Neto: For myself, I am the best goalkeeper in the world

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New Barcelona aid Neto attended the club's debut ceremony for him. As the starting goalkeeper of Valencia to join Barcelona, ​​you have to face and sh

Neto: For myself, I am the best goalkeeper in the world

Hupu July On the 9th, Barcelona’s new aid Neto attended the club’s unveiling ceremony for him.

Neto, as the starting goalkeeper of Valencia to join Barcelona, ​​you have to face one of the best goalkeepers in the world One of Ter Stegen shares playing time, what do you think?

I think it’s nothing, because I came to Barcelona just to make myself better and grow myself. I respect Ter Stegen and every teammate, but the more I am The better players are together, the more we can improve together. I came to Barcelona to show my strength. I am proud to be able to join Barcelona.proud.

Neto, you have played in many clubs before, but you have not won the Champions League. Is this also an important reason for your choice of Barcelona?

Joining Barcelona means a new and higher level and field, because joining Barcelona means fighting for the Champions League every year, which is important for any player It is a great honor, because you are not only focusing on participation, it also means a very high level.

I once entered the UEFA Champions League finals, but in the end I came home. I know the meaning of winning the Champions League, not only for us players, but also for the fans and the club. I think one of the basic reasons for joining Barcelona is to fight for the Champions League. I am a person who fights for victory. I want to do my best for my team and teammates.

Ter Stegen has been Barcelona's starting goalkeeper for the past few years. What does this mean to you?

I also said before that Barcelona has a lot of high-level players, Ter Stegen is one of them, what I can do is do my job and respect me The work of my teammates, my motivation is to do my job well and help my team.

We know that you have played for Fiorentina, Juventus, Valencia, but Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the best clubs in the world today. Is it a gain for you to join Barcelona? Feel like reaching the peak of your career?

I think it can be said, but being able to achieve such an achievement is also the result of my hard work and struggle over the years. I am also proud of my hard work and struggle. The most important thing is to know your past, MingRemember your background and be prepared in your mind.

Neto, you said that you came to Barcelona because you want to continue to improve and grow. For Barcelona goalkeepers, you often need to make a lot of changes. How about this?

No matter in Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Juventus, or Fiorentina, there are different styles of play. As players we need to adapt to this style. Barcelona's style is very different, but when I was in Italy, I also needed to be involved a lot in attack and defense. The coaches there also helped me a lot, so when I joined Barcelona, ​​I believed I was ready.

Netto, first of all congratulations to you for joining Barcelona. When you chose to join Valencia from Juventus, you said that you wanted to play the game. Now fromValencia came to Barcelona, ​​does it feel like going back to the past?

That’s right, life is full of different stages. When I left Juventus before, I hoped to be able to seek different ideas and different feelings. I am very happy in Valencia. , But joining Barcelona now is going through a brand new stage, because joining Barcelona is the dream of any player.

I feel that I am in the best condition now, so when Barcelona found me, I agreed without thinking more. I hope to create my own history in Barcelona and leave my own footprints. I hope that with determination and hard work, I will bring more championships and victories to this club and to the fans here.

As a Brazilian player, do you want to play with Neymar at Barcelona?

I think I haveThere are many things that need to be considered. I hope to leave my own history in Barcelona. As for whether Neymar will join Barcelona, ​​this matter is not for me to decide.

Do you think Ter Stegen is the best goalkeeper in the world?

I think this matter is definitely the best in his eyes, but for me I am the best goalkeeper, and any goalkeeper will feel that he is the best. What I have to do is to improve and become better, because I am an ambitious goalkeeper, I know this very well, and I hope to do my best.

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