Salavi joins Shenhua, AC Milan“s “washing, cutting and blowing“ combination all sinks

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Today, Shanghai Shenhua officially announced that Roma forward Shalawei has joined the team. AC Milan's former star of hope officially moved to the Su

Today, Shanghai Shenhua officially announced that Roma forward Shalawei has joined the team. AC Milan’s former star of hope has officially transferred to the Super League team to play for the Chinese Super League. It is good news for Chinese fans, but it is also embarrassing. The former chasing teenager left the mainstream league at the age of 27, and Milan was a smash hit. The combination of "washing, cutting and blowing" was not played out, and the three geniuses who were placed high hopes completely sank at the age when they were supposed to be playing.

Salavi joins Shenhua, AC Milan“s “washing, cutting and blowing“ combination all sinks

The combination of washing, cutting and blowing has been given high hopes

There was a time when Balotelli, Niang and Salavi were three young men with moxican haircuts. AC Milan’s combination of washing, cutting and blowing. At that time, many people thought that these three young strikers would be the main strikers of Milan in the next ten years. However, the fairy tales are all deceptive, and the three unruly teenagers left one after another. AC Milan went to different teams, and the same thing was that they used their own ways to obliterate everyone.


Bashen is the big brother and the biggest in the group. Brand player. He is a world-recognized demon star who debuted in Inter Milan and a comedian loved by media fans. In the Italian national team, he is absolutely the main force to shine in the 2012 European Cup, and the German team is exhausted; in the shining Manchester City, Can't hide his light, "why alwa"ys me" is popular all over the world. Off the field, his unusual brain makes him often make behaviors and words that are different from ordinary people. It can be said that Bashen was definitely no less than Messi Ronaldo's top traffic in those years. There are hotspots wherever possible.

In 2013, during the reconstruction period, AC Milan recruited Palladian into the team, and he quickly became the core of the team’s offensive. During the first period of joining Milan, Palladium The state of God is still quite good. As a striker, he is Milan’s biggest threat, often relying on his own strength to score goals for the team. However, at that time Milan’s strength has already declined, and he is more and more impatient without a helper. , The playing style also began to become lazy. The doubts of the fans and the distrust of the media made him care about it.

In 2014, Balotelli moved to Liverpool. In Milan for a year and a half. , He played 54 times and scored 30 goals. Later, he lacked the teacher’s teaching of his personality defects.This time it appeared that the training was not systematic, and his state of decline made his chances of competition less and less. After being returned by Liverpool, he briefly returned to AC Milan but was no longer what he used to be, and then moved to Nice and Marseille.

Milan period summary: It should be said that he worked hard during his time in AC Milan. He loves the team and is willing to pay for the team but the fortune is not good. He played hard and the fans also saw hard , He still did not have enough ability to support AC Milan at that time alone.

Salavi joins Shenhua, AC Milan“s “washing, cutting and blowing“ combination all sinks

Sadly missed the opportunity of Bashen kicking the goalpost

Now Bashen still has a good position in the relatively loose competition in Ligue 1 Efficiency, but there is always no guarantee that his state of training and competition can never last for a long time, and it is difficult for coaches and fans to truly believe him. May he play football that makes him happy.


In 2011, only 19 years old Shalawi joined AC Milan. Because of his dual citizenship of Egypt and Italy, Shalawi was called the little pharaoh by fans. In 2012, with Ibrahimovic's transfer to Paris , Shalawi became the core of the team’s offense. In the half-season when many AC Milan veterans retired or the transfer was serious, Allegri, who had no license in his hand, broke down and chose Shalawi, and Shalawi lived up to expectations. 18 league games played for MilanIn the game, Shalawi scored 14 goals and contributed 3 assists, almost relying on one person's ability to carry Milan, and also made himself the hottest red star in Europe.

With the arrival of Balotelli's transfer, Shalawi's freedom in the frontcourt has been restricted to a certain extent, and his importance in the team's offense has also been affected. In addition, his technical characteristics of anti-offside fork and finishing can not create high-quality passes for big center Bashen. His position on the field began to be embarrassed. He lacks the ability to blast and pass the ball alone and does not meet the team's 433 The request of the winger. To make matters worse, in 2014, Shalawi suffered serious injuries and since then he has completely lost his position. The introduction of Barca and Ade made it clear that he could only accept the role of a substitute. For the national team's recruitment, he chose to transfer to Monaco. Also unable to guarantee the main position, he joined Roma again, became an important rotation player, and also played some beautifulgame.

Milan period summary: The fond memories that Salavi left for AC Milan fans, the handsome and handsome he is more like a shooting star, and the highlights are fleeting. It should be said that his technical style characteristics have determined that his upper limit of ability cannot occupy the main force of European giants, and the role of peace of mind as a substitute for Raiders allows him to reflect his own value.

Salavi joins Shenhua, AC Milan“s “washing, cutting and blowing“ combination all sinks

The handsome SalaviThe peak is short


Niang was the youngest in the combination of washing, cutting and blowing, and also the most unstable position of the main force at the time. In addition, he is also the latest to leave Milan. In 2012, Niang, who had just joined Milan for two weeks, used an alternative way to make the fans remember him. He drove without a license. When asked by the police, he said that he was "Traore". He used this kind of strange incident. Prove that he is worthy of being Balotelli's little brother.

Although he and Bashen and Shalawi called the combination of washing, cutting and blowing, Niang's presence in the team is not high. His technical style has not yet been fully formed, he was arranged at the right wing position, in the game he is more like a spoiler, active running and fighting can bring vitality to the team. The most impressive thing for fans should be the eighth of the 2012/2013 UEFA Champions LeagueIn the second round of the final against Barcelona, ​​Niang kicked a single-handed goal on the goal post. Milan, who led 2:0 in the first round, lost a 4:0. Perhaps the goal could be Niang’s career. Bring a different twist. As he grows older, Niang, who has not had a significant increase in the ball, has become more and more marginalized in AC Milan. The departure of the two big brothers Balotelli and Salavi also made him frustrated. Then he started on loan, and in some transfer rumors, he has been treated as a supercharge many times.

Milan period summary: Empress has always been a role player. He did not have many distinctive characteristics when he became famous when he was young. In the combination of Milan and Balotelli and Salavi, he was At the brightest moment of his career, he also dedicated his loyalty to Milan.

Salavi joins Shenhua, AC Milan“s “washing, cutting and blowing“ combination all sinks

Niang was displaced in the late period of Milan

The combination of "washing, cutting and blowing" is a thing of the past. It is reasonable to see that this combination is more of a media hype than a tactical one. To be successful, the three people do not have much chemical reactions, and their abilities are not complementary. Specific to each individual, their development is not smooth enough either by character or technical type. Of course, the concept of hype is a kind of expectation. At least, in that era, we had expected three Mohicans togetherYoung people, also wish them the rest of their careers!