1 pass 36! Harbin is now back on alert due to the cluster of epidemics, local rebounds, pay attention to this number

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On April 18, the weather forecast for Harbin is 7-20 degrees Celsius, warm and sunny. If there were no sudden return visits to the new crown pneumonia

On April 18, the weather forecast for Harbin is 7-20 degrees Celsius, warm and sunny. If there were no sudden return visits to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, this would have been a suitable Saturday for a spring outing to Jiangbei Sun Island.

Recently, the number of confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections of local new coronary pneumonia in Harbin has continued to increase, and it has become the center of the nation's attention.

1 pass 36! Chain transmission in Harbin has been discovered.

On April 9, Heilongjiang Province has 1 newly confirmed local case and 3 asymptomatic infections, breaking the province’s 29-day record of no newly confirmed local cases. As of 18:00 on April 16, the virus chain has infected 36 people in Harbin, including 23 confirmed cases and 13 asymptomatic infections.

According to the report, the source of the infection chain was a "previously infected person with new coronary pneumonia" who returned to Harbin from the United States on March 19.

1 pass 36! Harbin is now back on alert due to the cluster of epidemics, local rebounds, pay attention to this number

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The risk of the epidemic in the local hospital has also aroused high vigilance. On April 16, the itinerary of the newly confirmed case in Liaoning showed that the confirmed patient took his father to the Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University on April 2. At a press conference on the afternoon of the 16th, Zhao Yuhui, a second-level investigator of the Medical Administration and Medical Management Office of the Heilongjiang Provincial Health Commission, said thatThe degree attached importance to the problem of nosocomial infections in the First Hospital of Harbin Medical University and the Second Hospital of Harbin. After the two hospitals had confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, they immediately emptied the wards where the cases occurred. The original ward has been closed.

It is reported that the person in charge of the Harbin epidemic prevention and control has been interviewed. Also on the afternoon of the 16th, Zhang Qingwei, Secretary of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, publicly stated that the Provincial Party Committee will set up a Steering Group for the Harbin Epidemic Prevention and Control, and at the same time initiate an accountability mechanism to hold relevant units and responsible persons accountable to form a powerful deterrent with serious accountability.

Currently, the whole city of Harbin is back on alert.

Strictly prevent nosocomial infections

The local epidemiological investigation shows that there are at least 19 local confirmed cases associated with an 87-year-old hospitalized elderly person, and at least 9 people related to it have been Diagnosed as a local asymptomatic infection.

Among the above 19 confirmed cases, including 4 children of the elderly, 10 patients or family members of the Harbin Second Hospital, and 5 patients or family members of the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University.

According to Xinhua News Agency’s report on April 16, a dinner party on March 29 was initially considered to be a key node in the spread of this clustered epidemic. On the same day, the elderly family had a meal with many friends, including a confirmed case and an asymptomatic infection. Since then, the old man and his two sons have been diagnosed, and the virus has spread further.

At present, the above-mentioned ward where the confirmed case occurred has been emptied, and patients in the hospital have been transferred to other wards for single-person isolation treatment. The original ward is currently closed after terminal disinfection, and the patient is about to be admitted to Other wards.

In order to strictly prevent nosocomial infections, on April 16, Heilongjiang issued relevant regulations again. From now on, medical institutions at the second level and above will carry out nucleic acid tests for all admitted patients and accompanying persons.And serum antibody testing. Those who have not been tested are not allowed to be hospitalized or transferred.

Patients who are newly admitted to the hospital must first be admitted in a single room, and the risk of new coronary pneumonia can be eliminated before combined treatment.

Zhao Yuhui said that in order to avoid recurrence of nosocomial infections, the Heilongjiang Health Commission requires all medical institutions and medical staff to firmly establish the concept of nosocomial infection prevention and control, implement a pre-inspection and triage system, and ensure that there are no fever and respiratory symptoms. Before entering the hospital, if suspicious cases are found, they will be accompanied by a special person to go to the fever clinic for medical treatment according to the designated route; adhere to the fever clinic screening system, find suspicious cases as soon as possible and conduct isolation medical observation. A number of Harbin citizens interviewed told 21st Century Business Herald reporters that they have recently avoided going to the hospital as much as possible, except as a last resort.

Accountability system launched

While Suifenhe’s overseas imports eased slightly, a cluster of epidemics rebounded in Harbin, and Heilongjiang Province’s foreign importsThe pressure of entry and internal defense rebound has also increased. Recently, the Harbin New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Work Headquarters was interviewed by the Heilongjiang Provincial Epidemic Work Leading Group Headquarters. During the interview, Heilongjiang Governor Wang Wentao's words were harsh and demanded that the Harbin Command Headquarters conduct a thorough inspection and make serious corrections. Harbin said that it is conducting a deep review.

On the afternoon of April 15th, Governor Wang Wentao presided over a meeting. Regarding the ineffective prevention and control of Harbin, there was a rebound of clusters of cases. He interviewed the main person in charge of Harbin's response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Point out the existing problems and make severe criticisms.

He pointed out that the current overall situation of epidemic prevention and control across the country continues to improve, but there are clusters of epidemics in Harbin, reflecting the lack of awareness of the importance of epidemic prevention and control and the serious situation in Harbin City Command. "There are obvious loopholes and problems in the work. At the same time, the accountability mechanism is activated to hold relevant units and responsibilities in accordance with the lawHuman responsibility.

On the morning of the 16th, Wang Zhaoli, secretary of the Harbin Municipal Party Committee, responded in support of the convening of the relevant meeting. It is necessary to start with the Municipal Party Committee, deeply review and reflect, and earnestly accept it. In contrast to the problems pointed out in the interviews, we will sort out the weak links in the work one by one, speed up improvements in a targeted manner, and work hard on the implementation of strengthening measures, and do our best to ensure that the epidemic does not rebound.

On the evening of the 16th, Governor Wang Wentao once again emphasized when presided over a regular video meeting that all cities and regions should take the outbreak of Harbin as a warning, take a serious and real work attitude, find loopholes, and quickly rectify.

The whole city is working together to fight the epidemic

The epidemic is surging back, and the whole city of Harbin has entered a state of alert.

On April 15, the control of the epidemic in Daowai District of Harbin upgraded from low risk to medium risk. Daowai District’s response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic claimed that the Daowai District had a strokeRisk management and control, comprehensively strengthen the management of outsiders, prohibit outsiders from entering the community; strictly implement the three measures of “scanning codes, temperature measurement, and wearing masks” for those entering and leaving the community; adopt electronic door seals and other measures for home isolation personnel to conduct closed management to prevent Go out and walk around at will.

Aiming at the weak links in prevention and control, Harbin has recently launched rectification efforts and introduced six measures to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic by strengthening "external defense input, internal defense rebound". Among them, in terms of continuing to strengthen the entry management, it is proposed to strengthen the community (village) guarantee, and further give full play to the role of the community (village) cadres, grid leaders, building leaders, and unit leaders as "gatekeepers". Jiang has a healthy code and wears a mask.

A citizen living in the Nangang District of Harbin told the 21st Century Business Herald that starting from April 16, her community began to reissue the pass. The citizen also said that the recent supply of goods in local supermarkets has been sufficient. "There are a lot of people in the supermarket recently, and occasionally a small number of citizens can buy grain and oil. However, everyone is still relatively rational, and there is no looting phenomenon. ”

1 pass 36! Harbin is now back on alert due to the cluster of epidemics, local rebounds, pay attention to this number

In a large supermarket in Nangang District, Harbin, local residents are queuing to check out. Photo courtesy of interviewee

To prevent the spread of the epidemic, Harbin Square dancing is also prohibited in open parks. On April 15th, the Gardens Office of Harbin Urban Management Bureau stated that from now on, all Harbin CityThe park will increase inspections in the park and entrances and exits, strictly prohibit pets such as cats and dogs from entering the park, and prohibit activities such as square dancing and gathering singing in the park.

It is worth noting that, from "should be inspected thoroughly" to "inspected as desired", the intensity of epidemic detection in Harbin has also been continuously upgraded.

At present, many areas in Harbin have recently opened voluntary appointments for nucleic acid testing. On April 16, Harbin Xiangfang District posted a notice on the website of the local government stating that Xiangfang District will follow the principle of “check out if you wish” on the basis of the implementation of the “checked out” nucleic acid test in the early stage. For the society, the Xiangfang District People's Hospital provides nucleic acid testing and antibody testing services at their own expense.

Nangang District People’s Hospital has also officially begun to provide nucleic acid testing and antibody testing services to the society. Citizens who need voluntary testing can make an appointment in advance. The charge standard is 270 yuan per person for the new coronary pneumonia nucleic acid test.Heterosexual antibody detection is 100 yuan/person.

Local rebound, this number should be noted!

Don't be careless! 26 newly confirmed cases, 11 of which are local cases.

According to the latest report from the National Health Commission, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 26 new confirmed cases from 0-24 o'clock on April 16th, 15 of which were overseas Of the imported cases, 11 were local cases (5 in Guangdong, 3 in Heilongjiang, 2 in Shandong, 1 in Liaoning); no new deaths; 3 new suspected cases, all of which were local suspected cases (2 in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia) 1 case).

1 pass 36! Harbin is now back on alert due to the cluster of epidemics, local rebounds, pay attention to this number

1 pass 36! Harbin is now back on alert due to the cluster of epidemics, local rebounds, pay attention to this number

The epidemic in Guangdong attracts attention


From the report of the National Health Commission, Guangdong has become the province with the largest number of confirmed cases in Japan. The topic "Guangzhou Epidemic" has also been searched on Weibo.

1 pass 36! Harbin is now back on alert due to the cluster of epidemics, local rebounds, pay attention to this number

According to the Guangdong Provincial Health Commission, from 0:00 to 24:00 on April 16, Guangzhou reported 5 new confirmed cases, each of which was 1 imported case And 4 overseas imported cases. Among them, 1 case was found in the fever clinic investigation, and 3 cases were converted to confirmed cases from asymptomatic infections. 3 new cases were discharged.

In response to the current situation of prevention and control of the epidemic, on the morning of the 16th, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security BureauSecond-level inspector Cai Wei introduced that Guangzhou has strengthened the handling of foreigners’ crimes involving the epidemic:

①Refusing to cooperate with the health and epidemic prevention department to carry out investigations on new coronary pneumonia, refusal to provide health information, and refuse to disclose Foreigners who are on the move should first conduct legal propaganda and education. If they still fail to cooperate, the public security organs will summon them according to law or force them to leave and enter the administrative case handling procedures. ②If the owner refuses to declare the foreigner's accommodation registration, he shall be punished in accordance with the law. ③If it is necessary to take home or centralized isolation medical observation and isolation treatment measures, and the party refuses to implement it, the public security organ will assist the health department in accordance with the law to enforce it; if the circumstances are serious, a declaration shall be made according to the law according to the "People's Republic of China Exit and Entry Administration Law". Measures such as invalidation, cancellation of visas, exit within a time limit, and deportation.

The epidemic situation has changed! Many places have postponed the start of school again

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has partiallyThe rebound in the district has also led many local governments to decide to postpone the school opening time.

Zhao Guang, deputy director of the Department of Education of Heilongjiang Province, introduced at a press conference on April 16, 2020. In view of the situation of foreign defense import and local epidemic changes, the Department of Education of Heilongjiang Province issued the "About "Emergency Notice for the Opening Time of Junior High School Graduation Grades" requires all localities to adjust the start time of junior high school graduation grades. "The beginning of the junior high school graduation grades will not be considered before May 1st."

1 pass 36! Harbin is now back on alert due to the cluster of epidemics, local rebounds, pay attention to this number

On April 16, Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province added two more local confirmed cases. Shandong Provincial Health Commission has listed Jiaozhou City as the only new crown pneumonia epidemic in the province Medium-risk areas.

According to the previous news of the Department of Education of Shandong Province, affected by the epidemic, the start time of senior high school in Shandong Jiaozhou was delayed, and the specific start time will be reassessed. Previously, the Shandong Provincial Department of Education announced that high schools across the province (Including secondary vocational school) The graduation grade of the school will officially start on April 15.

1 pass 36! Harbin is now back on alert due to the cluster of epidemics, local rebounds, pay attention to this number

In Chengdu, the smooth and orderly resumption of high school and junior high school students has started in early April. The original plan for resuming classes for elementary and middle school students was April 13. But recently, the Chengdu Bureau of Education decided to adjust the start time of primary and secondary schools. The 5th and 6th grades of elementary school are recommended to resume school on April 27; other grades are recommended to resume school on May 6. Many cities in Sichuan Province such as Suining, Deyang, etc. It has also recently announced adjustments to the school opening date previously determined.

1 pass 36! Harbin is now back on alert due to the cluster of epidemics, local rebounds, pay attention to this number

Previously, the Ministry of Education particularly emphasized the need to strictly guard against risks that may arise from overseas imports. It is clearly required that no school will start until the epidemic is basically controlled, no school will start until the school’s basic prevention and control measures are in place, and no school will start until the public safety of the campus and teachers and students cannot be guaranteed.

The epidemic is not over,

Don't worry about prevention and control!

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