The latest giants signings! ! ! !

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AC Milan: Serie A giants AC Milan officially announced the signing of Serie A's top midfielder-the 25-year-old Bosnia-Herzegovina superstar Kronic. Th

AC Milan:

The latest giants signings! ! ! !

Serie A giants AC Milan officially announced the signing of Serie A’s top midfielder, the 25-year-old Bosnia-Herzegovina superstar Kronic. The two sides signed a five-year contract!


The latest giants signings! ! ! !

Juventus executives have made a decision to dig out the striker Uranus Jesus, who plays for Manchester City! Reported that the 22-year-old Brazilian superstar Jesus is the player appointed by coach Sarri. At present, Sarri has met with Paratic to evaluate the negotiation!

Higuain rejected Real Madrid and returned to Juventus, but the relationship between the two parties deteriorated and Juventus was determined to send Higuain away.

Real Madrid:

The latest giants signings! ! ! !

The latest giants signings! ! ! !

Real Madrid reorganized the Galaxy battleship, the most action. Rodrigo, Militang, Hazard, Jovic and Mendy have come to vote one after another, and the new generation of Galaxy battleships is about to set sail! In addition, Real Madrid also signed the 18-year-old Japanese star Kyu Kangying.

Real Madrid has been approaching Totti recently, hoping that he can work for Real Madrid, the specific position should be the team's image ambassador. Although there is no news about whether Totti will accept this invitation.

Manchester United:

The latest giants signings! ! ! !

Manchester United signed James and Pissaka, Solskjaer is powerless.


Is going to sign Saliba

Arsenal is very depressed in the transfer market. The summer window has been open for so long, and Arsenal only It cost 5 million pounds to sign the 17-year-old Martinelli. According to rumors, Arsenal has reached an agreement with Saint-Etienne. They will sign 18-year-old central defender Saskatchewan for 30 million euros (about 26.9 million pounds). Liba.


The latest giants signings! ! ! !

Bayern held an unveiling ceremony for the new standard king Lucas Hernandez. At the press conference, Rummenigge talked about the team’s transfer operations this summer. He said that Bayern Still waiting for Sane’s decision, and the position of the winger must be signed.


The latest giants signings! ! ! !

Neymar to be determined

Barca has completed the introduction of Neto, and De Jong has officially appeared at the Nou Camp.



The latest giants signings! ! ! !

Fenerbahçe has taken a fancy to Arsenal midfielder Özil, they are willing to rent the German superstar! According to reports, in order to persuade the Gunners to let go, Fenerbahçe is even willing to bear Özil’s salary is 8 million pounds! Currently, Özil’s annual salary is 13.5 million pounds.