Anautovic left the team and was insulted by West Ham fans Mourinho: he was capricious like a child

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However, following the West Ham club official's Twitter announcement that Anautovic had left the team, West Ham fans cursed: "Goodbye, silly X, I wish

The transfer of Anautović to Shanghai SIPG has been settled. However, following the Twitter of West Ham’s official announcement of Anautović’s departure, West Ham fans cursed: "Goodbye, silly X, I wish you broke both legs during your debut in the Super League." "How did this guy pass the medical examination? He has no spine at all."

Anautovic left the team and was insulted by West Ham fans Mourinho: he was capricious like a child

It is reported that Anautovic has always been in the teamStabbing, this time he had a lot of trouble with the club for the transfer, which also made the local fans look down on him.

This transfer is not a precedent. SIPG had already had contact with Anautovic at the beginning of this year. At that time, Anautovic was involved in a transfer, but West Ham United was tight. The transfer fee of 35 million pounds is not relaxed, which also makes the transfer impossible. At that time, Anautovic's attitude made West Ham and West Ham fans very dissatisfied.

West Ham co-star Frank said in an interview that Anautović should be transferred to the reserve team: "When he wants to leave for the first time, I want him to leave quickly and he will change clothes. The room had a bad influence. Now this is the second time, the players must have had enough. The sooner he leaves, the better. I hope the club will abolish him and put him on the reserve team, and will not sell him or let him play. . But this is impossible, the bosses need money."

Anautovic was once known as "Ibrahimovic II", but the British media commented on him as "Ibrahimovic has no skills but Ibrahimovic's temper." Anautovic's bad temper is well-known throughout Europe, and was once as famous as Balotelli. In fact, at Inter Milan, the two were still close friends. Afterwards, Balotelli even claimed that the British media always liked to mock themselves for their perverted words and deeds. "Now they have Anautovich, he will make me look like the world. The most boring person on the game.” Mourinho, who was Inter Milan’s coach at the time, stamped Anautović: “He is talented, but he is capricious like a child.”