Zeng Zhi coach broke Barcelona, ​​Asprira coexisted with bravery and flaws

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When Asprira appeared in Newcastle with heavy snow in furs, it also heralded that the Premier League entered a new era in the 1990s. The seemingly wei

Zeng Zhi coach broke Barcelona, ​​Asprira coexisted with bravery and flaws

Wearing fur, Asprira appeared in Newcastle with heavy snow, which also heralded a new era in the Premier League in the 1990s. The seemingly weird Colombian forward moved from Parma to Newcastle in February 1996. Although Asprira did not meet the expectations of the fans during his two years in Tyneside, he still gave the fans. There were some wonderful and joyous moments left. Dan Williamson, the author of thesefootballtimes, tells the story of the Colombian striker in Newcastle.

Asprira, born in 1969, was born in Tulua, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. His football career began in Cali, 90 kilometers north of Tulua, which is home to the most prestigious star-making factory Carlos-Samiento-Lola in Colombia. Subsequently, Asprira officially started his career in Cúcuta, and a year later, he was favored by Colombia's most successful team, Medellin. After the transfer to Medellin Nation, Asprira enjoyed three wonderful seasons. He not only followed the team to win two major trophies, but also scored nearly 40 goals.

At the same time, Asprira's outstanding performance in Medellin finally won him the opportunity to transfer to Parma-the Serie A at the time was the world's highest level and most profitable league. It turns out that the $11 million that Parma spent to sign Asprira was totally worth it., Because just a year later, the Colombian striker was selected by FIFA as the sixth player in the world.

At that time, Parma had a number of outstanding players such as Zola, Brolin and Dino Baggio. Under the leadership of Scala, they won the European Cup Winners’ Cup, the Europa League and Champion of the European Super Cup. Unfortunately, although Parma has won consecutive honors and Asprira scored 40 goals for the team in less than four years, he still failed to capture Scala’s "heart." . This situation also paved the way for Asprira’s move to Newcastle.

At the same time, Asprira's outstanding performance at the Tardini Stadium also won him the opportunity to represent the Colombian national team (1993). Asprira scored his first two in the national team against ArgentinaA goal-that game was one of the darkest moments in the history of Argentine football (World Cup qualifiers). Colombia beat Argentina 5-0 away, and obtained the qualification to participate in the 1994 World Cup finals in the United States.

Aspirilla has represented Colombia in two World Cups, including the impressive 1994 World Cup in the United States. At that time, the highly anticipated Colombia was at the bottom of the group stage, and such a terrible record caused a series of astonishing tragedies. Escobar, who scored an own goal against the United States, was assassinated. At the end of his national team career in 2001, Asprira played 57 times for the national team and scored 20 goals.

Zeng Zhi coach broke Barcelona, ​​Asprira coexisted with bravery and flaws

Asprira when he played for Parma

In the 1995/1996 season, in John Howe With the support of millions of dollars, Newcastle led by Kevin Keegan caused a storm in the Premier League. On January 20, 1996, they opened a seemingly insurmountable position with Manchester United, who was second in the standings. With a gap of 12 points, with only 15 rounds left in the league, they look really very likely to win the first top league championship since 1927.

February 10, Newcastle In the Northeast Derby at Middlesbrough, Asprira completed his first game in Tyneside-although the Colombian striker only arrived in Newcastle 24 hours ago and had a drink before the game. Wine, but he still comparesIn the 67th minute of the match, Gillespie replaced Gillespie and became the key to the team's turnaround (when Asprira came on the field, the team was behind the opponent 0-1).

After Asprira played, Newcastle scored two goals in 11 minutes (Asprira assisted twice), successfully reversing the opponent and won the final victory. Although Asprira was still wearing gloves to fight the cold winter in Newcastle, this did not hinder his wonderful performance on the court: he first broke through from the left, crossed and assisted Steve Watson to head the goal. Then he completed a breakthrough on the right, assisting Les Ferdinand and scoring the winning goal.

Shortly after joining Newcastle, Asprira ushered in his Premier League debut. It was a game against Manchester City in February, and the final game at Maine Road was 3-3. Although AsPrila's goal did not help the team win, but he showed his fierce side in this game: he clashed with Keith Cole and was suspended.

On March 4th, Manchester United visited St James’s Park Stadium, and at this time the gap between Newcastle and Manchester United has been reduced to 4 points. In this home game between Newcastle and Manchester United, Newcastle was unable to score a goal against Schmeichel, who was so helpful. The key goal of Cantona was to help Manchester United win 1-0. This crucial game. However, Asprira's outstanding performance in this terrible game still won rounds of applause from the fans. Perhaps this can be regarded as a small comfort for the Newcastle fans.

Of course, after losing to Manchester United at home, Newcastle also felt unprecedented pressure, Because in less than six weeks, Ferguson's team recovered 11 points, only one point away from Newcastle.

19 days later, Newcastle went to Highbury Stadium to face Arsenal, and after the 0-2 loss to Arsenal, Asprira clashed with his angry coach. The Columbia forward apparently did not submissively immersed in Kevin Keegan’s post-match tirades, but chose to take a quick shower, change clothes, and then ride on his motorcycle before leaving the court. To avoid the subsequent traffic jam. Asprira said that listening to the head coach's post-match talk is meaningless, and he doesn't understand what Kevin Keegan is saying. However, in Newcastle's deep crisis, Asprira's behavior obviously does not help the team spirit and the unity and stability of the team.

April 3,Newcastle was a guest at Anfield and completed an epic duel. Although Asprira's right-footed volley once helped Newcastle exceed the score 3-2, Collymore scored twice and finally let Newcastle come home. As for Kevin Keegan, his classic frustrated expression sitting on the bench billboard is also an excellent publicity for Liverpool's sponsors.

Later that month, after the fragile Kevin Keegan led Newcastle to defeat Leeds 1-0 at Elland Road Stadium, he published a long talk about "I love it." The scene once again became a classic moment in the Premier League. Ferguson's psychological warfare and Manchester United's ruthless performance eventually defeated Kevin Keegan.

Zeng Zhi coach broke Barcelona, ​​Asprira coexisted with bravery and flaws

Aspirilla had a good start in Newcastle

Although Newcastle was in January At that time, they seemed to have won the championship, but in the end they passed the 1995/1996 Premier League champions. As for the problem, it depends on the position of the critics. Asprira and Pakistan Did Tey’s joining disrupt Newcastle’s well-functioning machine instead of strengthening and revitalizing the team as people hoped? Gillespie obviously thinks so, but he doesn’t. Aiming at his fellow England compatriot Batty, he directed his anger towards the Columbia striker.

The Northern Irishman felt that he became the team’s player in order to accommodate Asprira. Back Pot Man. Gillespie said: "The players are a little angry at this change because they disrupt the way the team plays. Who knows what will happen if we stick to the tactical system that has always been effective."

In the 6 games Batty started, Newcastle lost 4 games. Veteran fan Ian Cusack insists that Batty's arrival has indeed disrupted the team's tactical system. He said: "Barty is not the player we need. His negativity killed our midfielder." Beardsley and Les Ferdinand don't think so. Especially Les Ferdinand, he believes that Newcastle’s decline is due to the same tactics. “Everyone thinks that he (Asprira) made us lose the championship, but that’s not the case.” Newcastle centre-back Steve- Howe also agreed with Les Ferdinand’s remarks: "There are 10 other players, all of whom are responsible. "

In addition, there are some special things that have a huge impact on Newcastle this season, but the influence of these special things is often underestimated. If it weren't for Cantona and Schmeichel The outstanding performance-especially Schmeichel, who was like a bronze wall in the classic six-point game away from Newcastle-then Newcastle will definitely be able to stop his decline and regain his own form. However, there is The reality was like this at the time, and the difference was far from perfect.

Of course, setting aside these controversies, Asprira’s first season joining Newcastle was really not ideal. He was in Only 3 goals were scored in 14 games. However, the attitude of the fans was still optimistic. They hoped that Asprira would be just a tiger nap during this half of the season. In the next new season, thisA Colombian attacker will regain his bravery.

Zeng Zhi coach broke Barcelona, ​​Asprira coexisted with bravery and flaws

Despite the unsatisfactory first season, the fans still have hope for Asprira

After the terrible defeat of the 1995/1996 season, Newcastle set sail again and paid 15 million pounds in the summer of 1996. The sky-high price, signed Alan Shearer from Blackburn.

In October 1996, Newcastle once again faced Manchester United at St. James’s Park and swept Manchester United 5-0. However, in this jubilant game, Asprira did not get playing time and could onlyEnough to sit on the bench and watch the performance of his teammates quietly. At the same time, this game is also their 8th victory in 10 games during that time. It seems that Newcastle has got rid of the haze of last season and regained his peak form, but surprisingly, the subsequent series of poor performances-including seven consecutive games without winning-not only left Newcastle behind in the standings , It made Kevin Keegan leave the team in early 1997.

Within less than a week after Kevin Keegan left the team, Liverpool star Dalglish took over Newcastle’s coaching mark, and two months later, he led the team to Anfield. , Against his old club Liverpool. This Newcastle away game against Liverpool was also a classic Premier League campaign-the two teams contributed a total of 7 goals. At the time Asprira had just returned from the national team, at first he was worriedHe couldn't get the chance to play against Liverpool, but unexpectedly got the chance to start the game.

It is worth noting that Asprira’s goal in this game was also his first goal in the Premier League that season-his goal helped the ball. The team narrowed the score gap (2-3). When Warren Button equalized for Newcastle, they thought they could score a point at Anfield, but the goal of the Red Army God Robbie Fowler shattered their dreams and finally Liverpool went 4-3 again. Defeated Newcastle-the same as the previous season.

In the end, Newcastle won the second place in the league in the 1996/1997 season, but this time they won the Champions League qualification. In addition, Asprira scored 9 goals in 25 games to help Newcastle qualify for the UEFA Cup quarter.One final.

In the summer of 1997, during the transfer period, Newcastle encountered great pressure. David Ginola and Les Ferdinand left the team, and Alan Shearer’s heel ligament was in another friendly match. Injured. It is precisely because of this that Asprira has become Newcastle's first choice on the front line, carrying the team's offensive banner.

It is true that Asprira's flashing moment is fleeting, but his ability is beyond doubt. In the UEFA Cup in the 1996/1997 season, Asprira had his fourth birthday at St James’s Park. So in September 1997, when Newcastle played against Barcelona at home, all fans hoped that Asprira would be able to play again. Bring out your own light once at an important moment.

Although Newcastle faced Barcelona at the timeRijkaard and Guardiola were so strong when they coached Barcelona, ​​but the Catalan team with talented players such as Figo, Luis Enrique, Sony Anderson and Rivaldo is still an incredible team. A strong team to ignore.

Zeng Zhi coach broke Barcelona, ​​Asprira coexisted with bravery and flaws

Asprira received Gillespie’s assist and headed through Barcelona’s gate.

At the beginning of the game, Asprira was very excited. He rushed from left to right in the opponent’s penalty area, leading to the goalkeeper Foul-Although this foul is still to be discussed, Newcastle still won the penalty. Asprira personally took the penalty and hit Hesp on the right. Although the Dutch goalkeeper Hesper touchedGot the ball, but he still couldn't get the ball out. With Asprira hitting a penalty kick, the passion of the Newcastle fans was instantly raised to a new height. After the goal, Asprira opened his arms and gladly accepted the fans' praise.

After Asprira scored the goal, Gillespie planned the second and third goals for the team. He suppressed Barcelona left-back Sergi , A pass to find Asprira, who completed the header consecutively. Although Barcelona subsequently chased two goals in a row, it was only a consolation. Asprira showed incredibly good form that night. He is an invincible player. He combines his talent and strength together. His performance is enough to match the best in the world. Players compete.

However, after this game, Newcastle failed to continue their leadershipThe magic of the match against Barcelona was that they lost four consecutive European games. Even if they won the final group stage, it was not enough to help them advance to the knockout stage.

After that, Asprira scored three more goals for Newcastle, and finally returned to Parma in February 1998, while Newcastle in the 1998/1999 season was finally ranked 13th in the league. At the same time, Asprira's departure was like a curse. After he left Parma, Scala "dismissed get out of class" early, and after he left Newcastle, Dalglish also quickly left St James's Park.

Although Asprira only spent two years in Tyneside and scored 18 goals, he can still become the brave and brave player of Newcastle in the Kevin Keegan era. Symbol of coexistence of defects. Cusack said: "Comment on Asprira’sCastle's days were a very complicated matter. Although he is still a very popular player in Tyneside, his departure has not been regrettable. ”

After leaving Newcastle, Asprira never really settled down in a team. In the end, he returned to Colombia and established a huge ranch. To this day, he is still Think of it as their homeland. Perhaps this is the symbol of Asprira's return to his family, who has spent six years in Europe. After experiencing the Tyneside adventure, Asprira has hardly played for any team. 12 times. And in the next 4 years, he played for 8 teams, including a brief return to his old club Parma and Medellin, his footprints all over Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

Asprira has never demonstrated his efficiency in top competitionsOn the one hand, and compared with his indisputable talent, he really didn't get the honor he deserved. Asprira’s inspiration flashed and his lazy style of play attracted attention, but at the same time, it also prevented him from becoming a truly top player in the world-because he could not maintain it for a long time. Your best state.

However, he looks so comfortable, always able to shine his light at some important moments, and deeply imprint his image into the hearts of all the fans who have been touched by him. For Newcastle fans, this player and his era will definitely be unforgettable memories.