben (the Grizzlies have enough salary Space, so you can directly take the contract of Igo, which is allowed by the rules);

And after signing Cauley-Stein and other newAfter aid and a few rookies, the Warriors still surpassed the local tyrant a lot, no way, they chose to use extended terms to cut veteran Livingston to create space.

If Leven is left, he will occupy a space of 7.7 million. After the extended clause is used to cut Leven in three years, Leven only accounts for 666,000 this year (the protected part of Leven is 2 million, 200/3=66.6).

In this way, the Warriors reluctantly reduced their total salary to $138,408,000.


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