Egypt Africa Cup Waterloo broke Salah“s golden ball dream, but can help Liverpool realize it

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Reporter Mulinho from Cairo. After Modric broke the ten-year monopoly of Messi and Ronaldo on the Ballon d'Or awards last year, this most important aw

Reporter Mulinho from Cairo

Egypt Africa Cup Waterloo broke Salah“s golden ball dream, but can help Liverpool realize it

In After Modric broke the ten-year monopoly of Messi and Ronaldo on the Ballon d'Or awards last year, this most important award in the football field has become attractive again. At least you don't have to worry, just after half a year, the winner of the award is ready to appear. This year, Messi held the La Liga trophy, but the Copa America did not even make the final.Continuing the history of the national team without a championship, he has basically said goodbye to the Golden Globes. Although his old rival Cristiano Ronaldo also performed mediocrely in the Champions League and was embarrassed to be out early, the Portuguese not only won the championship in Serie A, but also led the national team to once again stand on the highest podium (although the level of the UEFA Champions League is equivalent to The Confederations Cup is not so meaningful).

At the end of the club season, except for Messi Ronaldo, it is generally believed that the favourites to win the Ballon d'Or come from Liverpool. One by one, Salah and Van Dyke. Liverpool won the Champions League for the sixth time, plus the highest score in the history of the Premier League and runner-up (although an embarrassing title), these two can be described as great contributions. However, different from the year when a one-man team won the Champions League, as long as Barcelona wins the golden ball, it is Messi's, and as long as Real Madrid wins the goal, it is Ronaldo. Once a team with a relatively balanced distribution of power wins the competition, because the only team cannot be selectedThe soul figure of the Golden Globe Awards will inevitably lead to the diversion of votes, making the fisherman finally overtake and win the bid. Liverpool has such concerns this year.

The Spanish national team at its peak was just like this. Three consecutive national team championships (2008, 2012 European Cup and 2010 World Cup), during which time no Spaniard has won the golden ball, it is really embarrassing. Harvey and Iniesta regretted all their lives. In the 2010 Golden Globe Awards, Xiaobai and Harvey were ranked second and third. The split of votes made Messi "upset" to win the award, causing an uproar in the public opinion. Even Messi himself was embarrassed when he received the award and apologized to the big brothers of the two clubs. Inter Milan in 2010 and Bayern Munich in 2013 also suffered such a big loss. Because they relied more on the power of the team, even though the soul players were elected as representatives, they still failed to retain the Golden Globe. Worse than Ribery, because SpainAfter winning the World Cup, Sneijder did not even enter the top three Golden Globe Awards...

Egypt Africa Cup Waterloo broke Salah“s golden ball dream, but can help Liverpool realize it

Thank you for the Africa Cup. Although the golden ball dream of the top star is broken, Liverpool welcomes another Mr. Golden ball after Irving in 2001, and he is sure of it! Who could have imagined that at home, the host Egypt could not even make it into the top 8 of the African Cup! Last year’s World Cup, due to Salah’s injury, originallyHigh hopes Egypt not only failed the group stage, but also lost the panties in a group that was not too difficult. 0 to 1 Uruguay, 1 to 3 Russia, the last round actually sent warmth to Saudi Arabia. Cooper finished class and Aguirre, who ate very well in Mexico, came. He wanted to return to the African Cup stage. As the 7 crown hegemon, there should be no problem winning at home. As a result, it turned out! In the 1/8 finals, South Africa was beaten to the ground... In the game, Salah was surrounded by South Africans and did nothing. The host Egypt team won, what about South Africa? Only with the 4 best-performing teams in the third place to qualify (this is the first 24 teams African Cup in history). Such shame not only dismissed coach Aguirre, but also allowed the chairman of the Egyptian Football Association to clean up and leave.

The UEFA Champions League final made a penalty kick and the Premier League Golden Boot but the team failed to win the championship. Salah’s original answer sheet was not so good. As a result, the national team becameThe performance was dragged down and basically bid farewell to the competition for the golden ball. Although Van Dijk has no national squad, he is at any rate a banner figure in the revival of Dutch football. You know, after finishing third place in the World Cup in Brazil, the Netherlands has missed the finals in two consecutive competitions (Euro 2016 and 2018 World Cup). As the Africa Cup dragged Salah, as long as the second half of the year maintains normal performance, Van Dyke won the golden ball firmly. The votes of the Liverpool Champions League champions cast their brains on Van Dijk. Without the strong competition of the club's teammates, the Dutchman is very likely to become the fourth defender's golden ball winner (1972, 1976 Beckenbauer; 1996 Summer; 2006 Cana Varro).

Egypt Africa Cup Waterloo broke Salah“s golden ball dream, but can help Liverpool realize it

The only thing Van Dijk needs to watch out for is Cristiano Ronaldo. Remember Ribery’s broken dream in 2013? In addition to Scarface, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were the top three at the Golden Globe Awards. It is the only Champions League golden boot that has no team honor and is worth mentioning. Even if you don’t give the five-time champion Ribery, it should be given to Messi. The Argentine has a La Liga champion, a Spanish Super Cup champion, or La Liga The best player, took the La Liga Golden Boot. As a result, relying on the outbreak of the second half of the season, Ronaldo, who earned enough impressions, finally won the championship. Throughout the history of the Golden Globe for more than 60 years,2013 is definitely the least convincing one, or even none. In 1986, which belonged to Maradona, the Golden Globe was awarded to Belanov, but that was because of the limitations of the awarding rules that year, it was impossible for the old horse to win the award. In 2013, when the rules are clear, it can be forcibly awarded to Ronaldo. What is the significance of this subjective award?