Arsenal fans handwritten: Goodbye Ramsey, the good old man who makes me reluctant to leave

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After 10 years at Arsenal, Ramsey left the Emirates Stadium to join Juventus freely. For Arsenal fans, Ramsey's departure means the end of an era.

Arsenal fans handwritten: Goodbye Ramsey, the good old man who makes me reluctant to leave

After playing for Arsenal for 10 years, Ramsey left the Emirates Stadium to join Juventus freely. For Arsenal fans, Ramsey's departure means the end of an era. In spite of many disappointments, life still needs to look forward. On "footballparadise", an Arsenal fan named Anushree Nande wrote about his love for Ramsey...

April and May 2019, the past 10 years Two of the most important popular culture series, "Game of Thrones" and "Marvel Universe Phase 3" ushered in their final chapters. Such asIf I want my life to be more dramatic, then when my life enters its thirties, I will say that many familiar people in my life have gradually disappeared. For me, Ramsey's departure means that a love relationship will eventually end, and I have not even tasted it.

On July 6, Ramsey finally changed his social media image. He posted a picture of himself wearing a Juventus black and white striped shirt. I realized that in the past ten years, How closely his life is connected with this Welshman's career in North London.

Arsenal fans handwritten: Goodbye Ramsey, the good old man who makes me reluctant to leave

Ramsey is now a member of Juventus

Last summer, I felt a little exhausted. This stemmed from the unsatisfactory life of my life, from the sudden loss of my goal in life, from the Arsenal season ending in a disappointing way, and It was because Wenger ended his 22-year coaching time at Arsenal. To be honest, when Ramsey first hinted that he would leave, I was indifferent to the matter, or rather, I thought I was indifferent to it. Halfway through the season, I realized that all the feelings of dissatisfaction were gradually growing, and I found that I became what I didn't want to be. Before he leaves, how I wish it was another Arsenal player. Suddenly I miss him very much. This is a very strong feeling. This feeling burns in my body. How ridiculous my inaction before seems to be. All this reminds me, reminds me why I fell in love with Ramsey.A player, remind me how much I love this Welshman deep down, even if his departure has been finally confirmed.

In June 2008, when 17-year-old Ramsey came to Arsenal, I was only two years older than him, preparing to leave home for the first time in the world. On February 27, 2010, less than a week after my 21st birthday, I couldn't believe the cruel scene I witnessed at the Britannia Stadium. On my 19th birthday, I had a very bad experience because I witnessed a scene where Eduardo was seriously injured, but what I witnessed this time touched my soul. Ramsey made me feel sorry for me and made me feel sorry. Pay more attention to him. He is about the same age as me. He is too young and so talented that we worry that anything unfavorable will prevent him from riding the court again. Fabregas, Rosicky, Nasri and Wilshere have allLet his talent shine in the Arsenal midfield, Ramsey also urgently needs to use his talent to get a more stable position.

Arsenal fans handwritten: Goodbye Ramsey, the good old man who makes me reluctant to leave

Ramsey is the hero of Arsenal's two FA Cup wins

The terrible fracture of both legs made it take a long time for Ramsey to come back. I I feel that in order to support such a player that I still support very much, I have to write an article for "footballparadise" to express my support and encouragement, even though Arsenal's very straightforward fan group did not do so. I always believed in Ramsey, even when he was depressed,When he lacks confidence, even when he does not perform well on the court but never complains. At that time, no one can guarantee what will happen in his future; at that time, no one knew that after Arsenal experienced a 9-year championship drought, he could help the team bring the trophy to the Emirates Stadium.

Ramsey has done everything he can. He continues to work hard to improve himself, improve his tactical awareness and technical level, and strive to make himself better than before the injury The player became a "comprehensive midfielder" in Wenger's words. I have always wanted to know how a 21-year-old young man used incredible resilience against the difficulties of fate, instead of being torn to pieces by such suffering. However, at that time Ramsey had always dealt with the suffering he faced. Ramsey has always appeared to be quiet. This is the perfect embodiment of his professional ethics. He alwaysSpeak with your own actions. Even when the Arsenal contract management chaos made him decide to leave the Emirates Stadium to join Juventus, his performance on the pitch is still very firm and he devoted everything to Emery's team.

Whether it is running offensive or defensively in the two penalty areas, Ramsey’s tireless efforts, his spirit of putting the interests of the team first, his smart running position and talent all allow He has never been accused of being "invisible" on the court. Just like the heel assist that Giroud gave Ramsey, for me, this is more representative of his image than his crazy scorpion tail goal. As far as Ramsey is concerned, in the course of 369 games for Arsenal, he has shown passionate professionalism in every game. The two goals that determine the FA Cup champion are far from being defined. His contribution to Arsenal at Westfalen StadiumThe shocking scoring of the team couldn't do this. Ramsey and Giroud are my two favorite players in Arsenal. How can such players be unloved?

Arsenal fans handwritten: Goodbye Ramsey, the good old man who makes me reluctant to leave

The injury that Ramsey has experienced made him not spend too much time at Arsenal

In football, players like Ramsey have changed It is quite rare. He is the kind of person who pays attention to the living environment of rhinos and fights against climate change. Ramsey outside the court is taciturn and unsmiling, but as long as he steps on the court, he is never afraid of challenges and competition. He is a leader who never backs down. This looks mutuallyContradictory, but Ramsey combined these two aspects very well, this is his most admirable place. This is why Ramsey’s feelings mean a lot, whether it’s hurting or showing passion. Ramsey is a very humble person, everything he does is for the team, and I always leave a place for him in my heart.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to win more titles during Ramsey’s play for Arsenal. After his first serious injury, he suffered multiple minor injuries. In the case of making more contributions to the team, sometimes he can only sit on the sidelines. When everything was settled, he was obviously injured, especially when he left on a free transfer. Ramsey seemed to want to stay at the club, but in any case, he gave everything for the club he loved, and the battle ended.

European Cup quarter-finals against thatIn Luss's game, when Ramsey injured his hamstring, I knew from the bottom of my heart that this was the last time we saw him wearing an Arsenal jersey, although I desperately want him to ride on the court in a Gunners jersey again. . In the past two months, we have truly felt how much we miss Ramsey! Our first Champions League champion in the history of our club or return to the top four to say goodbye to him, but how difficult it is to achieve the perfect plan in a club like Arsenal.

Arsenal fans handwritten: Goodbye Ramsey, the good old man who makes me reluctant to leave

Ramsey has been unanimously recognized by Arsenal fans

I missed Ramsey’s farewell ceremony, but I did not have the courageWatch his farewell video. Because, more important than his photos on social networking sites wearing a Juventus jersey, such a video means the end of everything. Last summer, Wenger’s departure triggered an existential crisis of some kind, but Ramsey’s departure made me feel like losing a loved one. I tried to express my feelings of loss in words, but found everything. All in vain. In the process of becoming a real fan, as I gradually matured, Ramsey was the last player to leave Arsenal. He is a player who grew up with me, a player who grew up with many others of our generation. He is a player I have never lost confidence in. Regardless of the environment, he has exhausted all his strength to return the club's investment in him. What else can I do besides sending him the best wishes?

How would you explain such an association?Department? After so many years, how would you interpret Ramsey's influence on you and the resonance in the process? What does this all mean to you? This is a decisive farewell. This is true for me who is about to stand in my 30s, for this Welsh midfielder from Carl Ferry, and for the fans and players who have known this club for the past 11 years. The sadness of Ramsey’s departure is much calmer than I expected. In any case, for the Arsenal club and I, we will also be full of hope for the next decade. We still have reasons for the club’s future. Feel excited.

Ramsey, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything! ! !

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