The question of whether Pogba will stay is Solskjaer“s least important issue in Manchester United“s preseason

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Solskjaer has been in the top league for a long time, and he has determined the arrival of a critical moment. The Norwegian is fighting for his credib

Solskjaer has been in the top league for a long time. He has determined the arrival of a critical moment, so the challenge facing the Manchester United manager in the following days is beyond doubt. The Norwegian is fighting for his credibility, whether in the locker room or among the fans, this is not just about Pogba.

Now, Manchester United's pre-season preparations have become a norm, which seems to be the background of a never-ending legend. On Monday, Solskjaer’s team arrived in Perth to begin the first leg of their summer trip to Australia, Singapore and China. Pogba has ensured that he will be the central figure in this year’s Old Trafford soap opera. The French midfielder posted a video of his personal running training in New York’s Central Park on social media over the weekend. He has expressed his desire for a "new challenge" this summer, and his agent Minor RaolaIt was confirmed last week that his client is seeking to leave Manchester United before the start of the 2019-20 season. Manchester United insisted that Pogba would not be sold, but a source told ESPN FC that Solskjaer and his coaching staff are ready for a battle of open will involving the club and the players. They know every decision of the media. Both comments and comments must be carefully considered and communicated to maintain some control over the situation. But Pogba's legend is probably the most relaxing part of Solskjaer's summer. If he persuades him to stay, Solskjaer will keep his best players, but if he leaves, the Manchester United coach will immediately get the support of the fans. The fans are tired of the 26-year-old and his Incredible performance on the court, sometimes even annoying behavior.

The question of whether Pogba will stay is Solskjaer“s least important issue in Manchester United“s preseason

Some sources told ESPN FC that Pogba is not very popular in the team either. Some teammates are very concerned about signing from Juventus The £89million and his failure to deliver on his reputation as one of the best midfielders in the world are angry. However, despite doubts about Pogba’s ability or desire to make a difference, Manchester United also has a group of players who hope See more from Solskjaer and his coach to make sure that the team is moving in the right direction.

A source told ESPN FC that as early as February this year, during Solskjaer’s tenure as a coach, the team’s foreign players had “too much attention to the coaching style of the former Cardiff City coach”. Anglicization" expressed concern about the lack of expertise in continental Europe. The same source claimed that last week’s training was “just running, running, running.” After Solskjaer decided to get the team back as early as July 1 to prepare for the new season, the players were forced to take the first place in the preseason. Train twice a week.

Solskjaer and his coaches' complaints about the heavy training tasks may be ignored. ESPN reported in May that since Solskjaer and his assistant Mike Ferran came to the team in December last year in place of the fired Jose Mourinho, their physical condition has been very poor. Solskjaer and his assistant Mike Phelan were disappointed. Solskjaer and Phelan are determined to ensureBen's fitness level has improved tremendously, so there may be more requirements during their first week of trip to Australia. However, the first mistake David Moyes made during his 10-month coaching career during the 2013-14 season was to focus too much on stamina rather than technique. The Scot was in persuading players that his "health first" approach Encountered difficulties and ended in failure.

Solskjaer also went to Australia. He knew Pogba was not the only player on the team who wanted to leave. Lukaku is eager to join Inter Milan, De Gea continues to resist Manchester United's attempts to tie him to the new contract, while Nemanja Matic realizes the interest of Inter Milan and AC Milan in him and prepares to leave the old special. Rafford went to find a suitable offer.

Before seeing Antonio Valencia and Ander Herrera leave as free agents this summer, Fellaini has alreadyAfter leaving in January, Solskjaer’s lineup is now weaker than when he first arrived. Since the end of last season, only Swansea’s young player Daniel James and Crystal Palace’s right back Aaron Wan -Bissaka joined the team.

After seeing the team hit the worst defensive record in Premier League history last season, efforts to sign a new central defender have so far been unsuccessful, and against Newcastle’s young player Xiao En Longstaff’s interest has not yet been responded, although the team at St. James’ Park has been in a state of turmoil after the departure of coach Rafa Benitez.

After the bleak ending of the 2018-19 season, Manchester United have only won two of the past 12 games. Solskjaer is always under pressure to reverse the situation this summer. But before the kick-off of the preseason, Pogba, some players questioned and failed to do anything to the team.He is already at a disadvantage for making even greater changes. So everything that happens in Australia, Singapore and China in the next two and a half weeks will be crucial for Solskjaer and any hope of success at Old Trafford.