Choose to achieve dreams, the Boateng brothers“ different football trajectories

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In the world of football, brothers can always relish in the same field or in the same room. Whether it is the match between the Baresi brothers in Mil

In the world of football, the same field match between brothers or the same room fuck can always make fans talk about it, whether it is the Milan City Baresi brothers match or the Bund brothers collision in the Bundesliga. A beautiful scenery on the green field. But what is the situation of brothers representing different countries in competitions? Such a story happened to the Boateng brothers.

Accurately speaking, the Boateng brothers have a total of three people, the eldest George Boateng, the second Kevin Boateng, and the third Jerome Boateng. Kevin and Jerome are half-brothers, and the different personalities that the two showed when they were young also influence their careers, including the final nationality choice. It is worth noting that the big brother also has a high talent for football, but his chaotic life did not make him realize his dream, but he was reformed in prison.

Choose to achieve dreams, the Boateng brothers“ different football trajectories

The bad example of the older brother did not affect the football career of the two brothers. The older brother Kevin is competitive and ambitious. The younger brother Jerome is strictly cautious and everything The pursuit of perfection. Different attitudes towards football have created different careers. Kevin has moved to mainstream European leagues, showing his talents in the changing courts, and also consuming his own years, while his younger brother insists again and again. Towards the pinnacle of life.

Kevin BoatengFrom the Berlin Hertha youth academy, he has been remembered by fans for his explosive body and extraordinary talent since he was exposed to football. His outstanding performance has also made him the main force of the German national name at all levels of the younger age group. Boateng scored 8 goals in 41 games on behalf of the German youth teams at all levels. In 2006, Boateng rejected the Ghanaian national team. Conscript. But then Boateng’s disgraceful behavior in the German team led to his removal from the national team. In order to realize his World Cup dream, Boateng became a Ghanaian citizen in 2009.

Jerome Boateng has the same football trajectory as his brother. The difference from his brother is that Boateng, who has a calm personality, has become more and more stable after his experience in the German national teams at all levels. In 2009, his brother chose Ghanaian citizenship for the World Cup dream, but Jerome received the call of the German national team to become a member of the German team in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Originally in GermanyKevin Boateng, who will have a place in the team, eventually missed the national team because of his untrained character, but his younger brother made up for his brother’s regret with his prudent and careful character. Although he missed the opportunity to compete in the same field, he also Just like this, the encounter afterwards is even more beautiful.

All the encounters in the world are always full of incredible. When it was learned that Germany and Ghana were in the same group for the World Cup, the Boateng family had unprecedented panic and excitement. If the brothers’ "fighting in the same room" happened This is the first time in the World Cup. Driven by absolute ability, this historic moment in the history of the World Cup finally happened. In the end, the German team defeated Ghana 1-0. The first World Cup collision with Boateng ended with his brother's victory. In that World Cup, the German team won. Breaking into the semi-finals, and Ghana also reached the eighth.

After returning from the World Cup, my brother continued to play in AC Milan, and Boateng followed him in the 10/11 seasonAC Milan won the Coppa Italia and Serie A championships, and still released their talent and bohemian character during their wandering career. In 2013, Kevin moved to Bundesliga team Schalke 04. At the same time, his brother Roger has already established himself in the Bundesliga giants Bayern with his own efforts, and the "Derby" belonging to the Boateng family will also move to the Bundesliga.

Compared to the destined encounter in the Bundesliga, the re-meeting in the World Cup is more surprising, but this kind of thing happened for the second time. At the end of 2013, the Brazil World Cup group was released. Germany and Ghana were once again in the same group. For good luck, perhaps the encounter 4 years ago was not passionate and perfect. The same story will happen on both sides, not to mention the four years of hard work. The two brothers are more mature in terms of technology and mentality. The Boateng family’s "civil war" is staged again, and this time it comes to Brazil, the kingdom of football.

The destined fate will always come, but the waiting process is a little more calm. On June 20, 2014, Germany played against Ghana in the World Cup group match. The Boateng brothers all got the first chance in this match. Because of fear of the German attack, Kevin appeared in the midfielder position, while Jerome appeared in the full back. The two were very indifferent in the handshake. As early as four years ago, their first handshake in the World Cup was destined to forget the joy of the past. There were only opponents on the field. The second encounter in the World Cup was not perfect. Roger was replaced at halftime after a poor performance, and Kevin was replaced shortly after the opening of the second half. In the end, the two teams shook hands 2-2. As far as this game is concerned, the brothers performed equally well, but in 2014 the younger brother followed the German team to win the World Cup. This honorable brother has never been able to surpass.

The brief encounter in the World Cup ended with the brother’s victory. BackThe club will start the new season journey. Jerome, who has always regarded his brother as an idol, unknowingly surpassed his brother with his persistence and carefulness, and became the pride of the Boateng family. He won 7 Bundesliga championship trophies at Bayern Munich, and he also won the German Footballer in 2016. On the other hand, my elder brother has won few honors in his wandering football career.

Character accompanies his whole life, and his brother’s stronger character is destined to be unwilling to be surpassed by his younger brother. But his untrained character is destined to become the prodigal son of football. Once AC Milan’s alternative prince, the representative of violent aesthetics left Schalke 04 and moved to Las Palmas, Frankfurt and Sassuolo and other teams, unexpectedly. It was Barcelona signed Kevin in 2019. His experience in different leagues has become a gem in the eyes of Barcelona, ​​and how Kevin will perform in Barcelona has become a question.

Choose to achieve dreams, the Boateng brothers“ different football trajectories

Brothers who grew up in the same environment have completely different personalities. The passion and strong body of his brother make his career full of ups and downs. After all, the tossing career did not win much honor. In contrast to his younger brother, his low-key, simple and persistent personality allowed him to move steadily to the peak of his life in his football career. There is no person with exactly the same personality in the world, but it is rare for brothers to be so different.

If the older brother chose the German nationality, what would it be like to wear the German team shirt at the same time as his younger brother? There is no "if" in this world. The sentence that character determines destiny is vividly reflected between the two brothers. Different choices interpret different football stories. Because of this, the football world has become more colorful.